So do you guys donate 51% of your income to charity?

When Ra says that we must be 51% service to others and 49% service to self, what does this mean in practice?

Do we need to spend 12 hours, 14 minutes, and 24 seconds of every day helping at a homeless shelter? (Yes, I did the math). Or does it mean we need to spend 51% of our paycheck on charity? Or both? Does paying taxes count toward our 51%? I know that it’s possible for an Adapt (or Wanderer) to polarize in consciousness without external action. And I also know that to polarize in 3rd Density is the same as becoming more harvestable.

So, there are multiple ways to become harvestable in 3rd Density. I also know that Q’uo says that being of Service to Others is not necessarily doing tasks or giving money to others. It’s better to be loving in your thoughts toward others and not physically do anything than to do a lot but have hate in your heart.

I know that Wanderers are spending just a single life on Earth in order to temporarily be of service during Earth’s difficult time of harvest. So I’m guessing that Wanderers don’t technically need to polarize to 51% in order to be harvestable because they’re leaving to go back to their home density (be it 4th, 5th, 6th, or 7th) when they die.

Then again, I do know that Wanderers have the possibility of committing unloving actions and getting karmically involved on Earth, having to repeat 3rd Density. So it’s probably best if people who think they might be Wanderers still try to become 51% STO and therefore be harvestable just in case they either are not Wanderers or they are karmically involved Wanderers.

Something else that I’ve been thinking about is how Enlightenment plays into this. Sadhguru talks about how for 99% of people, the moment of Enlightenment and the moment of leaving the physical body is the same. Is Enlightenment the same thing as Self Harvest (reaching Intelligent Infinity)?

I have many moments that I would consider Enlightenment, but it seems unlikely that I’m that one out of a hundred that chose to stay on Earth. Then again, from what I know about myself, I may have chosen to stay on Earth after Enlightenment in order to comfort my family and prevent them from mourning over my death.

So what I’m asking about is this: does Enlightenment erase all your negative karma? Does it not only polarize you into harvestability but also grant you access to the next Octave of experience? What actions can we do if we think we might be karmically involved Wanderers?



Following Q’uo: Metaphysical time is zero time. Therefore, this “time” in which we are supposed to be 51% STO is something we should rather relate to energy. In other words: For 51% of the time of using our own energy, we should posit it in a way that is consistent with the STO philosophy (the immortal element of this philosophy is, of course, Love).

Giving away, let’s assume for example, 51% of one’s salary does not necessarily go with the work of an open heart. Someone may want to do it with the hope of obtaining a life after death that will be devoid of suffering for him - in other words, he does it out of fear, which is the opposite of STO.

Nevertheless, giving away 51% of one’s salary with an open Heart, actually is a way to get closer to STO. However, it is important to remember that it is not that narrow. As I mentioned about energy: It’s more about how you use your energy, if you use it or are blocked at the level of the three lower centers (red, orange, yellow), then you don’t develop at all or you develop in STS.

If you use your energy in such a way that you unblock and give up the work of the centers at the level of red, orange and yellow and use the higher centers, i.e. green, blue, indigo, violet, and you do this more than 51% of your “time”/in 51% you are using your energy to work at the level of these 4 higher centers. That’s when you polarize positively.

We have this range up to 49% of negative polarity, so that you can freely use these lower centers and use them to take care of physical survival, taking care and your body and certain pleasures and earning just for yourself in your professional work, while still having a chance to develop in positive polarity. These are such examples. Without these opportunities to be max 49% negatively polarized it would be really hard.

Note that further 51% of the energy for our thinking and acting, etc. must be embedded, at least at the level of an open Heart (green ray center) or based on even higher positive centers imbued with unconditional love.

It is quite clearly stated, in the materials coming from the Confederation, that EVERYONE must reach the level of positive polarity (even a Wanderer) if they want to leave the Earth plane and move to a higher level. If a Wanderer wants to return to 6 Density, he/she will need to work even more on his level of positive polarity to return to level 6, where the required level of positive polarization will be much higher, for instance, for level 5 to 6 than for level 3 to 4, where it is 51%. For 5 to 6, it could be for example 95% of STO.

Considering someone Enlightened is subjective. I don’t know exactly what Q’uo’s approach to this is. However, I personally consider obtaining high intelligence to be enlightenment. The intelligence I mean is a combination of the work of the Heart and Mind to obtain deep and accurate intuitions. In this way, anyone can be enlightened who has reached the 6th Density level and has fully balanced the Heart (green ray) and Mind (blue ray), thus experiencing deep states of understanding reality, so to speak, as far as I can put it. into words.

