Illuminaties could be part of The Confederation of Planets

First of all, I want to say hi to this lovely community dedicated to serving others. I am a newcomer who started reading about The Ra Material and the channelings of The Confederation about a year ago. To this day I have not participated in any of the discussions here, but that began to change when I came across a curious and very interesting article published by Wes Penre on his website on December 27, 2008, where he wrote the dialogue between a self-proclaimed supposed member of the Illuminati (although he refers to this group as “The Family”) and the users of the Above Top Secret Forum where the alleged member answered users’ questions to comply with the directive given by his superiors as a way of providing a window through which understand the true intentions of this group.

Normally all of this would pass over my radar as I have never been inclined to believe in a powerful group of people who control the world from the shadows, but as the sessions went by several of the answers he gave to the public were becoming more and more aligned with the Law of One taught by Ra and many others of The Confederation. He at some point revealed that ‘The Family’ is a sixth-density Social Memory Complex part of the Confederation of Planets in Service of the One Infinite Creator incarnated here on Earth on a mission to help humanity in its spiritual evolution to polarize itself either negatively or positively for the Harvest that will occur in the future and finally advance to fourth-density. They pretend to do this by providing catalyst to make the people on Earth polarize either to choose the service-to-self path or the service-to-others.

According to him, his group is trapped in the astral plane of the planet and cannot leave unless they manage to reach the fourth-density by polarizing negatively to then cleanse the karma generated from all the suffering they have created in others and ultimately return to positive polarity again. The most interesting thing is that they have known Ra, were good friends and are well-informed about the material and service that Ra has performed on this planet. I don’t know if this topic has already been discussed in previous posts but I will share the link of the article anyway so all of you can give me your opinions on this information after read it and maybe it could reach the inner circle of L/L Research.

P.D: For those who have already read the article I will also leave the link to the Svali archives so you can read the training that The Family members have to go through.

Hi there, Aymerich. If you want to reach LLR, why don’t you simply go their website and contact them directly? That seems like a far more efficient course of action.

Also, just to offer my observation, nothing in your post preceding or following “According to him” is supported in any of the Confederation channeling. But, heck, we all offer our service in the best way we know how.

I wish you much loving connection in your travels. (I did the best I could with that here.)

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Thanks for the suggestion brother. I had already done what you suggested, hopefully they respond but I know it could easily take months. Still, I just wanted to share this information to those who could be interested. Wish you all the best Mirror and your care is very much appreciated. :heart:

There are several predictions about world events/natural disaster in that content that didn’t come true. Also, there is a covert type of tendency for the cabal to infiltrate such communities and use BULLSHIT SOPHISTRY in order to manipulate us into having a passive philosophy towards and even possibly be thankful for their tyranny.

To me, this looks like the work of one of more career cabal agents. And yes, that person admitted such…but it’s more than that. I think that their narrative is inherently manipulative.

If somehow their main premise was true, then Earth and this universe we find ourselves in would be more corrupt than even I thought.

What you are saying has a high chance of being the case, nonetheless I don’t believe him entirely and I’ve emailed L/L Research to illuminate this subject and maybe verify if what he’s saying has some kind of true. It would be very sad to know that pain, confusion, hate, violence and war are merely tools just as valid as compassion, patience and charity in the progression to higher domains of intelligence and understanding.

To know that those things could be used as a tool and in some cases as the only tool available by more evolved species and organizations to produce the best and most effective service to other evolving beings, all in the name of love and unity, is very disheartening, but honestly you couldn’t expect less of a world where you need to strip away the flesh of another living being and make them suffer in the process just to survive.

I will share any information given to me by L/L Research once they respond back. Nice pic of Paul Atreides btw.

It is a seemingly ugly world, and perhaps by extension, much of the knowable universe. It’s so cynical. From that standpoint, I could imagine how such things might be possible…I just hope that they are not true.

To me, there aren’t really lower or higher realms. All is one, and all is sacred. A 3d experience should not just be expendable fodder for progression to “higher” realms. That would be a lazy, sloppy, dimwitted, emotionally illiterate, and morally bankrupt philosophy and design. I don’t believe such a thing could be the “only tool available” to the logos and/or other beings of “higher” realms. No. There are many options, and that would be a retarded one.

I chose my avatar because of possible connections to Orion, and how aspects of Dune might represent some of that energy. I have impressions of often being backed into a corner and thrust into the position of having to be a rebel in order to be true to myself and my ideals.

Well, “higher domains” can be seen as further classrooms for learning about self, and in some sense, much of the materials in all of the classrooms is available right here, right now for any of us to learn from. The material is you and all you contain.

Is it sad to read a dictionary from back to front instead of from front to back? Does it matter, theoretically, if one learns about one’s compassion before one learns about isolation and predation? We contain all and it is our destiny to study all in one way or another in order that we may learn to accept it. This, as they say, is the Law of One.

Yes, but to say this from an intellectual perspective is a world away from experiencing it in the heart of self where the agony of personal hardship is pretty well dwarfed by the ecstasy of what Being is revealed to…uh…be. In other words, the experience of the expanded self–not confined to experience mediated through only the bottom three energy centers–more than compensates for the hardships of personal struggle. Just wait, you’ll see. It comes down to shifts of perspective and identity.

