Being a full-time spiritual facilitator: between money and the desire to serve

Dear friends,
I would like to share a reflection that has been on my mind for some time regarding the idea of working a spiritual facilitator in exchange for money.

Ever since I committed myself full-time to being a facilitator (now seven years ago…time for a change? :slight_smile: I have always felt a fundamental contradiction with respect to this issue.

Of course, this is my personal experience, perhaps related to my own personal blocks, and I do not claim to point to any universal truth in this regard.

The contradiction, in any case, is this:
if I put a price on the things I bring into the world, it is as if I put up a gate to reach them, and my heart suffers. If my heart suffers, my creations dry up.

I have always tried to resolve this contradiction by sharing many things for free, but after seven years, I can say that this has not fundamentally resolved the friction within me, although it has certainly dampened it a bit.
I used to say that I was “truly serving” when I was sharing the things I was doing gratuitously. But how true is that if those things become a marketing tool for those who ultimately help pay you a salary anyway?

I have to say that this self-judgment is all mine. People have always offered me money gladly, some chasing me online if they had payment problems or leaving me envelopes with donations spontaneously.
Many times I have felt the urge to open all the gates and live only on donations (my heart smiles as I write this), but there is still too much fear in my mind about it, as this is now my only source of income.

In short, it seems to me that the “money” aspect has complicated things, moving me away from the lightness of simply giving when it felt right and resting when there was nothing to give. Instead, I turned this giving of myself into a job, with schedules and responsibilities–and this made me wither away.
At the moment, I am implementing a gradual transition to have other sources of income. It seems to me the easiest solution.

Maybe in the end, this is all just due to my blocks with respect to abundance and money, and there is nothing inherently dissonant about getting paid as a spiritual facilitator.
I would love to know the views of others among you who have gone through or are going through something similar.



What sorts of things prompt a human to question its own self worth? What are the elements of conflict? What prevents there being a basis of simple acceptance of personal being and integration with its fellow creatures? Where’s the rub, if you will?

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In my case, I think the issue is still carrying on a fragmented personality. One part of me is entrepreneurial and potentially capable of scaling up a business and multiplying money (I know how to play that kind of game). Another part is more monk-like and probably attached to old vows of poverty. Sometimes they find common ground, for instance, when I do something just in exchange for donations. But most of the time, they live in separate spaces.

It is funny sometimes to look at these two from the outside. And I can see the enormous potential of getting them to merge into one; there is just a lot of resistance.

This is why I am interested in knowing how others deal with a similar situation.

I never combined my spiritual practice, “readings” or anything for material exchange.

Internally, I never see the logic or reasons behind exchanging a service that has to do with “the other side.”

It always felt contradicted to me, if I did a reading for someone, I care about them and want to help.

When money or “donation” are presented, I always tell them that just keep it, or use it to help the next person.

Externally, I’ve been criticized both positively and negatively.
My previous collaborators who I worked with to facilitate spiritual service would not even think about providing their service without money, or some kind of exchange.

Their logic is that it is “balance” to have mutual exchange for service. “Money, is a form of energy and resource.”

This reasoning hits a wall when the client is broke, and struggling to live, but still seeking spiritual help.
The “counter-argument” I received was that the client is an adult, and can make financial judgement and spend how they want. Or things like it is “unbalance” to give freely, or the lack of “self-care,” etc. etc.

At the end of the day… All are just reasons to turn something that is from the “other-side” into a business and money on this side.

To me, if we can’t take anything with us from this side over when we die. Then why is it ok to take things from the other-side over here?

Also, if you have faith, and truly trust the universe in “balancing” our action, our karma, and the causality of things. Then why worry about the lack of “reciprocation” from a service being given to other-selves.

I tried looking at this from many angles, and contemplated for a long time.

It doesn’t make sense to turn anything spiritual into monetary gain, or “business.”

At the end of the day, when money is involve, it is automatically a business. You have to marketize, “sell,” and a plethora of entanglement that comes with “money” like taxes, etc. etc. etc. (Unless you wanna do it under the table, which is another whole can of worms)

So in the end, I chose not to use my ability as a business or make any money out from it. Nor do I even promote it or market.

