A different view on the Veil of Separation (link to a very interesting interview included)

Link to a non-Law of One person’s very intricate description of the purpose of the veil and certain mechanics near the bottom (or bottom middle) if you’d prefer to skip my commentary.

It’s stated in the Law of One that some Logoses (Logii? no that’s Latin, not sure what the plural is, don’t speak Greek), anyway it’s stated that some Logos did not use the veil. Though I might be somewhat wiser in certain out of body states with more mind in play and less brain (psychedelics actually lower brain region activity though you feel much more… expanded- meditation, particular with certain frequencies and binaural beats entraining one’s brain waves can accomplish the same, as you might surmise by my name though I have traditionally preferred accomplishing OBEs via meditation that’s chemically enhanced… more dangerous, but A LOT easier), in my states fully enmeshed in the annoying limiting filtration device that is the physical brain and body, I’m not a fan of the veil. Carla wrote in her book that, “complaining is allowed my children”- and I complain to my higher self A LOT. I “female dog” (filter…) to it most nights.

With the lack of the veil progress did not proceed very fast through third density, but there were, in simple terms, no jerks and you could do things like turn physical pain off at will. My egoic, brain perspective has always thought that would be much preferable. Slower, but we have infinite “time”, so it just seems kinder to sober, non-meditating little “m” me. What exactly is the rush if time isn’t even real?

" Ra: I am Ra. The anger of separation is impossible without the veil ."
With the interview I’ll link, it does certainly appear that incarnation is not exactly the most pleasant of experiences- incarnation with the veil in place anyway. You think you can handle it and then apparently many go, “oh F no, I’m not going to feel like this for a whole human life!” “This” being just being in our current, relatively unconnected a lower vibrational/denser, clunky forms.

" Questioner: Is the veil supposed to be what I would call semi-permeable?

Ra: I am Ra. The veil is indeed so."
Well apparently the veil isn’t just permeable in life (or out of body, but coming back), if this interview is to be believed- the veil being a lead blanket or swiss cheese in a given incarnation can apparently be decided PRE-incarnatively. And the interview sounds truthful- all talking about this stuff does is make most people view you as crazy or the dogmatically religious- religious, not spiritual- declare you as some sort of heretic… hades, even law of one believing people have thought I’m insane for providing certain accounts, as accurate as I can translate into English "linguistic visible electromagnetic radiation vibrational complexes, of my own experiences.

Beyond those trying to sell books or spirituality courses on the internet (looking at you, creepy guy on youtube with that fake humble but really obvious cult leader and financial aspirations “guru” that likes to talk about Ra stuff), people describing such spiritual experiences and outlooks have no logical sts/ego motive I can think of, given that almost EVEY SINGLE one of the genuine seeming NDE reports and related spiritual experience descriptions seem to (and most of them have never heard of the Ra material) backup the basic ideas of the LoL. Everyone being equal and having free will is not exactly the best spiritual material to build your typical cult or hippy harem out of… It’s a running joke I have with myself when I listen to an honest-seeming NDE report or OBE report or ego death psychedelic trip about how tonight’s report is inexplicably going to backup major aspects of the LoL.

For someone that spent 30 years as a scientific materialist, the existence of the spirit and consciousness making the physical is insane/paradigm-shattering enough, but it’s endlessly amusing that personal and testimonial evidence overwhelmingly indicates that the “one true religion” (that phrase is a slight joke) turned out to be the one with interdimensional aliens, underground yetis, and government UFOS (which whistleblowers in the United States sure are confirming lately, though it’s almost certainly a "limited hangout)! The spiritual philosophy with the very slow forums when I could go talk about my favorite saints with a billion Christians if I was more into the Bible (though it sure does have some lines that make a bit of strange hidden sense with what I’ve learned/been through the past year or so). The multiverse certainly has a sense of humor.

