Uses for Adept Cycle

I have studied the Law Of One material for 4 years. I’m new to this forum. I am looking for examples and more information of how people have used the Adept cycle to achieve balancing of energies and catalysts in this 3rd density life. Are there any books or websites that address the adept cycle, in addition to the information in Law of One?


Welcome the the forum Peartree3, ahh the cyle of the adept. You hungry for some more info :wink: … well here talks the main points…an the famous calculator
An some transcripts here

However yes can be fun to look into at times … but can move beyond it… “This cycle is an helpful tool to the adept but as we said, as the adept becomes more balanced the workings designed will be dependent less and less upon these cycles of opportunity and more and more even in their efficacy.”
Or this quote
“Mastering the catalyst, shall we say, or being able to process those types of experiences which may have some disharmony, doubt, confusion, and so forth is necessary in order to be able to gain experience that may be used in the future from similar situations. When one is able to do this, it is not so necessary that one consult such biorhythms as the cycle of the adept, for this cycling expression of internal energies is that which has as its fundamental premise the similarity of most seekers of truth, that is, that there is still a great deal of the catalyst that is unprocessed or unknown. When that is the case, such a cycle is helpful in allowing the seeker to begin to determine when the most favorable times for certain workings or processes or current projects, you may say, are most likely to succeed. When the catalyst has been mostly understood, shall we say, there is not the need then to rely upon the charted patterns of the cycle of the adept. Is there a further query my sister”


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Outside the above wonderful quotes of Quan,

there was in the old forum of Bring4, ( pre this forum but you can check the BRing4th Archive in the top right corner ) , a whole thread on adpethood, and there was this interesting excerpt :

"What this means to me is the following but take what resonates and leave the rest:

Know Yourself - Explore. Play. Experience. Learn. Collect. Experiment. Observe. Perceive. Receive. Listen. Absorb. Faith.

Accept Yourself - Acknowledge. Appreciate. Organize. Understand. Contemplate. Analyze. Integrate. Interpret. Assimilate. Hope.

Become the Creator - Create. Choose. Determine. Will. Persevere. Radiate. Teach. Speak. Love."

the thread on adepthood is here :

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Thank you for responding to my question.

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Thank you for your response to my question.

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