First and Eighth Density

I have often considered the concept of seven densities rather than eight, due to Ra’s teachings on the unity of the 8th and 1st densities. Could anyone input or clarify the idea of the densities being divided as 1/8, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8/1, making a total of 7 densities?

Yes, I believe that’s correct and in alignment with Ra’s description:

Questioner: Could you define the word density as we have been using it to give us a little greater idea of the concept of this term when used by you?

Ra: I am Ra. The term density is a, what you would call, mathematical one. The closest analogy is that of music, whereby after seven notes on your western type of scale, if you will, the eighth note begins a new octave. Within your great octave of existence which we share with you, there are seven octaves or densities. Within each density there are seven sub-densities. Within each sub-density, seven sub-sub-densities, and so on infinitely.



I find the music metaphors go even deeper. Service-to-self caps out at 5th density, associated with the throat chakra. The 5th in music is, in terms of vibrational frequency, exactly 1.5 times the root or 1st. At best, half of the full picture, even though the words can lie to themselves about being the only one that matters.


I feel like this 6 around 1 geometry does a good job also of showing how the 8th density encapsulates the 7 densities and becomes the 1 density of the next octave…this pattern can go on forever



In Music every note is basically a point in spectrum of audio frequency. (Air Vibration)

Yet somehow I sense that Ra/Quo division of ‘frequency’ is more towards ‘electro magnetic frequency’ context, where ‘visible light’ is also within a specific range electro magnetic radiation frequency. Since it’s a continuous spectrum one is free to define or label any range of interval that they want.


As such we labeled the ‘chakra’ appropriately with colors.
1st chakra : red
2nd chakra : orange
3rd chakra : yellow
4th chakra : green
5th chakra : blue
6th chakra : indigo
7th chakra : violet.