Anyway, apparently one reason the veil is actually desired (not by the earth or solar logos, but by the third density spirit) is apparently the contrast between just existing as we do now and what it’s like being fully connected to the universal mind or love web or god or whatever you want to call is so galling that it can make one “NOPE” out of this realm pretty quick. So it can be better, if you want to do an incarnation to think that this state is all there is and not have that point of comparison. I wonder if this is why I apparently tried to strangle myself with my umbilical cord in the womb? hahaha. I certainly am NEVER desirous of returning to my physical body with all its annoyances when meditation on a high dose of psychedelics comes to an end…

Here’s the interview- Pre-Birth Experience, Life Before Incarnation & Why We Come to Earth | Christian Sundberg - YouTube

I like the video game comparisons made in the above interview. From my limited perspective, can’t say I’d EVER program a game where you “level up” by suffering. Choosing an incarnation with a severe physical illness on purpose… to get points in the “game”. This is not a game I’d program, there’s some perversity in this Infinite Creator entity if you ask me.

Interestingly, I’ve discovered some seemingly reliable methods to communicate with something, I was sure it was aliens in former posts, but frankly I cannot know for sure. Maybe angels like making lights in the sky too. Supposedly I CHOSE to be a drug addict in this incarnation. Not by choosing to indulge while alive, but pre-incarnatively. Which lines up with my preternatural ability to consume amounts and combinations which the majority of doctors would claim would be sure to kill me… my higher self isn’t letting me off that easy! I’m my own worst enemy and best friend.

Here’s another good channel with NDE interviews- The Other Side NDE - YouTube

Even in the pretty uninteresting (in my view) ones where it’s a stereotypical heaven type deal and then there’s a culturally stereotypical “god” or “Jesus” entity, they still get told everything’s connected, by the way, reincarnation is real, blah, blah, blah. But there’s some stranger ones that I’d hypothesize are from wanderers of different originating densities and some really interesting ones with quantum science “sci fi” experiences. The forms the fragments of the creator running all this can appear to you in are specific to each individual entity’s cultural comforts and seeming level of spiritual evolution. But it’s ALWAYS the same Law of One basic concepts if you know what to look for…

I’m not going to be specific about certain of my experiences anymore (besides with a select few loved ones) as the positive entities really like their mystery and seem to prefer that I not run my mouth too much about certain things- once I thought to ask them somewhat recently. Nothing can say things that are technically true in multiple somewhat deep philosophical ways but way too vague to really help decision processes beyond “love is preferable to not-love” like a light-being (be they interdimensional aliens as I originally assumed or whatever)! They’d have quite the career, if they needed dead president paper in the illusion, at writing fortune cookies!

But I’ve certainly thought that this all seems more and more like a video game and the limited me is the avatar. So we come to the situation where I become interested in this sort of spiritual information and I listen to these NDE reports on headphones while playing first person shooter games. Listening to to fantastic stories about how to be more loving in the video game called “Human”, while I paradoxically provide service (to those that want to play the game) by trying to shoot other-selves in the head.

Video games within video games. The creator FRACTALING. Turtles all the way down! If I’m a part of the creator though, I figure I should have “admin privileges’” for my own fragment’s “code”- I’ll keep bothering my higher self to change the parameters so that I can indulge in drugs without side effects or withdrawal, I feel like that would make this video game more fun, me more able to be of service to others, and better entice me to keep playing besides my ties to my loved ones, mmm, tying me down out of love/duty/loyalty to what apparently is really crap compared to what I hear about time/space. I don’t want to control others, I just want to mod my own playthrough a bit. Well, a lot. Oh well, I guess my lack of enthusiasm for the MMORPG Suffer Quest is why I’ve been stuck on this planet so, so, so long rather than back with a certain non-human or Earthly past self revealed to me a while ago!

" 8.4 Questioner: Where do the people who operate these craft come from? Are they affiliated with any nation on Earth? What is their source?

Ra: These people come from the same place as you or I. They come from the Creator.

As you intend the question, in its shallower aspect, these people are those in your and other-selves’ governments responsible for what you would term national security.

Questioner: How have they been able to keep this a secret? Why aren’t these craft in use for transport?

