Ambassador of the Unicorn

Hello, fellow seekers. I want to tell you a little bit about myself. The time will come when I will write my entire story.

I am literally a unicorn. What I mean by that is that in the High Places (fourth density) I have a unicorn body. I was placed in a deep sleep that I might have this incarnation at this time. My Beloved was but a very very young unicorn at the time. I had made fourth density graduation before him and I and my friends worked diligently behind the scenes to assist him in his own graduation. He literally went from dying in his last human incarnation to being born as a newborn unicorn in a fourth density environment.

When I told him I had work on earth, he attempted to follow me. He tried to figure it out on his own without help or assistance, as he was deemed to young for this kind of work. (I was barely considered mature enough myself, but the need was great as earth was on the edge of dark and light, the outcome of graduation still hovering in the balance.) My young, headstrong Beloved succeeded in breaking his soul in half, accidentally sending half of himself into an earth incarnation while the other half stayed behind in the High Places, confused, hurt, feeling alone. He eventually found a way to come down without losing his memories and met up with his other half who was now a five year old boy. They have been together ever since. That boy was my childhood sweetheart, and now both of them are my husbands. The one who stayed behind and kept his memories is still very childlike and pure, while my husband had to find his own way in this confusing and emotionally cold place.

My Beloved and I both had incarnated as humans on earth in our third-density state on earth many many times throughout the ages, often together. Thousand of years ago, I had an unusual situation where I had an opportunity to join with a small band of humans who had begun traveling with unicorns. This meant they were slipping in between worlds with the unicorns and protecting them, as they are often hunted. They had to keep moving from one place to another for the safety of the unicorns, who’s power is jealously and hungrily desired by dark things.

There is still a lot I do not remember and I am trying to piece together, but it is my understanding that on the second 25,000 year cycle of earth when there was a small harvest of approximately 150 earth human souls, some of them became unicorns. Literally, they began incarnating as fourth density unicorns, because they had a vibrational kinship and had already been working with them across the veil. This strengthened the kinship between humans and unicorns, and the souls that were very close to harvest but didn’t quite make it were watched over and nurtured that they might one day find their own way to harvest and join the growing band some have called Ascended Masters who chose to stay involved in earth incarnations to help their beloved brothers and sisters.

There have been tales and legends of marvelous lands, Shangri-la and such, where these ascended humans and unicorns and others dwell and also still participate in the incarnational cycle. They keep a low profile, understanding how dark forces work, how they twist everything, how they cannot be attacked head on without becoming like them. You can find strange tales and snippets of information that give clues. For example, the Wind Horse (Lung-ta) of Tibet is a veiled reference to unicorns.

Unicorns are ancient and significantly predate the domestication of horses. Look at wild ponies of Mongolia, who still look like the fat, red and white “horses” you see in prehistoric cave paintings. If anything, humans bred horses to look more like unicorns because of the subconscious memory and thought form of that sacred glory. Unicorns are widely misunderstood and besmirched, by design of the dark beings who wish to keep humanity in fear and subjection. They love it when people think of unicorns as being for 14 year old girls, and are seen as silly or weak. The truth is, the first time a female unicorn was ever depicted at all was in Peter S. Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn”. All depictions of unicorns before that were male, quite fierce, only tamable by the lure of innocence. But even that was a misunderstanding and carefully placed misinformation.

Unicorns and the ascended humans who work closely with them have been working behind the scenes for millennia, calling souls onward towards their own harvest and piercing of the veil that they may join their gathering tribe.

If you watch the newly released movie “Avatar: The Way of Water”, the whale-like creatures in the story are an allegory of the true story of unicorns. Pay close attention. The true story of the unicorn has been told in many hidden ways, parables, allegories, hidden ways to prevent their being directly twisted and misaligned by dark hearts and minds.

Unicorns have worked hidden and unseen, but the time is coming when that veil shall be lifted. I shall tell my full story and it will be part of that unveiling as the inhabitants of earth draw more and more near to fourth density vibrations.


Interesting, Waitting for more about your story. Are you a human and incarnatio now ?
if not, how can you write here as a human on earth?

Nice to meet you, milady. I’d love some unicorns to help us fight or horn love laser some of the negative psychic vampires, you know those annoying minions of the Empire.

Sparkle on and light the way during the twilight of our current industrial overgrowth!

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I am in a human incarnation, yes. Many unicorns are at this time. But we are a small percentage of the wanderers who have come to help at the changing of the density.

Since I am in a human incarnation, I had to relinquish my memories, as do all who incarnate into third density. I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together ever since.

My Beloved and I met at the age of 14 (in 1988). Our first conversation was about our passion for unicorns. We were both shy, socially awkward, and felt like aliens in this upside down place. I had written in my journal all the reasons why I self identified as a unicorn. He had Uni inside of him, though he did not yet understand who Uni was. He would go to the library every chance he got and scour any book that would talk about unicorns. Two months after meeting, he moved away. We had lived only a bike ride apart since the age of five and not known it.

