MAGIC IS REAL! … I knew it. On the topic of: Intuition, magic, healing, dowsing, and the infinite wonders that one might experience now that the veil of illusion has been lifted for those ready to once again see and remember

It is late and I my increasing desire for sleep has caused me to be brief at this time. However, before I adjourn to the astral for night school, I felt compelled to create this post so as to have a place for me as well as anyone else who may feel the same compelling force to share with other selves their own personal stories, experiences, thoughts, perspectives or questions they’ve been pondering in regards to the infinite wonders that have thus come to manifest in our lives that some might or might have at one time considered to be impossible or imaginary yet we who have now seen past the veil have come to know to be real, actual, and true.

Before I conclude this initial post, I’ll give my own example to start things off. Again this will be very brief and be but a simple generalization of what I can, and will by all intentions, elaborate into greater depth and detail at another time.

Since my “spiritual awakening” or kundalini activation - whatever term or phrase you chose to describe the experience for yourself - I have continued to be amazed by magical realm of infinite possibilities and potentials that are available for each and every one of us to be capable of tapping into through our connection and being one with Divine Intelligence, to wield, use, and control to manifest anything that we may so choose to within our conscious understanding of It. I have in the past months to a year been honing in on and strengthening those skills associated with healing, both of self and of other self. I’ve been AMAZED at the success I’ve had in my studying, experimentation, and application of this discipline in which I’ve not had a single lesson taught to me by anyone other than my own intuition as well as my unquenchable thirst for knowledge that which pertaining to my soul’s growth and evolution o it’s path towards understanding itself as, and with the unification with all other selves, to become that which is the Infinite and Divine Self. In spite of having no formal training in the art of energy healing and all its disciplines residing under its umbrella, I’ve experienced profound, and to some what would be said unbelievable, validated success in this school of thought. I don’t mean to sound fantastic or any thing because I can’t say I’m able to go as far as to curing cancer or anything but I have had continued success in alleviating acute pains and soreness, expediditing the healing of wounds or revitalizing damaged/dying/dead(in plants) tissues, detecting over-active/blocked chakras and diagnosing their cause as well as performing sufficient remedying of them. I am a carpenter and so I do strenuous physical labor daily. At the age of 33, and after years of drug abuse, my body was not in the shape it was in my early 20s, not even close. Everyday I would be more sore than the previous, some days unable to get out of bed or get dressed until hours of having to amp myself up to will myself into moving and more time stretching which would have to be done continuously throughout the day still yet the pain never ceased to a nearly unbearable level. Anything the doctors tried to do to help me had no lasting affect either. Now, though I’ll wake up sore most days, after just 5 mins, just 5!, of bringing in the healing energy of Divine Intelligent Light and grounding all the pain focusing that energy towards revitalizing any otherwise damaged tissue or cells in my body, I never get to the job site with a single ache or pain. I never get sick on top of it. Once my confidence in my self healing reached a level where I knew I could channel it for others less attune to the knowledge of healing, I began practicing with and on my wife. Before I began working with her I’m pretty sure she thought I was just exaggerating the things I was telling her about what I was doing but after the first time when she asked if I could try alleviating this terrible pain in her neck she had been dealing for about a day, she saw I wasn’t fibbing one bit. As soon as I meditated and believed I found the root cause and location of the affected area, upon placing my hands a few inches over her neck, she immediately stated how she felt the pulsating feeling warmth that was entering her body at the point where my hands were placed. She had a blockage in her pineal gland as well as a slightly over- active throat chakra and once I had channeled the appropriate energies to address these two things and was finished with the healing she got up, twisted her neck around and her eyes shot wide open in amazed that she couldn’t feel on little bit of discomfort in what was the previously pained area of her neck. She said she even had greater ease of movement and flexibility as she swung her head around and around. I can’t lie that I could keep myself from pridefully grinning at her praising remarks. I’ve calmed my dogs when I’ve sensed their discomforts. I’ve even connected with wild animals asking them to respond to my requests like asking them to be quiet when a goose doesn’t seem to want to stop honking continuously. Same goes for dogs barking. They’ll shut right up for me without me speaking a word out loud. These are all things I not only thought but I knew I could do! Down in my heart I believed I could. And this all happened just before I decided to even have look at The Ra Contact. Once I opened that can of worms, things started happening at an exponential rate.

I guess I wasn’t all too brief. This stuff just gets my mind fired up in excitement. I love it! I’ve always been a curious and thoughtful person and upon learning the fantastic nature of what this Universe truly is and has, at our fingertips, to offer, I can’t get enough! My desire in seeking out truth and understanding is insatiable. Who else resonates with that feeling?!


Yay! Welcome aboard, dude! :blush: :star_struck:

Yep, it gets wild. How exciting that you tapped into the healing aspect so rapidly – sweet! Yeah there’s a lot here … As in, uh, literally everything. :wink: I’m still only just beginning, also. Healing is still a ways away, for me, at least my ability to use energy to heal in others. I do believe it is in my future; however, I first have to get past the rather large roadblocks set up by the establishments which taught me how to “heal” their way (which isn’t), if you get my drift.

