You are already enlightened

This video talks about us already being enlightened.

Is that the case that once you realize you are enlightened, you are?

Because I realize the concept, but I still don’t feel enlightened whereas it’s all bliss.

I still feel angst.

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Anthro, for me , the core of us knows. I see this as we all have, inside, the key and that is why, when we meditate, we may feel bliss, because there is union with Creator, where, as Ra says, all polarities are harmonized, complexities are simplified, paradoxes have their solutions, we are one.

But since we are incarnated as human entities, we live day to day the life in 3rd density. So we experience and in this experience we can feel, experience everything, the incredible freedom to make choices at each second, joy and sorrow, all of it. But it doesn’t take away that at the core, we know.


The false identification: as it is the limited identification that enable the illusion of separation.
The journey of enlightenment, is the journey of letting go, letting go of attachment, limitation and identification.

Ultimately everyone will realize that there’s only one person in the room.
– Neale D Walsh


As I approach it, my enlightenment can only happen in the Now. However, I frequently forget to Be in the Now. For me, I experience enlightenment often when I’m aware of Being present Now.
Jim Upperpenni