How do YOU process Catalyst?

I have several ways (which I will say in a moment) through which I process my own catalyst, but sometimes I feel like there are certain catalysts that keep showing up in my life over and over again and no matter how I investigate them, I feel lost as to what they are pointing to. Which has become frustrating.

If I want to know, shouldn’t I know by now?

Or is there a certain “time frame” of readiness that I am waiting for?

I would like to be more thorough in my processing of catalysts…perhaps I am looking for a “better” way of doing it…if there is such a thing. Perhaps I am looking for a way to unveil my spiritual eyes in order to see what the catalyst is trying to show me.

My main way of doing this so far is by doing a lot of question work around a specific catalyst and then journaling about it. I have found this helpful, but somehow certain things keep coming 'round! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :laughing:

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts about their own process…or thoughts about other helpful things having to do with catalyst.



Catalyst for me is mostly an energetic burning irritable feeling. I just experience it and allow it, and eventually it passes.

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Do you feel like just experiencing it and allowing it is enough to truly process the catalyst?

I always wonder…if we don’t know the “why” behind what is triggering us or causing the catalyst, are we really learning from it…

I don’t really know if it truly processes the catalyst.
We can only do our best.

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I usually have this feeling, oh, there you are. That tells me to pay attention and not dive under my lilypad to avert it… lol

So I shall try to respond to the best of abilities at hand, very much Anthro’s view…

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“knowing” is a huge part for me when the catalyst is done.

There were events in my life that were very personal, and when it was “done.”
I just knew…

In the past, these things were just a “feeling,” a “knowing.”
But now looking back, it would draw a deep sigh and a gentle smile from me.

Here and there, some catalysts would come back and knock…
To see if we wanna go again,

But I would still my heart and it also knows.
At that moment, my catalyst would also sigh and gently smile back at me.


flofrog - the ways you respond to catalyst then are just allowing yourself to feel it, and then allowing it to pass?

Do you ever try to change it? Fix it? Question it?

I think I understand the concept of catalyst being done, and the knowing rather than an intellectual thought.

But did you do anything specifically to maybe uncover what the catalyst means to you…or why it was there in the first place, or why it kept showing up?

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I sought for the I am.


What does this mean specifically?

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Hello AAR, :green_heart:
Usually it seems to me I recognize the catalyst as something that happened before, and then, I did not have the courage to embrace, so it’s up to me now, to show at last some courage and embrace it. Usually, but because I am not so young , lol, I do so with love and acceptance, and perhaps elation, lol

It’s more, I’d better do this now… lol, even if it’ was before uncomfortable…

If it feels new, then instead of feeling unbalanced, I become rather curious.
As in, why is this coming my way ?

It might also be due to the fact that, after a while, instead of feeling thrown into a maelstrom, it seems more anchored inside me that this is a play, an experience thrown at me, let’s see how shall I deal with it.

It helps that it feels it’s not thrown at me with hate, but to the contrary, with much love.

So we get back to love somehow meeting us.


At first, I was aware of the “I am”
Then I become aware of the contrast between movement, and stillness. That is duality.

This… expanded infinitely, dancing with each other.
I sought the “I am” once more, to see what else is also “infinite” but also “still.”

I found love.

Love haltered all and expanded infinitely at the same time.

It pulsates.

Once again, I sought the “I am”

and saw the opposite, the twisted, the finite, and the things that mock creation, and mimic love without respect of the free will.

It does not pulsate, only expanded vigorously, or falters shut. There is no rhythm. It was the other part of the duality that rejects its opposite.

anger was its name.

It was an inferno that would only burn itself out.
It does not pulsate but scream at the top of its lung and loses its voice. Long winded, and drawn out.

While Love is short and sweet. Calming and peaceful, bright but not blinding.

The above-mentioned are all things that were learned from one’s catalysts.

  • Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Pride.
  • Chasity, Charity, Temperance, Kindness, Patience, Humility.

Look at one’s incarnation and ponder on each catalyst and see the “opposites” within.


I think of the repetition of catalyst as being a spiral learning process, where we cycle back around to the areas that need attention. The spiral is slowly rising so when you return to that catalyst you have a slightly different perspective.