I help and facilitate when there is a calling, a coincidence, or a situation that open for a reading, a healing, or something that requires it.

When the other-self want to give me something, I often refuse, and ask them to do something nice, or help the next person.

For money, I am going to school and doing things that are “products” and “of” this world.
I got my EMT license, working on my social work degree, and doing a non-profit to help homeless folks.
These are things of this world, and I keep it separated from esoteric, or mystical avenues.

Money is money, spirit, is spirit. I don’t mix the two.

On the other hand, I don’t think Monks are “poor” or live in poverty per se.

From a “human” perspective and people that have conformed to the “logic” of this world… Yes, they live in poverty, owns nothing, and can even be seen as “stupid” for not trying to “play the game.”

But their spiritual practice lies in their faith for the natural order of the universe. It isn’t about right or wrong, smart or stupid. If they had food that day, then they were suppose to, if they didn’t, they didn’t.

If it was meant for them to live, then it is, if not, then it is not. “It just is, and let go.”

That… and with the philosophy and logic behind the original Law of One with Ra.
There are a lot of parallels.

“To reach one is to reach all.”

You don’t really need to push and rationalize about why you have to make money to “support” your “purpose.”

We are all free to do what we want, and we all will reaps what we sow.

With that, this is my path, and my choices, and I will reaps what I sow. Others may see this as “Noble,”
“Stupid,” “Wise,” “Unwise,” “True,” “Bullshit.”

None of it has to do with them, but only the judgement, and that too will be reaped.

“It’s not about being right or wrong, it’s about being free.”

This is how I deal with this situation,

I hope my story/experience helped,

much light,

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Well, one level of this is general principle and another is personality distortion. The first, in my view, this is a personal choice to be determined by the circumstances. I would never charge for an off-hand opinion or quick tinkering, for example, but if services are formally requested and I am doing prep work and paying overhead, that’s another story. I this as a general rule about any “professional” service.

I said above “determined by circumstances,” but that’s different than “determined by personality distortion.” What I do, generally speaking, when dealing with “unexplained” and undesired distortions is follow them inward. I present myself as one who is concerned and ask them to express themselves to me. (Typically, this happens through feeling and image.) We then try to understand, if we can, what’s needed and where this needs to go. The fact that you have identified the “likely suspects” is a big step forward.

In this case, however, you might find a Gestalt-type dialogue useful. You can find an hypnotherapist or a psychologist to help. In your case, you could possibly simply do this internally. You can watch youtube videos of Fritz Perls doing this verbally with human subjects. He would set up two chairs and have one of your characters speak to the other and then you switch chairs and voice the responce of the other. It sounds hokey, but can be quite effective. You might find yourself surprised by what your two internal actors have to tell one another. Of course, the conversation eventually is guided to achieve reconciliation and wholeness.

Yes, this helps , thank you.
By reading your perspective, I understand better that for me, it’s not about keeping these two worlds separated, it’s more about letting go of a form of obsession that sprouts from a sense of lack.

Money per se is not the issue here, it is of course… my attachment .
I have read just about all the channeled materials around the topic of money on and one good piece of advice is that there is no issue with receiving money for a spiritual service as long as money does not become an obstacle for people without money to receive your service (I am paraphrasing, I do not remember the exact channeling at the moment).

Again, we go back to the idea of donations, or just leaving some “free seats” for those who do not have money.

This is mostly the direction I am taking, along with managing things so that the bulk of my income comes from elsewhere and I diminish as much as possible the attachment to money around my work as a spiritual facilitator.


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I have been engaging in a similar practice for years now. During my walks in the woods, I engage in long conversations between the Suffering Ego and the Wise One. This process of verbalizing and moving between these two perspectives has been instrumental in helping me regain clarity and unblock energies.

However, I have noticed that this approach may not be effective for situations that require a journey to the underworld. As you suggested in another thread, I may tend to “think my way through” these situations, which can limit my progress.