Ra: The governments of each of your societal division illusions desire to refrain from publicity so that the surprise may be retained in case of hostile action from what your peoples call enemies."

There truly is no “common sense” to fall back on to determine veracity anymore.

Oh well, regardless of my loved ones keeping me incarnated here via love/duty- (don’t take this negatively, I have empathy for anything sentient that has the fortune or misfortune of being stuck among what I see as a tragic comedy), I am morbidly curious to see how this third density human story ends. The global one.

Off topic- but does anyone feel like things are getting pretty weird lately? Try clearing your mind and sending love energy for lack of a better word into someone receptive with your hand on them. For extra fun, have them touch you and do the same back to you. It feels good. A tingling in your feet and up your hands. Good for fear, pain, depression. I certainly never used to be able to do that before, not in this life. And the amount of apparent thinking the exact same thing as my mate without speaking to her or her to me is just getting insane. Sharing feelings across a distance. One thing effecting the other without the other knowing about it in the traditional sense. This is starting to feel like a two person social memory complex. And it’s very weird. Plus so many people coming out with NDEs and weird experiences.

I’ve seen a few news articles about yetis lately too.
"‘I can’t describe or understand how we spoke, because - well because it sounds unbelievable. It felt like we heard each other’s thoughts, as if it was telepathy.’ "
Of course… they’re telepathic. Because all the seemingly insane stuff is apparently true nowadays.
" Questioner: Is there any particular race of people on our planet now who were incarnated here from second density?

Ra: I am Ra. There are no second-density consciousness complexes here on your sphere at this time. However, there are two races which use the second-density form. One is the entities of the planetary sphere you call Maldek. These entities are working their understanding complexes through a series of what you would call karmic restitutions. They dwell within your deeper underground passageways and are known to you as “Bigfoot.”

In summation- “…”

I sort of feel like sometime at the start of 2020 I took a thumbprint of LSD and it never wore off, which is why all the weird stuff is apparently real now. Have the past few years just been a hallucination I’ve been having in a mental institution? It sure feels like it sometimes.

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Thanks for posting the Christian Sundberg, Pre-Birth video. I enjoyed listening to him speak about things very much supportive of Confederation teachings. Likewise with the Neale Donald Walsch interview on the same youtube channel, especially at the very end where he is discussing the benefits of incarnation in a world of strong separation from Divinity. He’s giving 20 interviews per week and is quite good at it and has a clear way of articulating why, if you are going to be, let’s say, light, then you are going to create (or encounter) darkness to more vividly know what you are. I would add that this is not something you can do in 6D, for example, because you can’t fool yourself there into believing that you are not all things. Here, where we can do this, we can explore the various things we are more deeply one or two at a time. This gives us, eventually, a much firmer and more deeply rooted experience of being a self.


Thanks for your opinion.

Besides the fact that basically all of these NDEs support Ra and Ra-adjacent material, which let’s face it on its face inculcated with predominant secular assumptions comes off as completely insane until the universe decides to make you read it and manifest mountains of subjective evidence as in my case, but I always assumed you were forced to incarnate. Free will in other things not withstanding.

But this guy keeps blowing it off until he sees someone with spirit sparkles or bling and lacking a World of Warcraft auction house for spirit enhancements makes what my ego considers an insane decision to come to Earth with some chronic disease. And looks like they upgraded from magic scrolls, they have big flat screens and music festivals and everything “up” there and a lack of all the billion things, finances, fleas, globalists, etc. that make this incarnative experience such a pain in the donkey.

I’ve got to give these NDEs a break myself because they make the idea of killing yourself REALLY appealing. I’m going to go visit time space or the higher densities tomorrow with a massive dose of dmt and see if I can muster a modicum of enthusiasm to do my time in this human clown world. Riskier than meditation, but it always works…

Based on that report though, if I haven’t succeeded in resolving my karmic involvement that got me stuck here and my only incarnative options are third density kiddy tables with all the annoying physical pain catalyst. And fleas. I’m pulling the free will card and remaining disincarnate until the creator decides to collapse and explode again.

