Being of Service to others

When they say you need to be 50% STO, does that mean for 12 hours a day serving others on average?

I like to help others energetically, like healings. But I can’t focus for 12 hours a day on that to make 50% of my time in service to others.

Is energetically healing others a good act of service? Or by service does it mean like the soup kitchen volunteering?

I tried to volunteer to help homeless, but they never contacted me back.

To me it means that at the end of the incarnation were you able to accept 51% of all the catalysts or did you instead tried to control in the face of catalyst.

The alignment of your chakras, the resonant melody you become, your aura, is an overall image of who you are… this image is clear in your harvestable potential by those who guide us.
Who you are, karma, choices, knowing is not a pre-requisite.
Every choice in thought, in action, and in feeling… is it service to self, or service to other…

This is the best definition of meeting the 51% STO requirement I have seen. It makes more sense than actively serving for 51% of your time.

The sad thing is we can’t know if we are harvestable until we pass on and walk the steps of Light.

But I have a feeling that I don’t need to worry about that, and that I will wonder why I worried so much about it.

Ra said knowing is not a pre-requisite.
You came here to live a life you probably preprogrammed, perhaps you have some great purpose, perhaps you came here to seek understanding, perhaps to help connect with other. Either way you cannot get it wrong… Either way, you are exactly where you were meant to be, because if you weren’t meant to be there, you wouldn’t be. That is very reassuring my friend.


perhaps you have some great purpose…

your comment reminded me of the saying “if you can’t do great things then you can do small things in a great way”