For me, the key to switching gears is working with a group of people. While I can do a great deal of spiritual work by myself, I often reach a point where I cannot go any further.

Sharing with a group and having many mirrors around triggers my emotional world in a powerful and beautiful way. It has healed me in the past, but I have also run away from it at times. However, I always find myself coming back to it. It’s a love story with many twists!

I became a very successful private guide in Sedona, AZ in the 90’s. I started from scratch with a family of four little children. My wife was a stay at home mom….I struggled as you with charging for “healing” … friends said I needed to market myself (I was well acquainted with Marketing) but I struggled with the idea until my friends suggested I consider charging for a “tour” (my time) vs for “healing” and so I cautiously pursued that direction and that felt comfortable to me and U could support my family. Culturally, we do not have the mindset or economic system that supports “healers” etal …too much to get into here…So the corporate economy is structured as “goods and services” “purchased” with a set dollar amount. We have devolved from the ancient roots of bartering for goods and services. Ultimately society will eventually by necessity and throgh spiritual evolution structure as a communal civilization as expressed by many utopian legends from cultures around the world. However, humanity is not ready as a whole society yet.
My friend Dr. Patch Adams states something to the effect that “Healing should not be a business transaction…” Patch considers his patients as friends and he had also stated that there must be trust and he will not practice medicine otherwise.


My feeling as we move “forward” in evolution as a spiritual human race is that money will eventually become obsolete. It will be more like HoneyBee suggested…communal, utopian, unified, equal playing field, everyone’s needs taken care of so we can all be free to explore our passions, our gifts, and abilities.

I think what is happening, is that those of us who are sensitive to the energetic signature of this possible future are sensing what is to come. We want it. On that energetic level, we know it is not only possible to come out from under the “money trap”, we can see the beauty of life without it and that fact makes it difficult for us to move forward in a world where money still plays such a HUGE role in our day to day activities.

I have been in a similar situation myself for quite some time, which previously prevented me from following my true passions. I have, in the past few months, made some mental shifts that have made it possible for me to follow my guidance without so much turmoil.

One thing that has helped me get more clear is to ask myself if I have limiting beliefs surrounding the exchange of money.

Even if we are not outright saying “money is evil” the idea that charging for spiritual services or products is not “right” in some way, is a limiting belief.

EVERYTHING is spiritual. Life is spiritual. Being human is spiritual. Where’s the border between spiritual things and “normal” things? If there is any grey area at all, there is no such thing as spiritual or non-spiritual…even though we use those terms.

If you really feel like you don’t want to charge for services or products, then you must be 100% sure that you believe that all your physical needs will be supplied to you regardless of whether people pay you or not. If you are not 100% sure that you will be supplied, then you create that reality for yourself and you may or may not find yourself struggling to make ends meet.

Or, you could go get a “regular” job to supply your needs and make your “spiritual” services free to all. But then, you will have less time to do your spiritual practices for others.

My personal opinion, take it or leave it, is that in the spiritual community, it’s almost seen as a “less spiritual” path to make money from what you do. There is a lot of judgment about charging for services or products and that if you don’t, you are “better”. And I think this is silly. I think it creates issues like your contradictions.

Is it possible that this is just a limiting belief imposed upon you by other people that you have unknowingly subjected yourself to mentally? Is it possible it is a limiting belief that came from parents or just growing up in the culture that you grew up in?

The question is, “Why is charging for “spiritual” services or products different than farmers who grow our food?”

I am in a physical, human body in order to have an experience and to evolve my higher self. If I do not feed my physical body food from the earth, I will no longer have a body with which to experience life through and my evolution will be cut short…so to speak.

In that sense, the farmer who provides food, or the municipalities that provide us clean water, or our construction workers who build us homes, are actually doing more of a spiritual work compared to those of us who are healers and light workers and meditation facilitators.

Even RA talked about providing FIRST to the physical body what it needs to thrive, and then we shall seek the more “spiritual” path.

