Tapping Intelligent Infinity

How do we know if the energy we are tapping is Intelligent Infinity?
It feels blissful, and comes in through my crown. My crown feels expansive
when it is flowing. Is this Intelligent Infinity, or just Intelligent Energy?

Ra says when you penetrate it, it feels like home. Sometimes it does feel like home,
but I don’t feel like I have arrived. I still deal with anxiety at times.

This may not be the most satisfying answer but I believe the answer to be unique to each of us. The feeling of home is not necessarily something that is the same for everyone nor is our way of connecting to that feeling. There are plenty of words we can use to describe feelings like bliss and joy, but we all have our own definition within ourselves for these expressions.

I often wonder how similar these feelings are to all of us. Energy is so abundant yet subtle to me. I don’t see it, but I do feel it. I’d say your anxiety is shared by many, myself included. Good luck in your journey friend :).

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Thank you. Good to know I’m not alone in the anxiety. Though I wouldn’t wish for others to feel it.

I too feel energy, but can’t see it.

It isn’t very subtle. The sense of energy is stronger than my normal sense of touch sometimes and feels like a 10 pound weight on my solar plexus and heart.

How do we know anything at all… There are some very relevant quotes of the day from BlueLoveLotus

I feel a buzzing… Like you describe from the crown, flowing down like water gently being poured through me down through my body, warm, blissful, profound, depending on the intensity, can be light, can be sensory overloading. I assume that because it is usually triggered by many things usually of a spiritual perspective of a positive nature it is the beginning of “tapping in”. I consciously use it as a “Geiger counter” of sorts to guide my thoughts on things… “getting warmer, getting warmer, nope, you lost it…”

Trying to do it can be difficult, it is something that needs to be allowed to do, you do or do not, there is no try.
Do an act of kindness, get a buzz, get angry, everything gets dulled and hormonal. The intensity of feeling aligns with the concepts of the chakras, but not limited to.

I have tried a little experiment with other, by pushing this energy through my hand over the top of another’s hand and have them look away and tell me when they can feel it, generally you can see that they feel it because they smile in recognition of the feeling, I believe this is what Ra calls the “light touch”.
It is healing energy, and it feels similar to that described above.

Knowing something is based on your perspective, and here in third density limited to your perspective. Given what you identify with affects the distortion you place on your perceptions, it decides your reality. Given the number of us, that is a lot of realities, and a lot of truths. So how do we know anything at all… For me the first step in identifying what is real and what is not, is to remove myself from identity.

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I am here to assist.

Close your eyes and ground.

Seek within the glowing light that pulsate.

Feel the source of anxiety and ask one self.

Why am I anxious?

Where does this come from? When all there is, is peace.

Why do I need to know? To validate with my physical eyes?

Deep breaths and let go of worries that are merely “moments” of experience.

Know that you are whole.

Know that you are well and complete.


There is no manyness in unity,in infinity.

When your body starts vibrating really fast and you hear a ding and bam
Reality dissolves.
All fears , anxieties, doubts , foes, challenges evaporate
All is in its perfect place.
There’s no mistakes
Joy that cannot be described in language.

Questioner: Would you define the word intelligent in the concept of intelligent infinity?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall address the entire spectrum of this question before defining as requested. Your language, using vibrational sound complexes, can be at best an approximation of that which is closer to an understanding, if you will, of the nature of conscious thought. Perceptions are not the same as sound vibration complexes and the attempt to define will therefore be a frustrating one for you, although we are happy to aid you within the limits of your sound vibration complexes.

To define intelligent apart from infinity is difficult, for these two vibration complexes equal one concept. It is much like attempting to divide your sound vibration concept, faith, into two parts. We shall attempt to aid you however.

Questioner: It is not necessary to divide it. The definition of intelligent infinity as one part is sufficient. Could you please then define intelligent infinity?

Ra: I am Ra. This is exponentially simpler and less confusing. There is unity. This unity is all that there is. This unity has a potential and kinetic. The potential is intelligent infinity. Tapping this potential will yield work. This work has been called by us, intelligent energy.

The nature of this work is dependent upon the particular distortion of free will which in turn is the nature of a particular intelligent energy or kinetic focus of the potential of unity or that which is all."

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You are feeling love/light energy, not tapping into intelligent infinity because if you were at a level of seeking capable of doing so you would be able to manipulate physical matter through thought alone. For example when RA used it to communicate with rock to build the great pyramid from thought.

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