A Love Letter to Limitations

after my NDE i got obsessed with unlimiting myself for several years, this was fueled by the tone in spiritual circles that affirmed my strive in this, as it seemed to be the general goal of seekers at the time. (of course there was probably a fair amount of projection on my part)

i am so happy to be past that, it was exhausting in the long run.

this is my present view on limitations:

they are amazing, and the ‘one’ is probably in love with them, exhibit A: this reality :stuck_out_tongue:
and i have come to grow quite fond of them myself, they make all sorts of experience possible, and as we play with them, we grow and evolve in one way or another.

it would be very limiting to not be able to limit ourselves.

Of course some limitations really suck from a human perspective, and many are an acquired taste.
but i trust in the process, adjust and savor what i can.

I used to be everything, and now I’m a single man?
How i pulled that off boggles my mind.
Even when life hurts, I’m strangely fine most of the time.

Here’s to limitations!
i raise my glass!
Putting them all together,
was an impressive task.
bravo creator!
Ye whom hide
behind every mask.


I feel like there is a gap between my deduction of ‘the one’ and present experience.
The notion of ‘one’ is logical in my view, and i have had affirming tastes of it over the years.

Still, i practice the art of not forcing, and if i’m being honest with myself, i have a sense of individuality and a sense of other individuals that is prominent without my interference, i feel like honoring and embracing this while it lasts. No state is final.

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The One is Creator. Creator is All. All is One.

Perceiving others as Creators and experiencing a sense of unity with everyone can be challenging.

Such perceptions can lead to complex emotional situations. On one hand, there’s a desire to love someone unreservedly; on the other, inherent defense mechanisms from the subconscious try to safeguard us, sometimes distancing us from certain individuals temporarily or always.

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on how to mentally connect with others to harmonize these contradicted feelings. My realization might not be groundbreaking here, but with knowledge, its true power is unlocked only when fully utilized.

To clarify, I’ve chosen to adopt a perspective where I view others as ‘distorted Creators’. When I encounter someone in the 3rd Density (as human being), I see them as The One, albeit in a distorted form.

This perspective allows me to reconcile two contrasting views: recognizing the inherent divinity, love, and perfection of the Creator in everyone, while also acknowledging the evil, shadows, and imperfections. Every human, including myself, is a ‘distorted version of The One’. Some evolve closer to being The One, some others evolve to being more distorted The One.


very well put, i like the notion of everybody being ‘a distorted version of the creator’ and regardless the level of accuracy trough that viewing lens, it is a balanced and inclusive approach that promotes remaining funktional and rational during challenging times.
I’ll definitely adopt that perspective from time to time :slight_smile:

“Like the hero and villain in a film, take brakes between takes, share some laughs and tea, behind the scenes of duality, the drama is zero frequency.”

i have a complementing theory about this level of experience based on a few OBEs:
There is a ‘mother consciousness’ (a spectacular distorsion of the one?), and we are all her seedlings. Once we transition form this life there is at least two possible scenarios; we become adults and retain some sense of individuality, or merge back with the conscious oceans unity, contributing with experience to her growth.

both alternatives are attractive and valid, but i got the impression that everyone seems to be primarily supporting us from behind the scenes with reaching ‘adulthood’ (with a lack for a better word), so i assume that is the primary goal with incarnation, with countless secondary goals.

i hold theorys of reality very softly these days, as I’m sure there are more factors involved that we simply don’t have the capacity to grasp under the influence of our physical body.

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:)…nicely put

So good. An endless (unlimited:) supply of masks for the Creator/ the One, to see and be seen through. It makes me think of empathy/compassion as the act of removing the mask of an other-self and trying it on for a while.

Using experience to the utmost (as Ra said). Playfully whenever possible. Such a great way to think of it all.

Your poem also made me think of Janus, the 2-faced Roman god. God of the liminal… thresholds, gates, doorways. God of beginnings and endings, the thresholds between cycles…god of January, threshold of the new year containing new experiences within its limits.

And Janus’ image is used as a symbol for the theatre. The place where we put on “plays” about our experiences in order to see ourselves more clearly…to see behind our masks.

Here’s to limitations. :beers:

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Cheers Melissa, for your encouraging and expanding response :slight_smile:

the thread reminded me of a poem i wrote a while back.

-Wandering Cocoon-

Perhaps this body
is a sophisticated cocoon.
Made to bud,
and over bloom

What awaits after,
many have had a taste.
But are there alternatives,
depending on the path we take?

Perhaps we simply awaken
similar to our regular sleep.
To the same life,
regardless how we lived
the stuff of our dreams.

Or can we mature further,
is there a next stage?

a butterfly gets its wings
without knowing
what life has installed
on the next page.

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We have within us both formless consciousness and form. First infinite and then finite. This is the human condition. Form always has limits.

When choosing where to apply limits, we work with form. Experience is only possible by filling form with our awareness which takes its shape, like water taking the shape of a vase. Spiritual circles seek the lessons of formless spirit in pursuit of who we are and what we can potentially express. There is where limits are less helpful.

Once we express, we choose form. It shuttles spirit to mind and then body.


Thanks for sharing this inspiring poem, Raz. And for the chance to riff on metamorphosis:)

Here’s where my wandering mind goes after reading your poem…

In our pupal stage we digest the larval self. The juvenile self. The one who’s been roaming about devouring and devouring, experience after experience, perhaps from incarnation to incarnation. The very hungry caterpillar.

In our sophisticated cocoon, we digest the self. The false self. The temporary self. The small “s” self. The floating self who orbits the anchored Self.