Can a person in 3rd Density be enlightened? Yes, this would mean that one is able to work at the level of the open and powered by energy Third Eye (indigo ray) all the time. I don’t know if such a person exists, maybe I don’t know him, I certainly don’t see myself that way. However, I believe that many people who are sincerely engaged in spiritual work experience flashes of enlightenment, i.e. moments of working at the level of the active Third Eye (indigo ray).

Enlightenment, at least as I put it, naturally allows you to be harvested into the 4th Density, because being enlightened in this way involves doing the same work you need for this harvest.

3rd Karmic lessons naturally then are resolved.

And when it comes to moving to the next Octave, it involves obtaining Density 7. If someone achieves 7th Density, everyone will do it, at level 7 everyone is One and at this level it is possible to start a new Octave from 1-7 or move to 8th Density, which is like the “beginning” and “end” of everything, if such will be the decision of The One, i.e. the decision of the entire Universe, that means: our common decision, to end this experiment of getting to know ourselves.

I would personally equate enlightenment to reaching the 6th Density level, where individuals are aware that in order to move to 7th Density they must merge into One, and so they will devote themselves completely to working for those in the lower Densities, to pull them up so that they can connect with them. By dedicating themself to it completely, and therefore reflecting 100% STO. Using all the knowledge they have and constantly learning something new. Such an image is an image of being enlightened… I think so. Having great knowledge and wisdom and only giving (serving others).



70.15 Questioner: I think to try and clear up this point I’m going to ask a few questions that are related that will possibly enable me to understand this better because I am really confused about this and I think it is a very important point in understanding the creation and the Creator in general, you might say. If a Wanderer of fourth, fifth, or sixth density dies from this third-density state in which we presently find ourselves, does he then find himself in third-density time/space after death?

Ra: I am Ra. This will depend upon the plan which has been approved by the Council of Nine. Some Wanderers offer themselves for but one incarnation while others offer themselves for varying lengths of your time up to and including the last two cycles of 25,000 years. If the agreed-upon mission is complete the Wanderer’s mind/body/spirit complex will go to the home vibration.


I propose a truce :slight_smile: → I will say that it would be worth doing some additional research on the topic. I boldly decided that the Wanderer must, after all, achieve at least 51% positive polarization. I remember it quite well, although I cannot quickly find the part where it is clearly stated that if the Wanderer does not obtain the 51%, he/she must repeat the lessons of the 3rd level of Density, I remember such excerpt but can’t find it now.

As for your fragment, thank you very much, because it certainly develops this discussion and allows us to always take a broader look at the Wanderers, but note that Ra does not directly address the issue of polarization :slight_smile: Wanderers may have a plan/mission and if they implement the plan, this is what allows them to make further moves. But what if they don’t implement the plan or do not complete the mission? What if the basic plan and core thing of the mission is to achieve 51% positive polarity while in a 3rd Density body?

This still leaves the topic open… I hope you agree with me.

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Of course I agree. I just wanted to add some clarification. As we know “we speak in generalities which is dangerous for always inaccurate”. But probably it’s not anomaly, for example plan can stipulate guides/angels to push Wanderer to have positive polarity in exchange of the work. So no issues from my side. :slight_smile:

By the way, Q’uo said (but I cannot say I understand):

We are aware that each here pursues a path of seeking the opening of the green-ray energy center as the primary portion of your journey through the third-density illusion. To be able to open the heart in what is called “unconditional love” in more than 51% of your thoughts, words, and deeds is considered an harvestable quality or quantity for entities to express love for those about them.

But I’m very sure 51% donation cannot be criterion because

I think what estimated is effort. Also probably you meant this phrase:

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Well, it comes to the point that the issue of polarization is a kind of mystery, at least for us.

If we were able to break down how to achieve positive polarization into prime factors, it would be a smooth transition. At least for those who already theoretically understand what positive polarization is.

And here, neither the theoretical understanding of positive polarization nor the criteria and path to achieve it are fully clear.

We have to work hard to do our best taking into account the wholeness of our being and all experiences in this reality and not be like average students who only want to pass the course for the 51% percentage that gives a passing grade. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I agree, well said. Somehow it can be checked be the higher ray if (I’m not mistaking) by those who can see it. Who can see it will not tell us because of law of confusion. Here comes the conspiracy theory. :grinning:

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Something else that I heard from “Bashar” is that the easiest way to figure out whether you’re finished with your soul mission on Earth is to simply lay down and say, “I’m finished with my incarnation on Earth and I’m ready to move on.”

