What effect does Alcohol have energetically?

I have noticed for myself that I seem to be more susceptible to negative energy when consuming alcohol. This leading to panic attacks and anxiety that continues into the next day and sometimes longer. I have been coming out of a bad situation and actively work to improve my life towards love. I’m not sure if the result of drinking is just a result of my own internal issues or if it is linked spiritually. Am I putting myself at risk for psychic attack? Is there anything that I can do to further protect myself and others? I plan on not drinking in the future, but many of those I love express similar issues and if there is anything I can do to be of assistance to them please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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Anything I say regarding alcohol comes from my own personal experience and observation with it, so feel free to take what you wish and leave the rest.

I believe there is a spiritual component in what alcohol does. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative, always seems to be in regard to the individual. Why do I believe this? Because I used to drink and it was fun, some life happened and I drank to feel things other than anger, and finally I drank because I no longer wanted to deal with life. It has been shown time and time again that the only truly effective measure in staying sober for those of us who identify as alcoholics (or addicts, as the principles of recovery apply to other issues) is a spiritual program (there are other means of keeping from drinking, but if someone has truly decided they are alcoholic, those other means don’t tend to address the real problem; drinking is only a symptom of what is wrong and as someone once told me, you could spend the rest of your life trying to figure out what that real problem is but until you do, you may put down the bottle but you’ll just pick something else up instead).

It has been my experience and observation that the chronic, repeated use tends to be because of something else that is wrong and a lack of wanting to deal with it (the irony being its all still there in the morning, along with a hangover and/or withdrawal). This is my own personal experience and what has been told to me by a few others that care to talk of such things.

As painful as it can be, only an individual can decide for themself if they have a problem and indeed want to do something about it. Until then, your best bet is to show by example what sobriety can be like.

Finally, a medical safety note. Chronic alcoholics can die if they go cold turkey. So, for those wishing to quit but have been drinking heavy for a while, please seek someone that can safely ween the body off.