Money is just an exchange of energy. It really is that simple. Money doesn’t mean anything in and of itself. It doesn’t mean we manipulate people using money. It doesn’t mean we charge crazy high prices. It doesn’t mean we don’t make ourselves accessible to the less fortunate…but until or unless we can get ourselves into a space of complete surrender to the knowing that our basic needs will be provided for us if we do not charge for our services, and want to dedicate ourself full-time to our work, we are in a world that operates with money and that is how we (for now) are engaging in catalyst that will provide us with lessons and insight in what we prefer.

All I am trying to say, is that this is all a personal choice. Your choice.

But I think it does us all a disservice when we regard charging for supposed “more spiritual” services as something as less good.

On a personal note, I am a healer, a coach, a meditation facilitator, artist, musician and energy worker. Silly labels…I know. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do all these things MAINLY with the intention of helping others to self-realize and access the health they already have, but also sometimes just for others entertainment value.

I offer my live guided meditations and my coaching services for donations. They pay what they can afford. So far, I have not been dissapointed. In fact, I make more money doing it this way than I did before. I suspect it’s because those who can afford it don’t want to be viewed as stingy.

I also have a blog where I publish articles for free that include all the same content that I would share with my clients. Of course, it’s not packaged as nicely, but if someone is willing to look through the tags and categories, they will find what they are looking for. I have a YouTube channel as well where I narrate some of my articles and where I upload meditations and transmissions for free.

My products, however, because I put an inordinate amount of time, energy, money and resources into them are not free. I value quality over quantity and I have stopped feeling guilty or judged about charging for these things because of that.

Is it the highest good I can see as potential?


But I am not independently wealthy. I have a family. I still have a physical body that needs food, shelter, and rest. I am not (yet) in a place where I can say with 100% confidence that I believe that my needs and my family’s will be supplied if I just ask for donations or do stuff for free all the time.

That’s what I WANT more than anything.

Right now though, I am not in the vibrational vicinity to surrender in that way. I am getting closer, I can feel it. But just not yet. I was closer this year than ever to say that my two services are donation based which I did as a leap of faith, in a way, and that has turned out wonderfully.

We are doing this in increments…

I hope I didn’t ramble too much…

I still struggle in certain ways with this too and I can see what is possible…which makes it that much more difficult to make choices!

One more thing, no matter what you decide…

I fully believe that if a person is TRULY ready to self-realize, awaken, surrender…all those spiritual terms…they will find what they need no matter who is charging or who is not.

I am this person.

I have spent a little bit of money on spiritual books over the years, but I have never spent money on coaching, healing, or programs to further my growth.

All it took was a dedication to the process, a desire to know myself, and action steps. The VAST majority of the spiritual help that I used has been free videos from YouTube and reading blog posts. I’m talking 95% here.

I think that when people truly want realization and healing, the “gates” that you spoke of dissolve in one way or another. People who truly want it are not those who complain that things are too expensive. They do not play the victim.

People who truly want it KNOW that the help they need will show up when it is needed in the way that it is needed from the person that it will come through.

From personal experience: those who receive things for free (not always, just a generalization) tend not to put it to use in the same way that those who paid for it do. And I am not just talking money, though that applies as well.

When we pay for things, whether it be with money, time, resources, or energy…we place much more value on it. We take care of it. We tend to it. We make sure we use it. We do our best not to waste it.

Personally, I think it’s because there is a lack of accountability in spiritual field of work. While modern medicine and psychological therapist are held liable for anything that goes wrong.

If your client commit suicide after seeing you, or their health worsen because there was a lack of sanitization for whatever practice. Would the facilitator be responsible?

It’s also really hard to determine where liability lies. There’s a lot of ethical laws that applies to medicines, where esoteric or “spiritual” healers are let off without much repercussion.

I don’t know if you are familiar with, they don’t allow medical or laws-related questions/advice from their readers/clients because of this.

If you are doing things for money, then are you going to be responsible for physical, financial, and mental problems if something goes wrong?

Not a lot of “readers” or “healers” refunds their clients when/if things don’t work out. Most just high-tail with the profit made and don’t want to be sued.