If you’re still alive after you say those words, then you’re not done yet. This doesn’t mean that you’re not harvestable, it just means that you still want to be more of service to Earth while you’re still alive.

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Another relevant quote from Dolores Cannon and her book, “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth” goes as follows:

“The second wave is now in their late 20s and 30s. They have made the transition to life on Earth much more easily than the first wave. The second wave souls tend to work behind the scenes, often on their own, creating little or no Karma. In the sessions I conduct as a hypnotist, they have been described as antennas that unconsciously channel energy onto the Earth. They do not have to do anything; they just have to be. Their energy affects everyone they come into contact with. Their paradox is they are supposed to be sharing their energy, but they do not like being around people.”

In other words, there are Wanderers (or “Volunteers” as Dolores puts it) that are performing a service simply by existing on Earth. Such a service is more effective when they choose to be in the company of other people, even if it means just walking around a public place.


I really don’t think it’s clear from the material. I tend to see it as a metaphor for an energetic configuration too nuanced to articulate.

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This is interesting, because I was thinking at work today about pulling this thread and something similar came to mind. Except that I would like to expand on it.

Generally, some people think, including myself I thought, at some point in my learning, that STO is such “running after others to please them” or “being at someone’s every request.” However, this is such limiting thinking.

Indeed, in a certain situational context, this is an excellent approach, but not necessarily in 3 Density in general. I analyze how I wrote post to you before. Of course, this is not the first post written this way…

I noticed that I write to others out of self-love. Self love in the positive sense, not negative. I think to myself in this way: “How would I answer myself if I faced the same questions as this man on the forum?”

And I wrote what I would write to myself being in his situation. All the work I did was actually within myself. Q’uo is not kidding when he says that all metaphysical work is based on working on oneself.

What I have done can be visualized as filling a glass with self-love, until at some point that love prevailed and spilled over to others. Although in this context it’s something positive, it’s true love and abundance and giving.

So a good way to approach how to be STO is to be radiant and expressive, self-expressive. Don’t ask yourself: “What can I do for others? How can I be good? Whose requests can I carry out?” Of course, these questions also make sense and can find positive and affirmative answers. They are…

However, what I want to say, in the context I am creating, it is more important to give up these questions and go more in this direction: “I love to make myself happy by doing this and that… I’ll do it, process it, have fun with it and then I’ll give expression of myself, in what I do and who I am indirectly hooking and positively infecting others with it.”

For example, I am partially living Q’uo at the moment. I keep coming back to it and thinking about it, and when I have it, I so naturally, involuntarily write this and that, combining the Q’uo I’ve known for a short time with experiences from my whole life. Explaining things to others the way I would explain them to myself if I imagined myself in the other person’s shoes.

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I was pondering the idea of photons,
how we all create photons even though
we may not be aware of our creation.

There’s a Plank equation of black body
radiation, how everything above zero
Kelvin temperature emits electro magnetic
radiation, or photons - in a sort of black
body spectrum related to emissivity.
We also absorb photons given off by
other things.

I was reflecting on the idea of flowing
Reiki - where the palm chakras feel hot
and likely radiate higher photon flux than
typical. I was also pondering a sort of
communion with the sun - basking in
Sunlight as if the Sun is more STO than
STS and how that benefits everyone.

And I wondered if the Sun might perceive
my photon flux radiated outwards to it in
chance it may benefit somehow, as if I
was 4% warmer than my surrounding
and it could distinguish my radiant
expression so to speak.

So if STS is more about photon absorption,
we feel cold in the presence of a Negative,
and so warm in the presence of a Positive.

So there might be some metaphysical
counterpart to this idea. That when we
can circulate a kinetic energy flux in
some sort of outward expression, then
our illusions of separation better dissolve
in an enormous photon flux exchange
that most people living in separative
illusions take for granted.

Such law of one perspective may factor
into a galactic identity. For example,
looking out in the night sky we may see
stars that are barely discernible against
the background sky. Maybe the star is
51% radiant next to a 49% absorptive
background, like a signal to noise ratio
of 1.04 in order to discern something
important, as if The Star seems some
catalytic example of possibility. Being
radiant can catalyze spiritual evolution.