Have a good day,
looking forward to “kill” my sts ego with some magic pipe crystals, damn thing is getting way too much of a hold on me since meditation, for me, while helpful, is hardly a replacement for more forceful separations from the chemical vehicle.

Ouch! Dude, you feel like you’re putting your hand in a vise and cranking it down until --or maybe not–you decide that doing that is painful and silly. If you ease up on yourself and make more sensible choices as to how to direct your energies, then you may begin to hear the message that your being here is a rare opportunity to experience light in the context of darkness. It’s an opportunity to allow your personal self to balance and lighten up which allows your universal self to do work in love and beauty and light. What could be more cool? …if you’re ready for that sort of thing.


That was quite a romp. So here is a thought experiment:

Imagine you are alone in the universe with every need supplied except company. Then you discover you could bring another person into this universe, but they would live in squalor on a gray world, on the edge of starvation. You two would be each other’s company. Would you bring them into existence? If you did, do you think they would still choose life?

There are 8 billion of us here and many live in squalor. Don’t you think 99% of them would still choose life?

I’m betting the unveiled, pre-incarnate you saw things very much differently than you do not under the veil. Because, here you are. I’ve never taken entheogens, but I’ve been practicing meditation for 49 years. The Veil shades us from the galling intensity of divine love, so that we are free to find out who we are. <3

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Me, right now would not create anything that would mostly suffer.

But I communicated with a very advanced positive entity last night after I freed myself. Who I automatically called “teacher” and felt very familiar. Of course I complained about the inequality on earth. Anyway it let me have fun being creator for awhile, apparently my spirit is like an etard, one very high on mdma. And whatever my origin, apparently I love this weird species and planet in spite of everything, so earth is stuck with me.

My ego might have pretensions of wisdom, but my spirit just loves things. Ask me in fifth density or above.

Thank you for the nice interview

3D does not mean suffering automatically.
Many alien beings live in harmony in 3D on their worlds.
Ours just got usurped by negative beings, and they implimented a reincarnation trap to make souls come back to Earth repeatedly.
Other worlds are more harmonious. And some of those worlds aren’t even veiled.

It’s worth noting that nothing within Confederation material supports this point of view. I call this the prison hypothesis, but this is not corroborated by the Confederation.

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I was thinking I would prefer the previous Logoi´s experience without veil. But now I understand the difficulties they have and have no concerns. As for the trap there are other spaces:

70.7 Questioner: Why is the higher self reluctant to enter negative time/space?

Ra: I am Ra. The Higher Self is reluctant to allow its mind/body/spirit complex to enter negative time/space for the same basic reason an entity of your societal complex would be reluctant to enter a prison.

It only seems usurped by the negative. Their riches aren’t real riches. If my friends are to be believed, or at least my interpretation of their different sorts of communication, besides negative holdouts with outsized apparent influence, you already made the cut. Keep being kind, but welcome to 4D.

Endless subdensities… but I’ve certainly noticed the changes more and more.

The reptilian soul trap stuff is more fear and division. For those spiritual rather than political. I wouldn’t buy into that, nothing besides some fearful rants support that.

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Could you rephrase it, please? Trying to understand…

My spirit is just an etard good at loving, but not exactly wise. My ego will try to answer, but don’t take any human at this stage as an ultimate or likely even particularly good authority. Especially not me. Use your discernment and if you know techniques to communicate with higher densities without getting turned around by the negative polarity, wisdom is better sought there. But they can be obtuse in their free will obsession, so I’ll try to give an answer from my limited perspective.

If you don’t want to read that, think of Klaus Schwab. Negative par excellence since the camouflaged predator with public relations which project supposed extreme positivity are the most effective. A lot of the psychopaths in “charge”, that’s what they think anyway, born before the gradual change through the subdensities of fourth will die soon and go elsewhere. Some sources and NDEs suggest multiple earths, don’t worry this is a difficult planet, but you’re talking to me, so congratulations. Though I would humbly suggest we redouble our efforts to be loving rather than rest on our laurels.