The current system is not perfect, or utopic, but it is in a way designed to protect people from getting duped, or taken advantage of.

When it comes to money, and materialism. It’s like this.

Although, I do know some readers/healers take service/food/shelter as reciprocation Instead.
It shows mutual trust from both client/facilitator.

Of course, that isn’t going to buy you a house or a nice car.

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you know, it is interesting that spiritual working, “healing,” “reading,” etc. etc.

Are based on “faith” and trusting the unknown/unseen.

But as a facilitator, we don’t trust the universe reciprocating the causality of our action in time, so we put a price tag there to make sure that we don’t go hungry or homeless.

I see where you are coming from, but I don’t see eye to eye on this perspective.

the “generalization” place those who receives spiritual working as a material purchase.

Like a car that you worked hard to pay off, or something materials.

That’s the biggest problem here.

You are getting something material(money) in exchange for a “product.”
But that product isn’t something that is 100% material, or based on it.

If you talk to a therapist, that person went to school, and there are collective efforts from countless researchers, doctors, scientists, etc. etc. that contributed to consistent physical research. The product wasn’t just something from something you read online or tried out in your own basement.

anything with spirituality is controversial and always treated as “entertainment” because it is essentially pulling stuff out of thin air and saying it so.

There’s nothing you can back it up with or even stand for if it doesn’t work. Other than saying that
“the stars and planets wasn’t aligned today.”

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The victimization goes both ways,

Honeybee and you both are saying that you have mouths to feed.
So rationalizing reasons to charge money is correct under that mentality. Why wouldn’t it?

It’s a social norm and etiquette to NOT get in the way of mama bear or papa bear that is trying to feed their young, its a matter of survival. But it is still coming from an angle of victimizing one self with the circumstances, thus requiring other actions to justify the business.

Nothing is stopping you to go to school to become a doctor, or therapist, or gaining employment that has more solid foundation of this material world.

I get it though, it is an attraction for spiritual worker to pursuit this field because you essentially are your own boss, your own rules, and you can do whatever you want. Most of the work doesn’t require you to have the amount of stress, or responsibility of an MD, or masterclass musician (as entertainers.)

The worst case is that someone can sell their stuff better than you, and you don’t have a lot of clients.
(That’s another thing, if it is a business, you need a consistent flow of “victims” coming to you, if you don’t make quota, then you’re broke.)

(Not saying it is wrong, you got to do what you got to do, so does everyone else. Everyone has their reason to “make money.” That is true From the most noble person, to someone who slang narcotics.)

The mentioning of victimization makes me think what other-selves does on the “other-side”
I wonder if there are “materials guru” on the other side selling stuff to gain spiritual money. Lol,

I am just kidding, please don’t take it the wrong way.

Lastly, just for fun thought/imagination.
What if you teach your client how to heal and read, and they can heal and read you in return for your service.
Both are doing services for one another with spiritual exchange.

As funny as that sound, people I worked with in this field will say that they need reciprocation for the “time and energy” they spend on their “client.”

This is an “expectation” for a service given to other-selves

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I resonate much with your findings. My heart desires’ too go in the direction of only accepting donations.
I am sure I have limiting beliefs around money, since I can still feel a sense of lack the develops in obsession if when my general frequency lowers.

Part of my desire to not sell my services and only accept donations probably comes from the idea of getting money out of the equation, so that I can keep my frequency higher with less effort.
This is not a completely pure intention, there are still ego and fear involved… but after observing this for a long time I can see that the root of the intention is pure, I just have to be patient and gradually move to this new reality without judging myself if, in the process of getting there, I still ask for money.

Reading you, I still get this feeling of separation. Separation between physical and spiritual.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand your point of view and the idea that there is friction when a delicate and immaterial thing like a spiritual service meets the blood of capitalism.
Still, I don’t find this separation anywhere in the Law of One teachings.
The accent is always on the relationship with money.

If there is “love” for money, then there is an issue.
If money becomes an obstacle, so that people without money cannot receive your service, then there is an issue.
But money, per se, can be played with, and should be regarded as neutral in order to be in balance.