So this idea might relate to house odds,
say in a place like Vegas. If the house
has an edge of winning 51% of the time,
it can sustain business because the
shear volume of trades enables good
profitability. A true STO will accept that
49% of radiant expressions are like losing
trades and that’s okay.

And then back to Sunshine, maybe such
ratio changes with density - that the Sun
necessarily gives off higher photon flux
in order to compensate. But then it begs
to question - is Sunshine spiritual catalyst
that is mostly squandered?

Another thing I ponder is if the Sun is so
preoccupied with other important things
that the idea of photon flux is simply
ignored, as most humans do - we ignore
our photon flux! Does the Sun ignore
it’s photon flux, or does it cultivate it
somehow in ways important to others,
as a service to others? Did the Sun
likewise arrive radiant by an STO


I am inclined to think in such a way that light is created by the utilization of love. Wherever we use our energy through action, speech, thinking… based on love, we emit light. People are actually not fully aware of love at any given moment, but it is always there.

Directly, we are unlikely to have any influence. However, I expect that the your radiation of the photons will be captured by the “wind” of the existed photons. So it is possible that the Sun’s service is enhanced by that that it gets all the existed photons. This will make the sun richer in its own light that express.

As I think, speaking in more “physical” language, light is the result of the utilization of love. So surrounding someone with light gives them a brighter environment to work with their own love. Breaking the illusion, then, may come easier. Illusions of every kind in fact.

I think the light eventually goes through recycling simply. Nothing is wasted. If light is eventually captured by a black hole, it comes out “on the other side” as light - here we open up a real can of worms, but roughly expected, this and like every other effect of the universe has at its base a principle of balance and so absorption on one side, is giving on the other.

My bet is that the Sun ignores the photons it express. The light that the Sun represents as a star is like the physical equivalent of the metaphysical light of the One Infinite Creator. The Sun as visible and material light is something that belongs to 1 Density. The Creator is the source of metaphysical light in the 7 Density, and the 1 Density with which he is associated as Oneness represents his abundance and love on the material plane. At least that’s how I understand it.

Physical light (like the sun) just like the metaphysical light of the Creator is as much an expression of unconditional love. With the difference that 1 Density, in the form of the physical light of the sun, creates the ground for the natural life and metaphysical light of the Creator allows to arrange them into higher forms and thus develop consciousness.

This way of arranging this energy is, for example, the process of photosynthesis in plants and, in the case of humans, the synthesis of vitamin D, the production of endorphins and seratonins, right down to the lovely tanned buttocks of pretty girls. All this involves chemical reactions. And all this is a transformation of light by a higher consciousness than light itself.

In other words, the light of 1 Density is processed by 2 Density, and these are the bodies of living beings where the light of 1 Density goes to higher densities supporting at least 2 Density processes. Q’uo said that our bodies are chemical bodies, these are 2 Density bodies. We also use them in 3 Density. The work of mind is also dependent on the body…

Mind is dependent on the body, and things go further, even higher up we have 4th Density. Q’uo said that 4th Density beings are electrical “bodies.” So by converting solar energy into electricity, we open up to the 4th Density in the 3rd Density without fully realizing it on the scale of our society although also have to keep in mind that this electricity as we can suppose also has a different potential and configuration than an 4th Density body, becuse we would be in constant contact with 4th Density, but that’s another topic…

So back to the beginning, and the question of whether the sun cares or doesn’t care about its photons. The sun as such does not care. What gets processed for higher purpuse by higher intelligence and its own metaphysical light gets processed, what doesn’t gets recycled falls into the black hole and gets recycled anyway.

12.28 Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of Wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction.

In my limited understanding, most awakened Wanderers have already multiple lifetimes and have graduated to 51/49 split and are now a unified source as you can see they have come from the 6th density of unity and have graduated already the 51/49 split of the 3rd density, the 4th density of love and understanding, 5th density of truth and wisdom.
Yes, they become fully the creature of 3rd density but at base level anyone can see (even the Wanderer) that something seems different when mxing in a crowd of other souls.
As long as they have not become karmically involved, it seems to me and what I have read in the Material, that they return to their home density. If you create karma, balance it as fast as one can with truth about the self, love for the self and always for the love of the other.
More than half of each day within one’s awakened mind, should be focused on living a life that is according to Creation and not destruction. The barely other half of us (49%) is the portion of the self could be seen as the shadow. The side of us who needs to be brought to light, healed, understood and integrated so that we aid in the help of mankind and all things that God created.
No, we do not have to give to a charity or give in all sorts of physical fashions that deplete us. We give when we are being asked to give. When you are engaged in an senseless argument that threatens to split apart a helpful relationship, you may be asked to lay down your sword and find peace with the other because your heart is begging you to do so while your lower ego tells you to stay put and allow the relationship to fail. Of course this is only a poor example. However, it is an example how you may be asked to give another a chance to reside near your heart and you near theirs; saving the love between two people rather than destroying it based on egotistical conflicts. This act will add to the 51% and even healing a portion of the 49% shadow…plus it adds to one’s spiritual biases or multiple lifetime choices making the entity a more spiritually powerful entity thereby creating a type resilience and interior strength.
Your first charity should be yourself.

