432 hz vs. 440 hz

I am aware at least partially, of the relationship between 432 hz and sacred geometry and multiples of 3. In general, I can see how numbers, shapes, math relate to our created reality.

I am curious if anyone has heard anything in LoO about this subject, specifically having to do with the difference between 432 and 440 as far as if one is “better” than the other as some suggest.

I did a search on L&L Research page and couldn’t find anything channeled. There are a million things online, but not anything I particularly resonate with.

I work with sound energy and am considering buying a set of crystal singing bowls. I have a choice of tuning , 432 or 440. I want to make sure before I spend thousands of dollars that I am getting what is more in line with Love/Light.

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Hmm… like you AAR, I don’t think I saw anything in Ra’s Contact about this…

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Yeah… I keep looking but I’m not coming up with anything.

These Ra people are not int energy, what can I say… :sweat_smile:

What do you mean???

I was just teasing Ra


I kinda figured that but I wanted to make sure! :grinning:

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This stuff is dangerous
The nature of photons/phonons and the reflective state of the energy configuration of the body .

The base root of the harmonics
Has a great effect . 12√2 multiplying 7 times , creates the same ranges all with different effects depending on the root and the configuration of the observer
The spectrum of light and sound expands in all directions and folds in on itself represented by the torus.

I find the solfeggio sequence of great benefit
Esp 528 and 741 which is the 432 bowl set, which is better for meditation for specific intentions , also close differentials like having a 432 bowl to the left ear and 439.83 to the right ear gives a differential to the centre brain of 7.83 hz which tunes the body to the ionosphere and the mind of earth .

But for music 432 sounds a bit off imo

I recommend reading Monroe institutes research



Dangerous how?

And could you expound on the second sentence? Its above my pay grade. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I don’t know what this means. Math is not my strong suit.

Isn’t that binaural beats???

Off? Why?
All that is happening is that the instruments are tuned using 432 or 440 (standard concert pitch). They tune the A4 note to either frequency and then tune the rest of the instrument in accordance.

I will check out the link. Thanks.

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Light and sound (photons and phonons)
Will effect the body in proportion to the energy and time it’s exposed to . Further the away from the source less effect. The type of sound can have beneficial and detriments on different aspects, it can improve or reduce balancing.

The danger is
Psychic greeting and tools can be a crutch for inducing the states naturally from the self and euphoria Is addictive, it’s easy to be attached to these things rather then the original thought.
Sound configurations can damage as well as heal cells. Each organ has its own sound/colour.
But generally they are harmless with service to other intentions.

It’s beyond Me atm but in my experience.
Messing with sound and cymatics can take you to weird places.

Happy waves :ocean:


I understand this in a general sense, knowing a little about harmonics resonate things and cymatics…I’m certainly not an expert though.

How can one be sure not to cause negative effects?

I am of the understanding that setting an intention before and sound work and the belief in being protected, that psychic greetings will not be a problem. Unless a person is in trance like Carla…maybe. I am not as learned about psychic greeting from a LoO standpoint, but I have had my fair share of them since being a teenager, especially since I have been gifted with sound healing abilities. They stopped happening as intensely after I released the belief that they could harm me in any way and after I let go of fear.

Now, when I do any kind of energy work I get into a meditative state, set my protection boundaries and intentions and I have not, so far, had any kind of negative greeting while in my sacred space.

For over 3 decades I have used my voice in conjunction with instruments to offer healing to those who listen, usually live. Just recently I had a session with someone else who used crystal singing bowls and I have had a strong sense to purchase some to use with my voice.

This is why I am reaching out to anyone who has more info about the hz.

This is kind of what I was getting to above. My service to others in not about manipulating or controlling them with my abilities. I want to help. That, paired with protection intention, desire for love/Light to flow through my vessel in a pure way, seems to keep things that would be service to self away.

Or am I missing something?

Can you be more specific?

I love music, but I know nothing of making music… but I’d avoid 440 when possible. Like the Egyptians believed gods walked among them, so Ra could do their thing while not violating free will, I believe positive entities can “hack” my YouTube and Spotify auto play and recommendations. If ufos can turn off nuclear silos, they can do that. So I get interesting “plausible deniability” communication that way occasionally…

Upshot is I needed help with an addictive drug craving and help came via a video that informed me about Solfeggio frequencies. Looked nuts, but reality, I have realized is insane beyond all reckoning. They work. Initial video REALLY has it out for 440 tuning.

No idea how much is true, but it lead me to the help I needed.

Which was meditating to each of these frequencies daily

Thanks YouTube alien hackers!

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I think this lyric improv completes the collection.
I searched for “hack” and found this.
This is for Law of One session 29.

LOVE HACK (Song beat similar to B52’s, Love Shack)

You’re surfing the web for the law of the one. Clicking around for the love hack.

Love hack, where, where?

Then get into Ra material way.

Hacking into the love gateway.

Finding out the love gateway.

I bring up a page, it’s thick full of words, and we’re narrowing down to the love hack.

I have a low batt, it lasts about five, so I hurry to get my love light vibe.

The love hack is a little known way where we find the fountainhead.

Love hack (maybe love hack) …

(Love maybe find where it’s at.)

Script says Logos lays rules Because the love pools, with the love hack.

Us Sub-Logos pulled into a gravity love jewel.

Such a simple do hack,

I just gotta hug back.

The love hack is a simple do trick where we find the fountainhead.

Love hack, maybe love hack …

Love hack we just hug back

Time and Space together Space and Time together We’re all in this together Because we’re living as one For whole hack gimmies Everybody’s gushing Everybody’s blushing When it’s found, when it’s found, when it’s found, when it’s found!

Creation is evolving, densities are growing maybe Stuff falling into black-holes to unity. Everybody’s gushing Everybody’s blushing maybe A gravity hack as a simple hug back

Bring up the webpage, Find it thick full of words, buried in here

so seek out to learn.

So get a good charge, to last about five, To learn something about a love light vibe.

Scroll down, on the page faster clock that crystal Scroll down, on the page faster charged by seeking Scroll down, on the page faster Scroll down, on the page Scroll down, on the page faster Scroll down Rejoice?

hacked-in, Adonai

Love hack, maybe love hack Love hack, maybe love hack Hug on back, that’s where it’s at Love hack, maybe love hack Hug on back, that’s where it’s at Love hack, maybe love hack Gushing and a blushing Clicking and a scrolling With the love hack