And our dormant imaginal discs–carrying flight inside us the whole time–reshape the pain of our dissolution. We awaken. We emerge “imago” with new eyes and wings for the next unimagined stage.

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Nice one Melissa :slight_smile:

I would be interested in your take on the following one if you’re feeling it.

  • Our timeless mind:

The dynamics of this moment
is presented ‘here’.

Like a verbal puzzle
reference is applied
every when and where.

Favoring terminology,
essentially blind.

with an open philosophy
we stay in touch
with our timeless mind.

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Something about this thread reminds
me of that Film called “Nyad” about a
swimmer swimming impossibly far.


  1. Never ever give up
  2. You’re never too old to chase your dreams, and
  3. It looks like a solitary sport, but it takes a team.



So as a disclaimer I want to emphasize that this is more stream of consciousness response than literary analysis. I really enjoy the opportunity to explore but don’t want to offend you by completely misunderstanding your intended idea. So, that being said, should you decide to proceed, enter at your own risk :slight_smile: :

Oddly enough the first thing that popped into my head was Eliza Doolittle singing
“Words, words, words. I’m so sick of words. I hear words all day through…”

Which took me to Pygmalion and how he became attached to his own creation and called it love. He worshiped the thing he could control. And how if we are not careful, we too become attached to our conceptualizations. But it seems that in this land of limited sight, wisdom is found through the open palm. Open to receive and accept, not grasp and cling.

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I appreciate the sentiment of your disclaimer, rest assured that I operate under the assumption that it’s better to be easily amused than easily abused, and I ground the details of the moment I’m aware of, in my underlying fascination of being aware at all.

also, on a more personal level, I feel like there is a high sealing on this forum and view it as a privilege being part of maintaining that sense.

Having said that, i found your response interesting and enjoyable, thanks for tuning in :slight_smile:

The Swedish and English language frequencies have different poetic prerequisites that i have come to appreciate deeply.

Here is a palet cleanser that’s one of my favorites in English, it has been futile to make a Swedish version that does it justice.

Surfing change:

This world is fickle
wonderful, challenging
and strange.

In adjusting accordingly
resides the art
of surfing change.

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I googled the movie and I have to say it was yaw-dropping reading about it!

I’m intrigued by how you connected this thread with that movie, would you consider elaborating?

“Better to be easily amused than easily abused” (or easily bruised). I like that a lot. Gonna pop it in my pocket and save it for future use :slight_smile:

Another lovely poem.

Fun fact: the English word “goofy” comes from surfing culture. Goofy-footed is riding with the right foot in front. Regular stance is with the left foot forward. Switch-foot surfing is being able to ride the waves goofy or regular depending on the situation at hand. I like thinking that riding the waves of life requires a little goofiness.

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(a comment) It is common for all sports, a person has either left or right take-off foot. Runners starts from the favorite foot, swimmers jump from platform etc. It depends on what is involved more: left or right hemisphere brain.


Interesing. With surfing specifically, I think the advantage of which foot is forward depends on which way the wave is breaking. One foot allows you to face the wave which gives more control and visual perspective while the other foot in front would place your back to the wave.

I hadn’t thought of the brain hemisphere link. Assuming the general understanding of right/left brain dichotomy, left foot foward in surfing would be right brain access to intuitive, free-flowing, creative functioning which seems like it would come in handy when trying to feel through how to balance on water.


Thanks Melissa, Love that tidbit of information, It’s a delightful metaphor—embracing life’s ebbs and flows with a touch of Light-hearteness in our adaptability. a pocketful of wisdom in itself :slight_smile:

on the subject of left and right,
I tune myself partly with the help of dual pendulums. I started with just one and was happy with it initially, getting in touch with the feelings that made it spin and what naught. Until I hit a wall with it and got fed up with how it made me feel.

Then one evening, when I was listening to some music, I spontaneously picked up a second pendulum. I could feel the blockages between the left and right dimensions, they had gradually built up with my singular use. The music combined with the dual pendulums cleared it up really well, both pendulums started spinning clockwise like crazy and the sense of emotional freedom was such a relief.

When I compare tuning with one pendulum versus two, it reminds me of using one eye vs two. I get a whole lot better depth perception with two.

To switching stances and embracing the goofy in us all :beers:


This is very interesting to me. I seem to have an intellectual blockage when trying to understand energy blockages. What do you think it is that causes the release? Is it the pendulums and the music getting you to a state of awareness of the blockage and then it falls away?

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(forgot to tip my glass to the gift of goofiness)

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I’m sure there are diverse factors that result in energetic blockages. I find a little physical activity and assuming various self-reiki-like positions with my hands before sleep goes a long way.

Did you know muscle contraction generates something scientists recently started calling ‘hope molecules’?

I think the state of our relationship network, the personal/collective consciousness and environment play a big part, we are in this together.

but yes, the combination of dula pendulums and music acted like a synergistic meditation instrument. I could feel something untangle in the center of my head and a flow of energy from the right side filling up the left side with a pleasant and refreshing liveliness, I didn’t think or say anything in particular, Just channeling the music through my emotional body and its pendulum extensions.

In meditation and self inquiry I generally don’t work with ‘yes and no’, rather ‘stagnation and flow’.

Also, I don’t think the question is ‘if’ we are channeling, rather ‘what’ or ‘whom’.

Do you have any experience with pendulums?


Some writing on the style of meditation i practice.

-all is simply all-

Neither confused nor clear,
simply self aware.

Neither high nor low,
simply on the go.

Neither big nor small
all is simply all.

-Meditative moments-

moments where it is
somewhat more interesting
that we are aware,
than what we are
aware of.

“Meditation is the art of observing association without loosing your self in the calculation”