“The end justifies the means”. That is the same philosophy employed by bullies right here in 3d. Their pursuit of power concerning the lower three energy centers is a cynical rat race. What I’m trying to get at is that the pursuit of the heart chakra and higher energy centers does not have to be such. The quality of the learning experience itself could be much better balanced. The spiritual path should not be a narrow, disciplinarian rat race of ragged striving.

There is a symbol I sometimes refer to, that I drew as a child, not knowing what it meant at the time. Two triangles intersecting in an hourglass formation, creating a diamond in the middle that extends all the way up and down. It shows the balance of the “lower” and “higher” and the primacy of the heart and integration.

On somewhat of a side note, it bears a passing resemblance to the Orion constellation. On my birthday, December 15th, The middle star in Orion’s belt, which we call Epsilon Orionis or Alnilam, is at its highest point in Earth’s sky.

From my point of view, the experience of self should not be so confined in either direction. There should be a simultaneous bi-directional flow that meets in the middle, with the middle reciprocating the flow back in both directions.

Also, to the OP: I have created a thread in the “Wanderer Origins” section which you might find interesting.

For the record, no one ever said this system was perfect.

The way it is set up is not a rat race, but to attain the goal of knowing the self most deeply, one must be “all in,” as they say. You’re correct that it does require concentration of the mind: will, desire, imagination, intuition, rationality, the conscious self, the subconscious self and of your very soul. Simply put, you cannot know the self by watching videos and then complaining, it requires, as you “know,” it requires you to put your heart fully into the work.

From that perspective, then, is the problem that the bar is set too high or that we are too pathetic to rise to the challenge? Who is in the best position to know that, those who try or those who do not try?

Perhaps I’ve said too much? I don’t intent to be strident.

Some people do tend to look at it as crazy, arrogant, ignorant, etc. to criticize this system, though. It’s the same mentality that gets people in trouble here on Earth: being persuaded by authority. “Might makes right”. Don’t question the “experts”. Many people on the spiritual path will be very “redpilled” towards human institutions, but don’t extend their questioning towards authorities they consider “higher”. ETs in space, higher density beings, “ascended masters”, etc.

There is a lot of logical gymnastics and sophistry used to justify the intensity of human suffering for “spiritual growth”, but I find those to largely be yellow and blue ray based arguments that severely lack orange ray amicability and green ray love.

For the record, I’ve mostly stopped watching videos and reading texts about metaphysical topics. My own process has taken me more within lately. As for where my heart and those other faculties such as my desire are, they are not invested in a race up some density ladder back to source as fast as possible. They are invested towards having a beautiful journey. I’d like to see a better human condition, or at least experience one myself.

I wouldn’t say that wanderers and humans are pathetic. They are largely wounded. Again, such a perspective of being “pathetic” vs “rising to the challenge” is very disciplinarian. It’s very 80s fight movie training montage. It’s very pedantic. A large portion of the human population lives in poverty. Are they pathetic, or is the system they live in perhaps not a good one? Maybe if they deeply applied themselves, they could rise to the challenge and make a substantial amount of money…but it would likely take such an effort of will and singlemindedness that it wouldn’t leave much room for existential fulfillment, which disheartens many to even try. Should the spiritual journey be like that? Such an extreme grind with little room for existential fulfillment and joy?

I think there should be more to life than trials and tribulations. They have their time and place, but an entire incarnation worth of them without much joy is such a cynical idea. I will again state that I don’t believe that our 3d incarnations should just be fodder for “spiritual growth”.

Such a thing isn’t a good design. It’s not expansive. It’s not creative. It’s not beautiful, artful, or reverent towards the sacredness of life.

Adversity is the salt of life. A little here and there enhances the flavor of the dish, but too much can make one sick, if they can even stomach it. But, leave it to some genius to design a salt eating competition for the challenge and the bragging rights.

You are free to say what you wish. I prefer people to express themselves honestly. After all, I do so myself.

That’s one way of looking at it. It’s an us versus them perspective. And there’s also another way. I meant it as an internal challenge.

In my experience, most of us are only inspired to seek our spirit due to some sort of internal discomfort. And then we make the classic mistake of visualizing the internal problem in external terms, such as, if it we weren’t being victimized by (whatever), then we’d be okay, or, if I can learn the right doctrine or join the right group, then I’d be okay. And so on.

I’m suggesting that rising to the challenge not be viewed in terms of what the outer experience looks like, but that–because the initial discomfort was felt within–it be view in terms of the inner experience. In general terms, this means gaining internal spiritual resources (an additive process) and it means allowing to drop away all that which is not your genuine and deepest self (a subtractive process).

Yes, this involves tribulations, and also ineffable and overwhelming joy. Hey, life here is an adventure any way you cut it. The inner experience, though, can be immensely expansive if you work to encompass your own fullness of being. Your choice. (Speaking in general terms here, not pinpointing yourself.)