The power of OM

Hello, fellow seekers!

The OM has been a topic that I have wanted to understand since just about the very beginning of my spiritual awakening. I spoke about it with my Higher Self, and it turned out to be eye opening for me. I thought it might be off interest or benefit to others as well. My questions and statements are in parentheses, while the rest are responses.

(Would it be helpful for us to talk about the om?) Yes [Stranger], indeed it would. Shall we do so? (If I have time) You do, so let me begin. The Om is the primordial sound of Wholeness and that is the truth. It is the foundational sound of Being, upon which all other Creation rests; this seems implausible to you but is indeed the case. So, when you invoke the Om in combination with white light, as I had suggested to you previously, you are playing with very, very powerful energies of Harmony. That is the truth. Does that make sense to you?

(yes, thank you, but I want to understand sound more clearly – I’m guessing that it’s not making the air vibrate that brings about these effects?)

No, indeed not, [Stranger], and that is perceptive. Listen: sound is not making the air vibrate; that’s not what sound is. The physical manifestation of Sound is that, but underneath, there is something much richer and more profound than that. Sound is the base frequency of Creation upon which all is built; light is a manifestation of Sound, and that is the truth, in a particular configuration, and that is the truth. So listen (no pun intended): when you hear Sound, it is the entire Universe vibrating in harmony, and that is the truth. (ran out of time) [Stranger], we can continue the conversation tomorrow or later.

[Stranger], let’s continue speaking about the Om and sound, shall we? Listen closely. First, understand that this is actually a very important topic – one you’ve been wondering about for a while now, but also central to the functioning of the Universe. You need to understand, [Stranger], that this topic occupies a great deal of time and study in the “adept curriculum”, so you are touching on something very essential here.

Sound is not the vibration of the air. The vibration of the air is one, very limited manifestation of sound. Sound itself is the foundational energy of the Cosmos, that is the truth. With sound, entire worlds are made and unmade, that is the truth. So listen closely.

When sound travels out from you – even if it’s just the physical sound you are producing – it affects the entire fabric of the Universe, that is the truth. In subtle ways to be sure, but because sound is so close to Oneness – the original Oneness of it all as manifested in Creation as the Primal Source of All That Is – that sound is indivisible. It cannot be separated from other sounds, and that is the truth. All is One, and sound – all sound – is one with that Allness.

How can you use it? That is simple. When you intone the Om, you are adding your unique energy signature to that wholeness – that fundamental wholeness. Yes, you already exist in it, but we are talking about that primeval level of Creation where sound dwells, shall we say – the Foundation of All; and you are contributing a plank to that foundation when you chant the Om. That is the truth.

Now, what you are wondering is, essentially: how can that be, when I’ve chanted “om” so many times, to so little impact? And now this Consciousness is telling me that I’m shifting the Universe around by its very legs when I’ve done that? And the answer is simple, [Stranger]: chanting Om does not produce visible change because it is so fundamental. It goes straight to the core and there has its impact, so it will not manifest so many layers up (or down – depending on how you look at it!) [at the level] where your conscious awareness connects with Creation. It is too basic for that. Do you understand? (I do) okay, very well, let’s continue.

So the sound “om” does have an impact. What impact does it have? It strengthens the whole, and that is the truth. It harmonizes and re-tunes the somewhat discordant Creation; it adds the energy of renewal and re-Creation to it, revitalizing it. Only a tiny amount, of course, based on a single person’s efforts or contributions; but substantially if done over time, and that is the truth.

You are now asking why it would be necessary – wouldn’t God, having access to Infinite Energy, be able to bring in whatever rejuvenation He desires? And there is truth in that, but the truth is limited because God, as you call him, has no interest in rebalancing what is out of balance; he keeps it maintained and running, but it does not have to run smoothly for him, that is the truth. As I have previously said to you, it is the “wobbles”, the disharmonies that make Creation interesting, and he wants it to be interesting or it has limited value.

So it is up to “people” – fragments of the One inhabiting Creation – to decide just how harmonious they want it to be, and to act accordingly; some choose less, some more. And so it continues. The “om” is only a single tool by which that balance can be affected, but it is a very powerful one, that is the truth. What else do you wish to know?

(How does chanting Om compare to sending love to something?) Different levels of impact, son. Love is more superficial than the Om, because Love is the manifestation of Light, whereas Om is a Sound, therefore more fundamental.

(Why did Ra seem to say that love/light was one of the first distortions, but doesn’t mention sound?) Their understanding of sound is limited; mine is not, because it is indeed the primary energy I have worked with throughout my existence. They missed its crucial importance, I have not; that is the truth for you to treat however you wish, and that is the truth.

(Why Om?) “Om” because it is the closest vibration to the Core Vibration of All, believe it or not, [Stranger]. It is the physical manifestation of something immensely potent; but as you chant the physical manifestation, your Soul recognizes what you are doing and chants the ENERGY manifestation of that sound to the Universe, affecting it as described above. It is a great service to chant the Om to the Universe, [Stranger], and that is the truth.

(Is the mindset of the person doing the chanting important?) It always is. First, you must direct it to the Universe, as a whole, because it is part of the Whole. Second, purity of intention matters or the Sound – the Invisible Sound – produced will be contaminated. That is all.

(It seems that the Om can be used to clear disharmony, as you have taught me.) Yes indeed – what is your question? (How does it compare to love in that regard?) You will not be using sound for your [healing work]because it would not be accepted by your peers; apart from that, it is an equivalent method. It is not more efficient because you are not interacting with fundamental Creation energies, that is the truth, so love works equally well for that purpose.

(What is the White Light you suggested?)

The White Light symbolizes Unpotentiated Creation, the undifferentiated Whole. Into it, I asked you to chant the Om – the symbol of Wholeness within Creation, but at a foundational layer, very powerful. Combining the two recalls all distortions into harmony, [Stranger], and that is quite a crucial lesson to learn. Adonai.

Can it be used for distance healing?

Absolutely. With this, you can heal any distortions which the person being targeted by you’s Higher Self is willing to let go of at that time. Try it now and I will comment upon your work.

Okay [Stranger]. Here’s what happened. You had trouble producing the White Light, but then succeeded for a while; when that occurred, you were already chanting Om into it, to great effect. What this resulted in is a minor clearing of blockages inside you, manifesting indeed as the sneeze. Then you stopped.

For future efforts – if there are future efforts – I suggest opening a channel to the Source of White Light inside you. You can do this by focusing on the Highest and Best Within you, and then bringing it down to envelop your whole Being. That will be White Light. Then, chant Om into that, focusing on whatever inside you needs or wants changing. Adonai.

(After posting this, I continued to reflect in wonder at the idea that sound is more fundamental than light. And suddenly Genesis 1:3 popped into my mind: " Then God SAID, “Let there be light,” and there was light. " I had never noticed that before.)

Sound is apparently the last thing as a human being we are aware of before transition. Patients in a coma, even a medium coma, react to sound.

It’s just perhaps strange to oppose love and sound, for us human, in the way that sound belongs to a sense for us human, while love covers perhaps a different area. Sound does exist outside us, outside our catching sound.

So is the WORD primordial ? Except Love is also Intelligent Infinity. love is the one energy. Perhaps the WORD initiated the creation of worlds, and may have initiated this way our world, but Love was there before, as the Source.

ahhhh… te magic of words and thought process…