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This is a very important aspect that is the key to STO in relations with others. Thanks for pointing this out.

As usual, there are various paradoxes that need to be unraveled in order to continue in a positive polarity. For example, no one asked me to come here and comment, but the “request” was the character that this group presents to the outside world. However, what if I were to make a mistake and start giving what I think is in the nature of STO, and what this group does not think is STO, then I would be the one giving something I would not be asked to give.

BTW I hope my message is consistent with the group’s expectation, then I can say I’m giving what I’m being asked to give.

However, I must admit that in general, properly understood and properly enforced, the principle of “I give when I am asked” is what one should do towards others if one chooses positive polarity.

If it is not asked, I return to myself, that is, I return to my individuality and, on the principles and rules of positive service to others, I serve myself as I would serve someone else. That’s how I understand it, I hope it’s right.

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That question got me curious and, after checking this up, it turns out that 1.2% of my income goes to charity. Of course, that does not take into account the time I donate as a volunteer (such as moderating this forum).

But while I do not believe that charity donation has much to do with polarisation, I think I will nonetheless increase my rate thanks to your question.

Hello everyone,

First time posting here.

I’m happy to find this thread. Thanks to the OP and all who participated in it. I was thinking of creating a similar topic.

I love the Ra material. I resonate strongly with most of it. But there is one thing in particular, that I always found myself a bit confused about. That is the 51% vs 49% service to others to achieve graduation to fourth Density.

Those of Qu’o would say that : « if something does not resonate, please let it go ».
I disagree. If I resonate with 98% of a material, and if something eludes me a bit, my instinct is to explore the topic further, not put it aside. I may just lack understanding, or my confusion may be a catalyst for further understanding.

I also remember that both RA and the Confederation said repeatedly that no material is perfect.

For instance, RA very clearly said that most of the wanderers are from 6th Density. I stumbled recently upon a later Confederation material that said most were from 4th Density.

Also, as some participant said earlier, RA stated that most wanderers would go home anyway after their mission is done, since they are not bound to 3rd Density Earth, unless they have been too karmically involved in a conscious way. Those of Qu’o suggested that even the wanderers had to meet the basic conditions for Harvest.

Now, back to my point about the conditions for 4th Density Harvest. I get the logic. But I was always a bit bothered by a few points.

First of all, It does not resonate with me that there is a fixed percentage. That the condition for Harvest is quantitative instead of qualitative. In almost all other topics, RA states that the numbers or percentages are not fixed. It would make more sense to me to understand that the qualification for Harvest is either the genuine intent or the readiness to explore another level of learning and experience, instead of a fixed percentage of so and so;

Secondly, I feel that this explanation is implying a dichotomy between self and other-selves. Which is pretty much contradictory with the whole RA material.

So what does it mean to be 51% polarized to service to others ?

If one is spending a lot of his time and energy to heal himself, be kind and compassionate to the self, I am pretty sure he is contributing to the whole collective consciousness as well. All the RA material speaks about the illusory distinction between self and other-selves, and now it becomes a hard line ?

My guess, is that the way RA and the Confederation chose to explain that, is not the optimal way, within the limits of our langage. But I may be wrong. I am humbly sharing my confusion here.

The Seeker’s path involves a lot of self healing and self-knowledge. Since all is one, such endeavor should serve the all. Also we are inter-connected through collective consciousness (Social-memory complex), therefore what does it mean to be service to others ? And what does it mean to spend 51% of your intents, words, and actions in service to others ?

Thanks for reading.

quote : " for instance, for level 5 to 6 than for level 3 to 4, where it is 51%. For 5 to 6, it could be for example 95% of STO."

