The Veil-Oh boy not again.Reincarnation

For those of whove read LoD we pretty much are caught up with why we are here.For those who awakened how does it feel knowing you might come back? How does it feel knowing the “cheat sheet” of the game if you will now that you have it? Does it feel powerful,scary??? Tell us whooo!

This is the shortest experience out of all the “densities.”
I am not in a hurry to get to a “destination,” I feel the love in all of creation and that is timeless as my infinite journey to the creator.

It’s not a “cheat sheet.” You can’t cheat yourself.

powerful? scary? not at all… Do you accept the reflection in the mirror? or do you try to make yourself powerful and scary standing in front of it?

Just curious, Usernamewho, how did you come across the Loo? was it through social media?

The way I see it, what else is there to do? No matter how high we reach, we come back down here to help as wanderers anyway. :wink:

If I come back, I strive to make my next life better than this one. By doing the inner work, shadow work, and coming to inner peace.

I can only think and perceive on this, without knowing. I feel at ease, there are very few things that trigger me, bulls are one, and even then the balancing is within a breath… I feel I have become peaceful, I took a crazy road to get there, bordering on what could be seen as insanity. I got broken, again and again, then at the very edge of the veil I was given something, and I learned that in my delusional madness in pursuit of peace, the harder I tried to make it so, the more difficult the road became. Enantiodromia…
Peace is not something you find, it is what you become…
Ra said “Knowing is not a pre-requisite…”, “it is what it is…”
I feel my only karma is where I am in the moment, and I am ok with the universe. I like the Sun, herbal teas and animals, and being with trees and nature. I feel love. My only wish deep in my heart is to find a way to share that feeling with other, I don’t think that is here.

Sometimes I struggle, but I’m not in a hurry. If I come back it is because it’s what is best for me as determined by myself and guardians - it is not up for me in my current state to fret about, which makes “being” that much more freeing and authentic.

It doesn’t feel like a cheat, so to speak, when to truly have a hand-up over this life would require us to gain experience by somehow evading catalyst and the great Choice. Besides our outlooks having changed, the lessons are generally the same as it isn’t necessary for anyone to have “unveiled” knowledge to grow spiritually, or to make The Choice of STO vs. STS.
That there is more beyond this illusion is encouraging during times of difficulty and is a magnificent motivator, nonetheless. But the same is true for all: we must learn to utilize our distortions to progress in experiential understanding.

I’ve actually found it difficult to have such excitement for this knowledge and want to share it with others who struggle, but they are simply not ready. Would you risk taking away a person’s free will by sharing when they’re not ready? We may live with others who share similar beliefs, yet it’s a lonely existence where we trudge paths individually - it is relatively more painful to have a deep awareness that this isn’t how things truly are, often it feels nothing close to a cheat, it is burdensome.

No matter how we posit it, we are truly in it for the long haul as anyone else.
We are here to “be” and to form opinions of that being-ness.
It is your choice to concern yourself with your next life and if it brings you back to the Third, but a feeling of freedom might follow your acknowledgement that it isn’t within your power, therefore not your burden, to decide.

There was technology (reincarnation trap) that forced people to reincarnate that was destroyed recently by the Galactic Federation. So people are no longer forced to if they choose to go elsewhere.

I don’t believe Earth is the only place to reincarnate. It is a difficult school. There are easier ones elsewhere.

I too believe there is likely a multitude of locations/planets/times in which we may choose to incarnate again if that is what we feel is needed for the next step in our progression. When I realized I may need to ‘rinse and repeat’ a physical incarnation, at first I worried a bit about what my next experience could be like. After some thought I figured whatever the next step for this piece of creation might be, it will be what is needed and in alignment with whatever creation itself needs. I’m not loosing sleep over it :upside_down_face:

The wanderer says: “I am here to do for what i did come.”
The human says: “Please not again such an slave planet.”

With harvest, we should not have to incarnate in 3D again. There is talk of ascension, where we can ascend to fourth density while we are alive. That has been my focus for some years.