What is "service"?

Greetings, I am new to this community.

I am interested in the question, “what exactly is meant by service?,” as in “service to others/self.”

I have my own thoughts but am curious if 1) anything was channeled speciifically on this and 2) what others think.


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This is a question that ought to be asked far more often, so kudos Charlie!

My 2 cents: the term “service” is used to indicate the manner in which the truth of unity shines through the illusion, specifically as the result of a relation between two units of the One Infinite Creator. You can think of it as a kind of projection of the vibration of unity into the circumstances of the illusion of separation. In the same way that a 3 dimensional sphere’s shadow projects onto a flat surface as a 2 dimensional circle, unity projects onto separation in a distorted but resonant manner that calls back to unity.

For example, if I help a little old lady across the road, I have symbolically affirmed the unity between the little old lady, myself, and all else. The act represented into the constraints of the illusion the vibration of love, of unity. Of course, it’s just a symbol; it only goes so far within the details of the phenomenal situation, but I believe that when the act is performed with the intention of love and unity it resonates the distorted situation with the unified reality, and there is a kind of echo or calling that offers everybody involved a reminder of the truth.

Sorry if that’s super abstract, but it is quite, quite necessary to release the word “service” from its strictures. The more you read in this philosophy, the more you’ll see that service is a rather limited word for what the Confederation is truly attempting to transmit.

EDIT: Here’s a transcript that deals with this a bit:

What is service? It is not a doing, but a being, an attitude, a way of approaching the world and yourself with love.

If you message me privately I may be able to share other resources. All the best in the love and the light!


Thank you. It is interesting then that the same word is used in terms of “service to self” - in that case, the relationship is within one unit.

I wouldn’t quite agree that “the relationship is within one unit” with the service-to-self polarity. Certainly it is to an extent which I will explain, but that has consequences for other units that ought not be ignored.

Service is dynamic. It therefore implies relationship among entities; the question is the character of the relationship. All service is, in a way, simultaneously self-service and service offered others; it’s a matter of what kind of thing the self considers itself to be in that dynamic. And here is where I think the key insight lies: there are “other selves” within the self as well as without the self, so the dynamic nature of service redounds both into the self and out of the self. As long as one is separate, one will constantly be understanding the self as a dynamic relation, a tension even.

A service-to-self entity is as domineering towards those parts of itself that it does not find acceptable or worthy of equal regard as it is towards other selves it does not find acceptable or worth of equal regard. This is where the rigid control and discipline arises so characteristically in the negative entity, such that it creates the focus to take their power as co-Creator into the direction of falsity or “that which is not”, doubling down on the dissonant, illusory nature of the illusion.

After all, this negativity, too, is part of the Creator, and so expressing it to others is also a service in the sense that it is expressing an aspect of the Creator symbolically or representationally. So to take my earlier statement in the negative direction: the term “service” is used to indicate the manner in which the power of falsity reinforces the illusion, specifically as the result of a relation between two units of the One Infinite Creator

I’m not sure I expressed this well, so let me know if I can clarify.

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This topic reminds me of session 11.
It’s an outworn idea that horrible things
have some minuscule degree of legitimacy
by the contrast painted to things quite
the opposite.

If you want to appreciate a good cup of
coffee, you need to have a bad cup of
coffee once in a while to fully calibrate
your scale of quality coffee.

So in the spirit of drinking burn’t dregs,
here’s a lyric improv, quite horrible.

(Song beat similar to
Nirvana, Come As You Are)

Serve to yourself, for yourself
To your own benefit
To yourself, for yourself
For your own benefit

Conquer none, conquer all
More power, more elite
Enslaving by free will
Known by some

Adolf Hitler, Taras Bulba,
Genghis Khan, Rasputin

Be holy bad, dirty good
Open to the high place
Dark of sky, dark of sky
Known as some

Here and Cassiopeia
Southern Cross, Orion

Promote no freedom in leisure
No freedom in leisure
No freedom in leisure

Adolf Hitler, Taras Bulba
Genghis Khan, Rasputin
(No freedom in leisure)

Promote no freedom in leisure
No freedom in leisure
No freedom in leisure
No freedom in leisure
No freedom in leisure

Hello, Charlie. Welcome to this forum.

The term service means to help, to aid, and I expect you already know this. Can you specify your question more and give some context? What aspect of this attracts your attention?

11.31 To serve the self is to serve all.

To serve the self is to serve all.
The service of the self, when seen in this perspective, requires an ever-expanding use of the energies of others for manipulation to the benefit of the self with distortion towards power


Service to Self: the use of the energies of others for manipulation to the benefit of the self with distortion towards power (and control)
Thus the polar opposite:
Service to Others: the use of the energies of self for the benefit of others with distortion towards “honoring of free will” and love.

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I’ve been trying to discern service (to all) here for a long time. No result at the moment.

Many good replies have been already given, so here are some selections which strongly resonate with me.

To those who wish to sleep we could only offer those comforts designed for the sleeping. Service is only possible to the extent it is requested. We were ready to serve in whatever way we could. This still seems satisfactory as a means of dealing with other-selves in third density. It is our feeling that to be each entity which one attempts to serve is to simplify the grasp of what service is necessary or possible. 89.30

Many of the people of this planet are serving at this time. They serve in many different ways. However, only a small percentage of them are actually fulfilling their desire to serve, for what I will call “blind” service is not as effective as service that is performed as a result of the knowledge gained in meditation. It is important, then, to learn how to serve, and whom should be served. 1974-0213

If you can feel responsible for each other, then you learn service to each other, not because service is always fun, but because service is freedom. Service is your only freedom, for if you choose not to serve, then you have stopped your progress and are no longer…polarizing. 1986-0105

Logic dictates that one maintain control in order to better serve. And yet the way of logic is the way of death, for service is a living and vital thing. It blows as does the wind, and to be of service to another is an art. The beginning of this art is the refraining from using the will in eagerness to serve. As you attempt to serve others, always ask the self, …“What is being asked of you?” For it is in response to what is asked that one may serve another. 1997-0518

You are never given enough knowledge to make an intellectual decision. You must do the meditating, the listening so that you may be intuitively inspired to know when the time has come for you to concentrate every iota of your being in love and compassion for another. There is no service that is small. All service is gauged by the intensity of the intention to serve. That is what you will be looking for when…you review your incarnation. 1989-0813

…each Wanderer has a variety of services to offer, the first being the presence which is of a lighter vibrational quality, and which shines without any action being necessary and lightens the planetary vibration by its very presence and radiance. The second level of service is that which you would call more specific, in that the entity will have brought with it into the Earthly incarnation those talents and skills which may be utilized in a more specific or focused fashion in order to operate, shall we say, more as would the surgeon’s scalpel. The third level of service is that which is more personalized in nature, in that the entity will also take the opportunity to provide a service not only to others, but will seek to balance or harmonize some portion of its being that is in need of such balancing or harmonization. 1990-0916

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Because you are all, you are the infinite creator, to serve the self is to serve all.
As all is the infinite creator, all are you.
Once you realize this, service-to-others cease to exist, because actually there is no others.

The Tao is infinite, eternal.
Why is it eternal? It was never born; thus it can never die.
Why is it infinite? It has no desires for itself; thus it is present for all beings.
Free from desire, you realize the mystery.
Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.
– Tao The Ching

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