I think the relationship with money can be a powerful ground for learning, at least for me, it is.
Money feels part of an old world, yet is powerful and can easily generate powerful emotions (fear and greed).
I can see the potential to learn balance and detachment there, if one doesn’t lose oneself in temptation.


I would agree that there is a lack of accountability in the spiritual field. BUT - Just because medical and mental health professionals can be held accountable, doesn’t mean that they are. Many people had irreversible damage done at the hands of medical doctors and because they signed on the dotted line, they could not sue.

We are ALL prone to making mistakes, whether or not there are laws or policies or accountability in place. Spiritual teachers/healers/whatever are not exempt from being sued. Anyone can sue anyone.

NO ONE…doctors or therapists included, should make promises about their services or products.

Someone could sue a movie producer as well because of lack of ethical laws. If I am traumatized from watching “The Shinning” should I sue whomever wrote/directed and produced it?

That was my point earlier.

My ultimate goal for myself is to be able to trust the universe and NOT charge a dime for any of my services or products. I’ll mention it again, I am taking steps in that direction by making my services donation based. I don’t have a set price or even a suggested donation. I don’t do this with my products simply because I put out so much other free content that people can access if they want AND because I have spent thousands of dollars on technology and training in order to make the things that I make for people.

BUT - who of us, can make the giant leap from our cultural, capitalistic society, right into a complete trust like Ramana Maharshi.

We cannot deny the place that we are in (faith wise) because if we do not believe it 100%, then things will not necessarily work out for us.

Personally, my hearts desire is to be able to all that I do for FREE. But I also recognize that I struggle with believing that it can be true for myself. Maybe I have a fear of lack, I’m not sure. All I know is that I feel a passion to provide products and services to those who want it and as I make steps towards doing that, I am just doing the best I can to allow my inner guidance to show me the highest path for myself.

Not the highest path for anyone else.

My intention is not to take advantage of anyone or restrict access to anyone…

But if I go and get another job (I do actually have a part time job anyway) I will not have time in the way that I do right now to serve people or create products that are helpful. In fact, I may not have time at all. Taking care of my family (food, laundry, cleaning, loving, etc.) is my top priority. So if I do not have time or energy left over for other people outside my family unit, I just won’t do it.

So, if I don’t do my spiritual work for others because I am depleted of time and energy, then that is one less person providing that kind of service for those who need it. The people that I work with would not longer have what was working for them.

So, which is better, charging for spiritual work, or not being able to do it at all???

I really do want to know what you think. It’s not a rhetorical question. :slightly_smiling_face:

This sounds like, to me, that you are saying that material products are more valuable than internal work that can be done through meditation or energy healing???

I have been to several therapists in my life and they did not help me, despite their schooling and collective research to back them up. There wasn’t anything physical I received from them. And yet, the spiritual writings and videos that I have consumed have played a huge role in me being where I am today. Most of those writings and videos were intangible things that I have no physical proof to back up the changes that have taken place for me.

What about the countless hours that (true, honest and loving) spiritual workers have spent doing inner work on themselves? What about the collective efforts of the ancient spiritual masters, the energetic techniques that are passed down and learned from one generation to another? What about the skills and abilities honed by spiritual workers that others are not willing to do?

Does none of that count because it wasn’t done through a board-certified school overseen by our corrupt and incompetent government and regulation agencies?

Again, there are quacks in ALL fields of work. There are certified and licensed “specialists” that do a great deal of harm.

There are doctors and lawyers and business people are doing these things ONLY for the money that it can provide them in order to gain material things and keep up with the Jone’s - so to speak.

If a spiritual worker is “saying it is so” then I would question their legitimacy.

No one has any business telling anyone else, “This is the way to do it and there is no other way.” No one should be telling anyone what choices they should make or giving prophecies that dictate a direction in a person’s life. No one should be telling someone else that they have all the answers. This includes doctors and therapists.

This is why spiritual workers would do well to provide their clients with clearly defined, easy-to-read/understand, easy-to-access disclaimers.