So I don’t see it as learning the same thing over and over again as much as learning different aspects of what the catalyst is teaching. Some new facet of the self in that area when we return to it. I think the repetition is just because of the complexity of it all, especially when we are learning big lessons.

Like when learning a new language, the most growth happens after the foundational information is learned and you are put in the context of a conversation where you have to use the language over and over again.


I seem to recall in the material, Ra describing something like, intensifying whatever emotions comes up, and then calling the opposite emotion into awareness, then holding a space for both to express themselves. Can’t seem to find the quote, though, so don’t quote me on that. That’s what I tend to do, however


I first acknowledge that I have engaged with some form of catalyst. The catalyst itself is merely a starting place, not an event -for me anyway. I go into observer mode, sometimes needing to freak out a minute to realize I can immediately alter my perception of the catalyst, and just enjoy the lessons involved, or I can hold that panic mode ad nauseum until I realize that I’m right in the middle of spoiling a perfectly good lesson by obsessing about it. Then, I meditate and feel for the still small voice to assess the choices I have offered myself in generating the catalyst. I thank the event, circumstance, feeling, assertion or state of being for being a part of Love and partly what I presented myself with to get my own attention. From there I may apply a big helping of Love, a dash of discernment, a few large amounts of appreciation and generally, with much faith and trust that I will gain the wisdom inherent in the experience of events leading up to, during and after the appearance of the catalyst, I graciously thank the One Infinite Creator for my value and the realization that were I not up to the challenge this catalyst generates, it would not enter my field, so, each and every one is different to me, but some follow (or lead) certain main themes I’ve chosen to explore in this incarnation, and I loved what FloFrog said when one reaappears that we thought we’d processed returns for further investigation, we say “Oh, lol, You again” I LOVE THAT! When I create that, I most fondly do the same, knowing that there are many levels to living in bodies on this amazing planet. I needn’t limit myself by assuming that when I feel I’ve accomplished some learning or growth from a particular flavor of catalyst, I don’t expect to never engage in similar catalyst. I simply flow and whatever needs my attention will nicely present itself in one way or another. Repetition, to me, just means there’s still more that will help to polarize me even stronger in my chosen path of service to others, and I embrace what comes. As is said in my old village in Brooklyn, It’s all good.


I have thought about catalyst coming in spiral cycles too.

Or rather, that we are spiraling…along with the planets that follow the sun…along with the spiraling universe…and as we spiral towards the “center” we come along the familiar path in a little different way.

I find that as I process catalyst, truly allow it to be, move through it and become the observer of it, the next time there might be a different aspect that I perceive, but also it feels less and less like suffering each time.


I remember hearing that too…but can’t find it.

That was very thorough! Thanks!

46.9 Questioner: Certainly.

Ra: The entity polarizing positively perceives the anger. This entity, if using this catalyst mentally, blesses and loves this anger in itself. It then intensifies this anger consciously in mind alone until the folly of this red-ray energy is perceived not as folly in itself but as energy subject to spiritual entropy due to the randomness of energy being used.

Positive orientation then provides the will and faith to continue this mentally intense experience of letting the anger be understood, accepted, and integrated with the mind/body/spirit complex. The other-self which is the object of anger is thus transformed into an object of acceptance, understanding, and accommodation, all being reintegrated using the great energy which anger began.

The negatively oriented mind/body/spirit complex will use this anger in a similarly conscious fashion, refusing to accept the undirected or random energy of anger and instead, through will and faith, funneling this energy into a practical means of venting the negative aspect of this emotion so as to obtain control over other-self, or otherwise control the situation causing anger.

Control is the key to negatively polarized use of catalyst. Acceptance is the key to positively polarized use of catalyst. Between these polarities lies the potential for this random and undirected energy creating a bodily complex analog of what you call the cancerous growth of tissue.

I could not find anything relating to what I had mentioned about calling an “opposite” into being, so… maybe I am making that up!

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I dont think you are…I remember it too.

Unless I listened to Gabo interpret after reading the RA quote… do you listen to him?