Interesting you mention this. Do you mind if I ask, was/is this the age at which your spiritual awakening began?

For the most part. At least alchemically. In other words, though I’ve always played close and passionate attention to curating my world view and my place within it, it wasn’t until that age of 33 that everything really came together, one piece connecting to another at an exponential rate proceeding a profound supernatural/spiritual experience l had -as well as one my wife had that was similar (merely as it being supernatural/spiritual in nature but far hers was a far more incredible experience) shortly after mine during a time where we weren’t even able to see or communicate with each other on a daily/regular basis and also considering she had zero religious/spiritual upbringing with no clue nor desire to have one on how she would define her own spirituality at that time which caused us to take what we saw/felt/heard VERY reverently. From that point on information came to the both of us which we were now able to share with one another as soon as we received it for our detained-separation had come to a hallowed close, and as more information came to us from previously unknown sources, with such synchronicity, that tended to [nearly] always give a logical/scientific, though at times obscure sense that allowed conclusions or sound theory to be made of all that was, and I still is to this time nexus, going on in our lives (some things that to others would not have ever been given its due consideration or venture to sense any real plausibility to conclude that there could in all actuality have any real possibility that these revelations may in fact -no pun intended- be holding quite substantial ”truths” that serve to explain EVERYTHING! I feel as though I digressed, but yes, 33 was a big year where things started cooking’ and at 34 is when I had found a solid foundation on my perspective on the universe and the potentials as well as the powers in play to where I began testing my own theories as well as began cultivating my own psychic/intuitive/energetic/and universally-inherent abilities. Fall 2023 I turn 35 and by that time I fully intend to be putting all this knowledge and insight of which I’ve cultivated for Self in a purposeful manner in which my personal talents and skills are keenly used to their highest potential in order to serve other selves and once and for all be the embodied-Earthly incarnation of my Higher and True Self.

Though I can muster a number of educated guesses, why do you ask? I should have led with this more or less and saved my ramblings for another occasion. Lol

I don’t know why I took so quickly to channeling healing energy. I have a strong feeling that it may have been a “parting gift” granted for me to keep upon being released from a 20-and-back in the Secret Space Program. This is all theories for I have no proof other than the things that happen to and around me on a continuous basis as well as queries I’ve had divined using a dowsing pendulum. But in all reality and possibly even to a higher probability this innate ability might just as well stem from all those years as a child where for some reason I KNEW the force was real and patiently waiting for me to have the patience and perseverance of a Jedi in order to tap into its powers.

As far as your learning goes, might I offer some advice that might help or at least I truly hope it does. Firstly, you must always keep in mind that you are NOT the one that is healing ANYTHING. It is Divine Intelligence that does this through the ether and we simply are able to channel this intelligent energy for the use of healing by connecting to the Net of Unified Infinite Intelligence. When you have this perspective, the next and MOST important bits are thus: Know that you ARE Divine Consciousness Itself in all its infinite power and wonders of creation; Trust this feeling and keep it centered right in your heart chakra, let it resonate there and build in energy where you might even think your heart is about to pump right out your chest! Once you’ve got this, then all you have to do is ride sidecar and let Divine Intelligence do the driving. It can be tricky to submit in that way of letting go at first (the Argo is a fickle friend and likes to butt in on things where it really isn’t needed). Honestly that is the hardest thing and the rest really boils down to you beliefs: conscious and subconscious. Thus, as I’m sure you’ve heard and will surely hear plenty more after I say it, “Know thy Self.” I write it this way to emphasize that we aren’t trying to ONLY know our individual identity. What it means to conjure is the revelation of our interconnected, quantum-entangled, immeasurable, unquantifiable, multidimensional, holistic, and beautiful light-being self that is perfect in every way and irrationally-perceived flaw for each of us is the reflection of the All-Self - Unified Conscious Intelligence of the One, Divine & Infinite Creator and designed as such with unconditional love where each and every fractal has its own unique qualities and every aspect exist with its own unique purpose within the collective whole inherently fundamental and essential to ALL of CREATION for it is intentionally created and allowed to exist for this very reason. As you can see, it’s far easier to just say, “Know thy Self.” Lol I apologize if I came off as being preachy and mean not to sway you to think one way or the other or to say that my way is the way it needs to be understood and practiced accordingly. I merely attempt to offer helpful tips that’s get ME in the right mind for healing work. As with everything else in the Universe, it’s up to YOU to find YOUR own way in whatever life you’ve chosen. Then we just are stuck trying to figure out the ambiguous reasoning behind WHY we chose any specific life for ourselves and somehow come to be grateful for it in all its absurdness and sufferings.

Well, I hope you or anyone else for that matter is able to manage getting something out of that SUPER long-winded apostasy I just spewed all over this dropbox! Love & Light, friend.

The Divine eternal Me, knows and recognizes itself by its reflection that is You.



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I, too, experienced a series of what I will call “spiritual events” at the age of 33 … This age, and number, I have since come to learn, has pretty substantial significance on a spiritual level …

At this time, I am not really comfortable writing any details on this forum, but if you have any desire to compare notes, please feel free to reach out :slight_smile: