A Love Letter to Limitations

Only a bit. Working with the energy of yes and no when asking questions. I took a class a few years ago in what’s called Controlled Remote Viewing and pendulum use was taught in the context of yes/no questions for info gathering.

Thanks for sharing more of your experience. I like to understand other people’s experiences as a way of navigating and exploring my own. So, when you were feeling this tangled energy in the center of your head, did you label that in any way in the moment. A thought? An emotion? Or is blockage just blockage.

I’m relatively new to meditation and I get the sense that it’s an individualized experience meaning it looks somewhat different for each of us. Or maybe at different points in our spiritual development it looks different. A few nights ago while meditating, I felt something like a metal plate in my chest. It was cold and rigid and heavy. I felt into the discomfort of it and found the word “shame.” Once I knew what to call it and accepted it for what it was, it kind of dissolved.

I like it. I picture hope moving through the body like bubbles in sparkling water.