Book recommendations on the energy centers

Hey guys! Big fan of L/L Research’s channeled work + The Law of One.

I’m a Reiki practitioner and sometimes have clients ask if I know any good books regarding the chakras. Most of what I understand regarding the energy centers are from the Law of One, but it’s not really something I can always recommend since the Law of One material is a difficult read for some and you have to go through a lot of other information in order to find the speckled information on the energy centers- does anyone have any good recommendations on books that discuss the energy centers/chakra philosophy that might reflect what is taught in the Law of One?

Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Hello NegaNova, welcome here !! :grinning:

There is a classic book on the chakras written by Charles Leadbeater, titled… the Chakras :blush:

it’s a fairly old book written around 1920 but straight, and quite clear, you might like it.
Safe journey !