Channeled materials (confirmation, unconfirm, validity)

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In summary, this topic is to explore the channeled materials from Ra, Quo, etc. etc. of the confederation and see if they do unfold as it was “predicted.”

Whether this is by geological, scientific findings, nature, events, and or anything that was said, actually ended up happening.

For example, in a channeling session on October 15 1976.
Hatonn told Don that there will be tremors along the fault in California.
“that the area along that fault in California will remain stable except for tremors until early summer of 77”

When you google about this, it actually did happen,

So I wonder if there are other confirmable materials that was predicted/spoken by the E.T. of the confederation.

Or perhaps there are things that were false and didn’t happen?

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It would be really interesting to be able to find the validity of these materials. As students of the law of one, I feel that we are responsible for not only understanding the materials and “resonate” with it in our own ways, but also to find the common grounds that unite us in our seeking of this universal philosophy, that is the law of one.

Everyone, please feel free to post your findings like the “Earthquake” prediction I made above.

Template example:
In this channeled materials from this session dd/mm/yyyy, I found this entity (Ra, Quo, Hatonn, etc.) spoke of this incident (people, place, events, science, medical, etc.) to be confirmed by this (people, place, events, science, medical, etc.) in our world.

(Please provide citation, links, channeled session’s date/url, articles, and evidences in your findings.)

If possible, please try to avoid pseudo-sources that are “he say/she say” without any credential or base in confusing and fear-based conspiracies.

In contrary,

Evidences and sources like the “gimble” UFO sighting from IR cameras of US military assets, and/or interviews of fighter-jet pilots Ryan Graves on Lex Fridman’s pod cast would be “valid” evidences for any correlation to the channeled materials.

Please try to stay within this topic so others can quickly check your citing and not be deviate to other conversation/topics.

I would like to keep the contribution/findings from others to an archive and data collecting fashion as much as possible. Thank you!

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Channeled materials Confirmation, legitimacy, validity, fallacy, flaws, unconfirm.

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I can maybe participate, as I am beginning to read the channelings from the beginning.

In 1974 they are talking about an event that would show up as a “radiation” of light in the night sky that would make the sky look lighter. They say it will happen “soon”, and as we know, soon to ancient beings is different than “soon” to mayfly humans…

Anyway, I am not aware of any lightening of the night sky that has happened on planet earth in our history at all. Does anyone else know about this?

I think they talk about it on a couple of different days in late April 1974 (maybe the 27th and 28th?)

They could have been talking about what astronomers calls light pollution?

It would seem obvious to us that we are causing this with our artificial lighting, but maybe this is done in parallel so as to mask the supernatural effect that these channelings referred to.

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No, I don’t think light pollution fits the description they gave.

This quote is from April 26th 1974:

Your scientists will shortly experience a great deal of consternation, for in their physical skies they will discover a new phenomenon entered. Very few of those who are now guarding the intellectual spheres of learning in the physical upon your planet will have any idea that has any relationship to a true explanation of this phenomenon system. This will turn many minds to seeking.

On the same day, the channeling goes on to say:

I was saying that shortly within your skies will be occurring a phenomenon which will create much interest among the peoples of your planet. This phenomenon will be looked upon as miraculous. It will be looked upon as miraculous because it will be exclusively different. It seems that within the philosophy of the peoples of your planet the miracles are reserved for those things which are considered exclusively different than that comprehended as normal. We of the Confederation do not consider anything more miraculous in this creation than anything else. The creation is a miracle in each of its infinite parts. You are shortly to experience a part that has not yet been experienced by the peoples of your planet. This new experience then will create among many of them seeking. Some will be inclined to seek in a scientific manner. Others will be inclined to seek in a spiritual manner. It will be helpful if at this time those who are inclined to seek in a spiritual sense would have available for them an avenue of intellectually attaining truth in order that they might find the pathway through meditation to a complete realization of the creation.

And then a little further down, this:

It shall be observed in your skies by all the peoples of your planet and shall be explained to your peoples through your governments in the manner which they use to explain all things. Therefore, what we attempt to say is that they shall be able and shall desire not to explain. They will have no comprehension of this. Only those who seek shall comprehend of this occurrence. It truly shall be the change, or shall I say, one of the changes in your heavens, as it is often referred to.

Then significantly further down, it says this:

I am aware that there is some question with respect to the type of phenomenon to be observed shortly in the skies. This phenomenon will be of a radiation nature. It will be a visible radiation that will change the color and the intensity of your night sky.

I too find it most interesting to read old sessions. :slight_smile:

Did you start your journey into old sessions with the Clyde Trepanier sessions ? Those are even older.

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I am not familiar with that. I was directly invited to check out the Ra Materials from an acquaintance who found them during covid lockdown. I eased in by listening to Aaron Abke, who also got me interested in A Course In Miracles. I listened to the Law of One podcast and completed it well before finishing the Ra Materials. I was highly dismayed at the way the Ra Materials ends on a cliffhanger as it were… only a peek into the meaning behind the tarot. I was similarly horrified at the psychic attacks and the lengths they had to go through to survive them. And it didn’t even work! Don died because of the psychic attacks. There is really no other way to look at it. He died to save Carla. His dying is the reason why the Ra Materials didn’t go on answering questions to this day as the Confederation material does.

Anyway, off my soap box.

I have listened to some of the Reality Revolution podcast with Brian Scott, and he read some of the really really old original channelings. Not sure if they are the same source you mention. Fascinating! I process through audio material much faster than written material. :blush:

(Oh yeah! On checking, that is what was read by Brian Scott in the Reality Revolution podcast episode)

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The Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights are caused by particles in Earth’s atmosphere colliding with particles from the Sun. I have been told by a presently anonymous astrophysicist that an incoming quantum Photon-packed Light Wave is due to flood over and through Earth. From a massive dying supernova remnant magnetar. What has been awaited and prophesied. Earth’s magnetic field and atmosphere protect us from being over-radiated by other stellar influences such as solar flares. But this Wave will override these barriers, to a good result. My informed conjecture is that this radiation influx will “lighten” our night sky. Since this Wave will arrive in rippling phases, this will be a progressive phenomenon that occurs. The great Wave will be initially physically unsettling, but ultimately uplifting for those spiritually attuned. Watch the sky.