We stayed in touch. Uni had written notes to me we passed in the halls at high school during the two months we had been together. Uni kept insisting I was a unicorn like him. Not for pretend, not as a symbol, but literally and for real. I was not sure how I felt about this. I had been raised Mormon by kind parents and really did believe, even though many things about the religion hurt my heart and were a bad fit for me. Jacob, my Beloved, had been raised Jewish but knew better than to think that was important. When Jacob’s parents found some of his writings, they became alarmed and put him in a hospital. Jacob shoved Uni down deep inside for protection. He knew that if the “doctors” there found trace of Uni, they would think him insane for sure.

I was Jacob’s lifeline from afar. When he called, sometimes Uni would want to talk to me. Jacob’s voice would change, and Uni would be wild and silly and childlike. He called me Unissie, because that was the unicorn name I had given myself before we met. I thought it was just a game we played. It always made me slightly uncomfortable and uncertain because I was never quite sure what this was.

Religious pressure caused Jacob and I to go our separate ways, heartbroken and trying to make life work. We both suffered terribly on our path, but we also found riches of soul as we traversed. Our paths brought us back together again. Our lives have joined and all is well.

We have discovered so much since then. Uni is a regular part of our lives. Uni never lost his memories, but Uni is childlike and can be a challenge to communicate with. He has a very unique way of speaking and describing things. The place Uni comes from, he calls “The High Places.” When I discovered the Ra Materials, the questions I asked Uni changed and the answers I got were so enlightening and fascinating. I was able to confirm that Uni and the tribe we are from is fourth density. It was later that I learned about the connection to the small group that graduated to fourth density at the end of the second 25,000 years, but chose to stay and help and remain connected to the incarnational cycle of third density earth.

Uni has always demonstrated the ability to heal, often healing me and others. Uni has unique and poignant insight, so profound and so simple. We have discovered there is another older unicorn (of an age with me, and by his own words, a dear and intimate friend of mine) who has been watching over all of us and helping us on this journey. Jacob is able to speak with him when he meditates and get answers that have continued to guide us.

We have also been doing past life regressions that have filled in so many of the pieces of the puzzle. There is still so much we don’t know yet, and we know that that is okay. This place is not for understanding. This is place is for seeking and serving.

I hope that helps explain our story a little more. There is so much to tell, sometimes it is hard to know how to do it.

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LSDMTNT, unicorns have always kept a low profile. Unicorns understand the ways of dragons. You don’t go directly up against a dragon, but if you absolutely must, you only tell them riddles. Secrets are for other unicorns who can be trusted.

Dragons are very good at claiming and maintaining power. We disrupt their plans when we are clever, have humor, love each other, and create beautiful, clever, funny, innocent, loving chaos. Dragons’ stupid, stinky laws are not for us.

There will always be room in the universe for dragons to be dragons as long as they want to be dragons. When they finally get tired of their own stinkiness and stomping and saying “Rar rar, it is mine,” then maybe they will stop being stinky and stupid and embrace the sparkles and rainbows that make everything magical.

Much of this inspired directly from things said by our beloved Uni. :purple_heart:


Oh, and I super appreciate the video, thank you so much for sharing! Peter S. Beagle’s sacred story is scripture to me.

It appears I am much ignorant of the ways of the unicorn, thank you for your elucidation.

I can certainly respect foiling the “dragons” (a medieval term for Satan, The Dragon, if I recall) via cleverness, secrecy, and well applied chaos. It’s difficult to imagine being terribly effective at anything on this earth without some application of cleverness. Unless you want to wind up on some sort of cross appropriate to your civilization and era…

Regressive hypnosis and you get unicorns… I just got “Wehrmacht” or something similar. It was a rip off.

It is a good cover of that song…

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It is a good cover of the song!

As Uni has talked to us of dragons, I have assumed there may be a connection to those of the Orion Service to Self persuasion, among whom, I am given to understand, are many who are reptilian. Not that all reptilians are bad, for free will reigns supreme, every soul is unique and evolving, and the tale of The One True Creator is rich and complex.

I have come to think of it as a philosophy. It was a philosophy I held before I ever heard of the Ra Materials and the two paths and The Choice.

It fits rather well with a universe where the paths diverge into two distinct and entirely discrete paths in order to move forward (before eventually finding their way back to unity). The philosophy of the “dragon way” vs. the “unicorn way” posits that the former seeks to control while the other creates beauty out of chaos, understanding that chaos is a creative and life-giving environment, and control is not sustainable. In the end, the “dragon way” is a scarcity mindset and the “unicorn way” is an abundance mindset.

