What's the difference between 7th and 8th density?

The 7th density is what? The Logos/Creator of our universe?

And the 8th density is the sum of these infinite Logos, i.e., infinite universes, i.e., one infinite creator?

Is 7th density a kind of tunnel, a passage to 8th density? I mean, to non-existence?

If there are teachers in 7th density who have one foot in time and the other in timelessness, why is it said about 7th density that it is a complete dissolution of personality in everything? Something that retains some part of itself in time cannot dissolve completely, that is, there is some sort of personality in 7th density.

Where does the creator who created this universe reside? In 7th density? Because clearly the creator who created this universe and the one infinite creator are not the same.

This is an interesting query.

The difficulty we all face is that the answer is not to be found written in a book, and maybe even not on the almighty internet. The answer cannot be written because it inherently lies deeper than words can begin to penetrate.

If you accept this premise, then what? How does one approach an answer to such a deep, deep question?

Confederation sources aver that we are ALL distortions of what they refer to as the One Creator. Therefore, the recommended approach is to seek internally and smooth out all the distortions.

Of course, this is a simple answer, but the process is not at all simple because we live in a distortion within various other levels of distortion. And yet, if we are truly motivated, we can begin.

First, the personality presents difficulties because it is specifically designed to help us navigate the outer and inner distortions based upon a belief that they are real. So, the FIRST step is to work with the personality so that it remains useful in helping us move through the outer world, while at the same time we can put it to the side as we explore the inward realms.

We all take different routes to do this. There is no single approach to this, but the gist of it is to become neutral to catalyst, that is, not personally concerned. Each catalyst becomes an opportunity to face distortion and make peace with it–which is what I meant by becoming neutral to it.

The SECOND step is to then follow that Peace inwardly to its source. This is a place of consciousness where the personal begins to blend with the impersonal or the greater, encompassing Peace and Joy.

The third step, I would surmise–not having traveled that far myself, as of yet–is to blend with whatever one finds as the source of that.

I would suggest that the road to answering your own query would be to something like this. As the distortions become less and less, as the self becomes less and less personal or specified, and yet remains cogent, the sense of self being that which creates all becomes more apparent.

Best of luck to us all!

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Where is Tolkien reside in Lord Of The Rings?
It’s the other way around, Lord Of The Rings reside within Tolkien.
Everything inside Lord Of The Rings is Tolkien.
Frodo is Tolkien, The Orcs is Tolkien, Sauron is Tolkien, Gandalf is Tolkien, Shire is Tolkien, Misty Mountain is Tolkien.

From perspective of the infinite, anyone is me, anywhere is here, anytime is now. As the name implied infinite, no border / edges on any dimension.
8th density is the state of Nirvana, the end state of anything finite.
The reunification of anything finite with the infinite through destruction of any border / edges that separated thus defined the finite within the infinite.
The state where the once separated/bordered/finite entity realized that I am the infinite.
The state where Frodo realized that I am Tolkien.
The state where the once separated/finite entity realized that anyone is me, anywhere is here and anytime is now.

“Eventually everyone will realize that there’s only one person in the room”
– Neale Donald Walsch, Conversation With God

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This in itself is a very powerful and meaningful act. We might even say, a truly magical action. :slight_smile:

I found something important that confirms my logical conclusions. I am already preparing a series of posts on this topic with my reflections.

Yes. The sticky part is that as soon as we turn away from the glamour of our own mental attachments and begin to drift quietly towards Source, the little strings connecting us to our attachments pull us right back into the field of mental activity. So the magic can be quite brief. Steadiness of mind, in my experience, comes from the honest recognition of how deeply we need to feel divine love flowing through our veins, so to speak.

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This may be a bit out of context,
but this topic reminds me of a
hydrogen atom.

What is the density of one hydrogen
atom left to its own devices?

If there are 4x10^27 hydrogen atoms
in a human body, might that correlate
to some density higher than one alone?

If there are 10^57 hydrogen atoms
in the Sun, might the much greater
amount correspond to some other
higher density scale?

Apparently there’s 10^86 hydrogen
atoms in the universe. What might
the density of the universe be as
a whole, is it some quantized

If a star is 7th density, is a galaxy
the start of a new octave? This
might relate to sub logos as some
sub octave in some way or another.

Another tangent might be gravity
attracted physical mass as possibly
having analogy to metaphysical
spiritual mass.

Heavy metals are the fruit of stellar
evolution. It may be that high
density physical objects hint at
evolutionary life cycles at play
in the universe; star dust unites.

i LOVE this analogy friend

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