A FOOL's Trip To Daviess County, Missouri

Greetings all! I’m not sure if I’m a wanderer, but would like to share a story about my trip to Adam-ondi-Ahman. It may resonate or might not, but the valley is stunning, enjoy!

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Welcome friend.

Behaving “Christlike” I guess could be likened unto bringing about 4th density, given I think it says in the law of one his intention was to try to teach as pure as possible version of the law of love. Naturally in a 4th density smc, a positive one, you would love your neighbor like yourself. As for the Bible, I think it’s a conglomeration of writings from different time periods. I like a good amount of the Jesus parts, but as a hedonist, one that tries to be loving, I cannot support all of it and I’m not that into Yahweh.

I am also a reckless fool and stumbled upon certain forces via reckless methods, some of which may be surmised from my username. I prefer calling them aliens, interconnected aliens, spirits, the One, whatever. I don’t think they care what mouth noises; I’m sure the infinite has countless names. A pattern of bioluminescence set to a certain tempo with a group of cuttlefish type creatures capable of abstract thought that form a “tribe” in a certain underwater cavern 300 light years to the left of Betelgeuse on a planet called a series of colors I don’t have words for because they are not part of the tiny range of light visible to our species.

Are we in for the end of an epoch? An apocalypse. I’d say yes omitting spiritual viewpoints. This is a house of cards. But perhaps that is for the best, our current obsession with money and backstabbing businesses, governments, and deep state operatives is not conducive to happiness. Even secular psychology states what makes us happy is not money, provided you have enough to live a dignified life, it’s connection, purpose, and meaning . In other words “sto”. I have my doubts about sky goats with a bunch of eyes and horns though.

“ The idea of a moral atheist is oxymoronic to me” I have been an atheist until quite recently, I assure you some of us know how to love and don’t go around kicking puppies. And many theists diddle little kids and are protected by a church, torture over minor doctrinal disputes, start crusades and jihad, ect.

I know a loving interconnectedness which is likely what the truly spiritual have often called god or gods or spirits ect. And it IS very helpful. But the idea of god many have, some bearded human thing that tortures you if you masturbate like Onan or whatever still is unappealing and I think leads to more division and separation, not less.

Now your idea of coming together in your blog post, that I can get behind. If we wish to remain a somewhat cohesive group of spirits, it is imperative that we all try to learn empathy as best we can, tolerance within reason (one cannot tolerate enslavement…), and cease these petty tribal squabbles.

And I don’t view the problem with Sam Harris, as far as I know him from Rogan, isn’t atheism. It’s arrogant assurance he knows everything. As the Greeks said, what the gods abhor most is hubris. None of us truly know anything for sure, besides it’s better to be kind than controlling, greedy, and cruel.

Be well friend

How do you not see the problem with Harris smh

None of the below is meant as an attack on you, it is only a point of view and an explanation. I enjoy nature too, may your travels be enjoyable.

I stated a criticism of him, but why are you so worried or concerned about one human who isn’t leading us into nuclear war, profiting off viruses they had a hand in manufacturing and releasing, etc. ? He’s a philosopher.

You state you don’t believe atheists to be capable of being moral, so I assume your main objection since he speaks on many topics is his philosophical opposition to religion? Sam Harris nor anyone else is capable of preventing you from connecting with the consciousness that pervades all. He is not a dictator, so he cannot stop you from group religious activities either.

I personally think demonizing atheists just furthers separation, what would benefit us is tolerance as far as reasonable, having empathy for every sentient entity even if we find their personality or traits personally disagreeable, and focusing on commonalities rather than differences.

The creator loves you, Sam Harris, me, and individuals of other species equally. Do you have a favorite liver cell?

If you are born and educated in many industrialized countries, religion doesn’t make any intellectual sense if you only use mainstream science as your basis for forming conclusions. And while I believe many things that are not officially called religions, like blind nationalism or faith in the ccp or even faith in what scientists in fields too esoteric for there to be consideration on your own to be the same as organized, dogmatic religion.

There is much to criticize about religion. There is much to criticize in the scriptures of various religions. There is also good advice and wisdom to take from most.

Atheists or agnostics are not evil. Someone kind, sensitive, and with an open heart can be that way by nature and there are plenty of moral codes without deities.

I believe, not in any religion, but in spirit and a loving organizing, intelligent force that could be called god though that is not my personal preferred nomenclature because, primarily, of personal experiences. In addition to research into topics and even illegal spiritual techniques that mainstream scientists and intellectuals scoff at. I wish all meaningful and fulfilling spirituality, but it is counterproductive and immoral, in my view, to force religion, spirituality, or specific beliefs about the nature of reality.

And my experiences and relationship with what we could call god has helped me immeasurably in personal development and emotional succor. True the god I interact with has increased my empathy and thus you might say my morality, but the god many believe in who is jealous, judging, divides into believer and heretic, and casts into pits of fire and brimstone? Belief in that idea being omnipotent would degrade my functional morality and inhibit open mindedness and growth.

That is my opinion. You are free to disagree, but we are all still equal and I think we should serve the universe together in love and mutual respect.

Have a good day my friend, this is a slow forum, but whatever our individual opinions, I didn’t like your wanderer thread remaining without welcoming.