Callings in action

21.17 “I am Ra. There dwell within the Confederation planetary entities who, from their planetary spheres, do nothing but send love and light as pure streamings to those who call. This is not in the form of conceptual thought but of pure and undifferentiated love.”

Does anyone else feel strongly that this represents their own mission? I can’t find a more direct and targeted description. But there are some parallel versions in the LOO.

Frankly, the reason why I’m on this forum at all is to hopefully find some others who are “possessed” by this exact driving force. And maybe explore ways to support each other in this most difficult (and yet rewarding) mission drive.

Has anyone wondered what it would be like to become enveloped in this goal of becoming a “whole burnt offering” of intercessory love?


I resonate significantly with this. at times I wonder if this is enough. Thank you for sharing. I feel solidarity that helps invigorate me in this work. If there is anything I can do to help you please let me know. I’m still confused along my journey but would love to be a support in any way I can. Much love to you. :slight_smile:

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quite agree, Lonebrox9, and after all what else to do ? lol I am just adding this as the teaser I am, knowing full well how everyone is submerged with ongoing daily things to do.

But, yes, yet, what else to do ? :blue_heart:

I wonder what our friend, Mirror, would have to say to that knowing how, er… uninterested he is in that matter.

Mr. Mirror ? :herb:

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I wouldn’t call it as “possessed” :slight_smile:
And when one’s action is driven by ‘unconditional love’ it would not expect any reward.

I remembered I read a description by Q’uo that it’s liken to ‘answering to a call from a crying baby at night’ but I forgot exactly where and when.

As for urgency to spread the message; here’s what Ra had to say:

We, ourselves, do not feel an urgency for this information to be widely disseminated. It is enough that we have made it available to three, four, or five. This is extremely ample reward, for if one of these obtains fourth-density understanding due to this catalyst then we shall have fulfilled the Law of One in the distortion of service.

We encourage a dispassionate attempt to share information without concern for numbers or quick growth among others. That you attempt to make this information available is, in your term, your service. The attempt, if it reaches one, reaches all.
– Ra Contact, Session 17


Thank you Quid. It brings me peace and joy in remembering that to assist the few is to assist the whole. :green_heart:

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