My understanding is that the parameters for harvest in higher densities are really different. You don’t need to harmonize love/fear or STO/STS, but rather love/wisdom etc…

Also, 95% positive polarity is pretty much a given after a cycle in a paradise-like society (for the positive path).

Quoting again : "However, I must admit that in general, properly understood and properly enforced, the principle of “I give when I am asked” is what one should do towards others if one chooses positive polarity.

If it is not asked, I return to myself, that is, I return to my individuality and, on the principles and rules of positive service to others, I serve myself as I would serve someone else. That’s how I understand it, I hope it’s right."

Very good point. I’m going on a tangent here from the initial topic, but as I see RA and the Confederation being so careful about respecting free will, I guess we all misunderstand the full implications down there.

My life experience teached me some lessons here, so that I almost never give unsolicited advices anymore (unless it’s super practical or obviously dangerous). And when I am in need of a good friend to share my feelings, I feel a bit flustered when they do so (because giving unsolicited advice is in a way, judgmental).

But there are many cases where this paradox is not so clear cut. For instance, we are talking on a forum, we are sharing our views. Granted, we are willingly choosing to do so, but what if something I say, or you do say, has some unsolicited influence on the other-self ?

Even more difficult is the healing service. How to know if it’s not interference ? Some may say “please heal me” consciously, but their Higher-self may not be on board. The healer may deprive them of a catalyst. The opposite is possible as well.

My conclusion is that it’s very difficult to fully respect the Law of Free Will in our current station, and that we are all making minor mistakes along the way, which will incur consequences. But my feeling is that as long as the intent is loving, the attempt is worth the risk.

The Creator sure likes to do it in an convoluted way haha :slight_smile:

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Absolutely not.

Charities are big business and a gravy train for those who head them. Many are nothing more than professional begging outfits which do little other than “raise awareness”. Not only that, they have helped drive out of small business because they do not face the same costs or have to pay tax. In fact, too many people will work for them for free because they think they are doing good, while the CEOs pocket hundreds of thousands a year.

I needed a new sofa recently and walked into the British Heart Foundation. There are few independent shops left. Everything is big charity shops and gambling shops nowadays. Any way, I found the sofa I wanted and asked to buy it. I was told that I can’t. I would need to go home and compete for it only Ebay.

I think we have a problem in society in that: a. the rise of “undifferentiated kindness” in which kindness is given to the undeserving for the purposes of virtue signalling, and b. natural human kindness that evolved in small tribes and villages (in which reciprocity played a part) is being milked on an industrial scale in a mass technological society (which has never existed before).

Do I think you should give to small independent charities? Yes. Do I think you should give to big charity. No. Do I think you give away 51% of your income at the expense of your children and those who love you? Absolutely not.


I searched for Celine and found a huge thread
and so then searched Vegas and found this one.
Now Stoked on sunshine and photons, (thanks KK33.)

There may be a 51% house advantage in Vegas,
so this attempt may be futile but it recognizes
something important a teacher I had suggested,
study Celine. She has low distortion, and this
paraphrased lyric improv for session 23 may
have way more distortion. It may be more toxic,
than the base song, or else more tarnished and
so less toxic which may all depend on perspective.

(Song beat similar to Celine Dione,
My Heart Will Go On)

Every part of our beings
Can be true, can heal true
That’s how we grow into one.

Marred by much miss instance
And misapprehensions
We forgive and accept our wrongs.

Clear thought to true we have sought
We renew a new start back to one.
Moved toward a way that’s forward
Finding truth in our start
As we reach to seek one’s true one.

Directions lost as here true
Conditions ill as here true
In our world we miss finding one.

Learn mistakes reaction
Repentant corrections
Improving our knowledge of one.

Clear thought to true we have sought
We renew a new start back to one.
Moved toward a way that’s forward
Finding truth in our start
As we reach to seek one’s true one.

We steer to feelings held dear
To help in our start back to one.
Love’s aid clearing the way
We renew a fresh start and
Our start leads toward one’s true one.

I do not agree with the idea that in higher densities entities gain more STO polarity beyond 51 to graduate. An earlier reply had the idea of 95% STO. Consider session 71.3

Questioner: This would probably be possible in the higher densities such as the fifth density. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. In fifth-density harvest, polarization has very little to do with harvestability.

I have been recently contemplating that 51% is the ideal STO state. When we denigrate the self to less than 49% we are downgrading the importance of self. Self and other self are both the creator.