Weekend Gaming Group

For those of you who enjoy playing video games with others:

Since we (meaning those inspired by the concept of the Law of One) are comparatively few and spread across the globe, a few others who are spiritually akin to and I occasionally enjoy playing video games together at the weekend, which allows us to have some fun together despite the large distances.

We only play cooperative games.

You are all cordially invited to join.

Just send a PM.

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I am not playing games as cannot find a proper non aggressive one and wander what game it could be…

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which video games we talking about? :smiley:

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Try sky children of the light, it really reminds me of the law of one.


I agree. I don’t want to play brutal games either… of which there are many!
Most video games today are either very brutal or seem to be designed to invoke a feeling of fear or horror.

However, in this respect, i don’t think that movies are any different than video games, You just have to skim through 99 % of brutal or amoral garbage to occasionally find a single good movie. We all know why.

It is not the technology itself that is bad, it is the way we use it, that makes it bad or good.

That said, here are the fun games we have played so far :smile:

The last time we played the Escapists:


It is about figuring out a way to escape together from a prison. It is great fun to play it together. Made me laugh a lot.

Moon Hunters is about making decisions and dialogs and their impact on others.


And we also like to play Solasta which now has a cooperative mode. It is a story driven roleplaying game.

Wow, that game seens to be great too!

Thank you, I looked several videos and it looks very good :slight_smile:

It’s just made for playing together, but if you like to immerse yourself and play alone, I advise you to play the game “Journey” from thatgamecompany.

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It seems children of the light is not out now or is it?

If so I will give it a try. How about next weekend? @Dima @Oleksii

Thank you, I’m not playing games :slight_smile:

Allow me to offer you a tiny game!

Lost Words

The rules are simple.

  • The challenged has the right to decide what dimensions the game will contain.

  • Place yourselves somewhere outside three-dimensional reality together.

For example, 2200 AD is a location across the field of time, in the 4th dimension.

  • After the first player’s move, the next words are going to start with the word that the previous player’s word ended with.

  • No word can repeat (E.g. You can’t use “love” and “eternal” 1000 times together…)

  • Grading: A third player, hopefully a neutral observer, should rate with each word which they found most expansive and fun on a scale from 1 to 100 volts!

  • Anyone caught cheating is disqualified!

  • All grievances with the outcome should be resolved through a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

I’ll try and test this with geographically near… uh… lovelies? Angels? What word to use? I am lost! (“Just say friends!”)