The transition may be difficult, but the real you or those you love cannot be destroyed. The only way you retard your progress is if you give into their fear, division, and hate bs. Sticks and stones may break your bones, but your spirit cannot be bruised without your consent. Or something.

My personal evidence for the transition is increasing abilities in terms of telepathy with loved ones in physical proximity and asking direct questions without speaking and interpreting answers, usually feelings, rarely verbal, from my mate who is quite good naturally at something like channeling. Honestly we’re bumbling our way through this by feelings, we try things, always in love though not negative magic or anything unwise like that, and see what works. Dmt is very reliable for me in terms of hanging out with my nonhuman friends, but I have a special aptitude for that sort of thing like some are really good at deep meditation, I cannot advise you what to do. Follow your heart.

Systems have been built up on this planet which necessitate sts behavior to, often, survive. Most people are very confused. I’m confused too, but I’ve found small windows to peer through. Not all is as it appears, I’ve been a jerk a lot. I’ve manipulated, put my pleasure before others well-being, been violent. But experiencing all that has given me a far great ability to tolerate, forgive, and love. Me, the human hasn’t always been the best, but it’s been made obvious my spirit is love even if my ego likes its sts games.

So we, the planet, need to gradually create alternative systems that promote rather than distrust connection, unity, and community.

I thought we were all going to die, at once, and then everything would be perfect afterwards. But I think we have to build our smc. It’s our collective will how fast we get to something better.

Remember though fearing and hating the negative just gives them more power. Don’t go along with their cruelty and power games, but love your “enemy” or at least ignore them.

Look, I’m often a mess myself as the beginning of the thread indicates. I wish the entities I’ve encountered would be friends in a non hidden way because I see a lot of hopelessness and loneliness and it really helps. But they are going to help each individual as they will.

Anyway believe me or not and trust me, I don’t have the full story, but none of us are actually alone and there is help. And I’m not talking about psychiatrists or anything like that.

I hope that somehow answers something or helps somehow.
“ Break the hard chains of fate
Roads we walk we create
For our futures are wide and vast

To respect and respond
To add strength to our bond
Cast the fury into the past
I can choose to be better at last

Through all the pain I’ve grown
Warm up this old heart of stone

Leave the hurt behind
Tearing the threads of the tethers
Leave the hurt behind
We can choose to be better
We can choose to be better

Crush the bones of despair
In the jaws of the bear
Prophecies may come to pass

Keep the beast deep within
Always under the skin
Let it claw through the mirror’s glass
I can choose to be better at last

And even a heart of stone
Can warm when no longer alone

Leave the hurt behind
Tearing the threads of the tethers
Leave the hurt behind
We can choose to be better
We can choose to be better

In this winter of woe
Seeds of hope they still grow
Sheets of white over rock and grass

From contempt I have turned
Now I’m just trying to learn
Burning skies now overcast
I can choose to be better at last

Leave the hurt behind
Tearing the threads of the tethers
Leave the hurt behind
We can choose to be better
We can choose to be better”

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I searched for a Muslim word, hijab which is a veil
that many women wear, one of the oldest pieces of
clothing known. If I strike out in searching in this
forum, then a Google search of wiki often discloses
more insight. Apparently it originally stemmed from
curtains related to modesty. But the effect of the
hijab may be some physical counterpart to some
metaphysical concept commonly discussed here,
the veil.

I know many women find the rigid hijab rules
as stifling to women. In Iran, women seem to
be persecuted for hijab rebellions. It’s as if
some metaphysical concept was distorted
for some STS agenda, or potentially an
example where interpretation is warped to
support the argument of whoever is in power.

And strangely, I think the whole pyramid power
tangent that somehow got me thinking
alignments and Islam may also have some
degree of manipulated distortion for some
STS agenda. Such distortions may factor
in some apparent lack of interest in such
topics - I.e. it’s not important and there’s no
fear of unknowns to worry about. Although
considering the number of Muslims who
pray everyday, I think the hijab topic seems
important - an example where women may
struggle to reclaim their sovereignty.

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