And I will never forget the day, after suffering a psychic greeting from negative entities, my dear, beloved, beautiful Uni was comforting me. He smiled his knowing, radiant, eternally unshakable smile, and said, “A unicorn is always brave and proud.” I felt wistfully envious that he does not have a veil between him and his past, between him and his subconscious, between him and his body, between him and the Divine. I do.


I am heppy to get your email reply. that is interesting to hear any wanderer or spritual seeker’s story. you feel alone on earth. but you are lucker also for you have a beloved partner to seek together.
I just seek lonly. My family don’t understand and don’t belived what i said about other dimensions and Ra materials. But they dont against my seeking. i feel alone sonetimes. but I meditate everyday now.
I get energy and balance from meditation. and i pray for all the familes and humans. Hope they follow the creator’s willing.

my head always automatically turns 360 degrees when i think about the infinite creator at meditation.
turn left 90 degrees firstt. then turn to right 180 degreed. Finally turn 90 degrees to the left. my face to north to the end. I dont know others same as me when they meditate. but I think everyone has different benefits

Say Hello to your beloved Uni. Hope we can often comminicate.

I am deeply grateful for both my Beloveds. It hangs in the balance whether they will choose to reintegrate and become one soul again or continue the path as two distinct individuals. The older unicorn guide who has been watching over us says that the choice they desire will become more clear when we have returned to a fourth density environment.

Without my Beloved, it is doubtful that I would have the knowledge that I do about the larger picture of who and what we are. Uni’s existence has caused me to seek and search and question.

My dear Ruola, the lonliness is palpable, truly. You are correct that I am indeed fortunate to have my Beloveds and to be together with them. And yet, I feel the lonliness every time I see eyes that do not light up at the very idea of unicorns. Certainly we are not believed by most. We have a few precious friends who know Uni and give us the benefit of the doubt. Most of our families don’t even know about Uni, and we intend to keep it that way. They would not understand.

Meditation is so precious and so important. I am glad that you are doing it, and I know it will bring you closer to all that you seek. If in-person fellowship is what you seek with those who also love the Law of One, may you find it! :purple_heart:

The concept of “Dragon” in this context sounds very distorted towards a Western (patriarchal) viewpoint. “Dragon,” in this case, has been conflated with the negative use of power and knowledge, thanks to the dominance of the so-called “Christian” mythos. It’s a potent grip that this viewpoint has, that’s for sure …

Thank you for sharing your experiences. It must have taken a lot of courage to post something this “alternative” on a public forum. The deeper one goes, the “weirder” it gets (by the standards of our modern society, that is) … I wish that I was in a position to share more of my own “weird” experiences publicly. However, I am, at this time, choosing to be extremely guarded. I must pick and choose. At this time, it appears that I can be of greater positive service by keeping my more “alternative” knowledge and experiences private. That may change, however, depending on the turn of the tides. Things are getting rather wibbly, if you will, much faster than I had anticipated … Hang on tight, and enjoy the ride! :wink:

TribeofCats, I agree with you. Very much a western view of dragons. One of Uni’s favorite movies is “Spirited Away” in which a main character appearing in human form is later shown to be a majestic flying dragon that is the spirit of a river that has ceased to be due to human interference and “progress”. Uni affectionately calls Haku a “noodle dragon” (due to how he looks when he flies in the sky) and says that “noodle dragons” are definitely okay in his esteem. :slight_smile:

My story is a story that is very difficult to believe if you have not lived it. Many have strange stories of being from other worlds, and there is enough support for such, that they find an audience who believes. But as far as I can tell, I have never heard of a story anything like mine. It is troubling to me, and I chalk it up to the combined low profile unicorns keep as well as the concerted effort to discredit, dismiss, and distort the true story of the unicorn. I can’t help but feel the effort would not have been made had there not been a key role to be played here.

There is the strange case of the movie “The Last Unicorn”, faithful to Peter S. Beagle’s original story, being reported by the papers to have only been in the theaters for 11 days and not very popular when it can be shown that it was highly attended and was in theaters all over for many months. And there is the video posted earlier in this thread about how Beagle himself was abused concerning his rights to the story.

The real courage will come when I finally write my life story in completion. The people in my life and Jacob’s life who know us… Well, it will be extremely problematic. And yet, I feel it burning within me that the story must be told. That there is a reason for it.

TribeofCats, I hope you do feel that you can tell your full story here, that you will be accepted and believed, and that your story may be of great benefit to others. May your service be of great effect.


how do you feel about Arcturus ?

love you infinite creator.

damn paradoxical unsolvable riddles

all laws are imaginary to the infinite creator.

fuxi and nuwa .
founded china. they were "

all mythology of dragons started at the same time world wide. 6000 years ago

love, power, wisdom.

all forms can be formed from infinity to finite

I just stopped by to let you know that in some variations of the tarot, the 8th card, Strength, (sometimes also called Fortitude or Unconditional Love), there is an image of a woman with a unicorn.