Ultimate lists for spirituality-related materials

So, I think more people need to know this, [one of them](450+ pages) containing mainly materials of spiritualists, [the other] containing(1400+ pages) mainly UFO-related materials, with each medium/channeler marked as such after the name of each. There may be some overlapping between the two.

You know, if you happen to also know the places on the Internet where you can access to books(though I think we should support the authors to the best of our ability if we could, but many books have been out of print), you can use this list as a reference list for downloading.

And the reason I share this in this LOO forum is because, based on my current research, there are many books in these two lists that say basically the same thing as the gist of Confederation philosophy, namely, all is one(i.e. many books are LoO-related). Nontheless, I have not found any source in these two lists that can match up to the profoundity and massiveness(in terms of the volume) of the Confederation materials. But they are good auxiliary sources indeed.

Hope this will help you and make the world a better place sooner.
ufo reference list.zip (1.3 MB)

In addition, the book Ufos_And_The_Extraterrestrial_Contact_Movement could also be a good list for searching and researching.

Also, I found that this dataset of 3 million books listed on Amazon as of 2017 could be also very helpful to find spirituality-related books.

And, I just found out a searching method that you may not have come up with yet. Just type into the searchbar something of a format like this but change the number every time: “#919 in New Age Channeling” (i.e. using the Google’s searching function of the exact words you want to appear in the page)

It will return the Amazon book page and I found it quite useful for finding books about any genre.