Music Theory, Frequencies, Healing

I studied music for many years, before exploring spirituality. Now, I’m reflecting on what could have been spiritual experiences while making music.

In choral music, singing at certain frequencies resulted in a buzzing in the head, around the third eye area, or sometimes made my chest tingle, radiating down my arms. This often happened with “God chords”, I-bIII, I-III, I-bV, I-bVI, and I-VI.

What does the confederation say in regards to using specific frequencies in music for healing purposes? Can we target specific energy centers/ chakras with specific frequencies?

It’s hard for me to comment on the music, since I don’t know it. However, I do have some favorite songs that uplift me spiritually. For instance, I’ve always been drawn to Pink Floyd, especially this track:

When Pink Floyd composed their music, it’s widely speculated that they might have been under the influence of drugs. This isn’t meant to promote drug use or discredit Pink Floyd in any way. While uncommon, there are instances when drugs can provide access to positive, higher-dimensional insights and inspiration. I believe this might have been the case with Pink Floyd.

I encourage you to listen closely, especially to the track I mentioned. Doing so might offer you deeper insights into the enigma of the music and its inherent potential. Music unquestionably holds immense power. The right vibrations, when focused, could perhaps move mountains… or change the soul.


I have found a very consistent relationship between my spirituality and playing music. I totally resonate (heh) with what you’re describing.

I dabble in music theory too, and when clearing chakras I tend to walk the chakras from root to crown using the C scale in Dorian mode (Red: D, Orange: E, Yellow: F, Green: G, etc.). I find this much more approachable and able to elicit feeling than concentrating on the colors.

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Music most definetely plays an important part in our reality.

To answer your question, here is what Ra had to say about this subject on The Law of One, Book III, Session 74:

Questioner: You stated that a working of service to others has the potential of alerting a great mass of light strength. Could you describe just exactly how this works and what the uses of this would be?

Ra: I am Ra. There are sound vibratory complexes which act much like the dialing of your telephone. When they are appropriately vibrated with accompanying will and concentration it is as though many upon your metaphysical or inner planes received a telephone call. This call they answer by their attention to your working.

Questioner: You spoke in a previous session about certain Hebrew and Sanskrit sound vibratory complexes being powerful because they were mathematically related to that which was the creation. Could you expand on this understanding as to how these are linked?

Ra: I am Ra. As we previously stated the linkage is mathematical or that of the ratio you may consider musical. There are those whose mind complex activities would attempt to resolve this mathematical ratio but at present the coloration of the intoned vowel is part of the vibration which cannot be accurately measured. However, it is equivalent to types of rotation of your primary material particles.

Questioner: If these sounds are precisely vibrated then what effect or use, with respect to the purposes of the adept, would they have?

Ra: I am Ra. You may consider the concept of sympathetic resonance. When certain sounds are correctly vibrated, the creation sings.

Questioner: Would these sounds, then, be of a musical nature in that there would be a musical arrangement of many different sound vibrations, or would this apply to just one single note? Which would it apply more to?

Ra: I am Ra. This query is not easily answered. In some cases only the intoned vowel has effect. In other cases, most notably Sanskrit combinations, the selection of harmonic intervals is also of resonant nature.

Questioner: Could you tell me the musical name of the notes to be intoned that are of this quality?

Ra: I am Ra. We may not.

Then there is this quote, not directly about music, but about healing nonetheless:

Questioner: May anyone in third density accomplish some degree of healing if they have the proper will, desire, and polarity, or is there a minimal balance of the energy centers of the healer that is also necessary?

Ra: I am Ra. Any entity may at any time instantaneously clear and balance its energy centers. Thus in many cases those normally quite blocked, weakened, and distorted may, through love and strength of will, become healers momentarily. To be a healer by nature one must indeed train its self in the disciplines of the personality.

The Law of One, Book III, Session 75

I couldn’t find the reference, but I’m quite sure they used vibrational sounds when building the pyramids. That’s supposably the technique ancient people used to build places like the Stonehenge.

Other than that, music can be a very powerful tool for processing hidden emotions (a.k.a healing). It is quite noticeable how certain frequencies interfere with our vibration.

I particularly like this one: (when I’m not listening to Behemoth)