The place of safety. How do you friends live with war and sleepiness?

Lalalalala, you know, there seem to be so many awesome entities on our little, uh… planet, we have here, that find themselves giving up on love when it feels reallyy tiring.

It’s way too fun trying to manipulate people into feeling good so you feel good, someone needs to nerf that! Ahem, ahhh this is an internet thread where people will pick up what I say and process it way less! Goodnesss they just took what I just said too!

Ahem, law of confusion evaded. So you then want to blow yourself up trough some self-destructive neat hedonistic action [sieg heils for the win!] or… uhmm… how do I say this… effort is super scary. Enough of it and you’ll wish you could fly in the clouds, but God wants something more that you have no idea about and you actually want that, maybe.

Hmm, anyways. So do you guys find safety, or some degree of safety to be necessary in…

A journey to your heart, I guess? What you find to be most key to your spiritual journey might be another way to phrase it.

How does your relationship with these things go? Inspiration, receiving of love, safety- and in general the messiness of whatever path you’re following if you feel like going there!

For example: I am writing this on a calmer episode, but you should see what I am capable of!

Ah, good night…
Edit: Clearer writing.

A long time ago, I once read a Maharshi quote where Ramana said :

" I put myself in order and the world rearranges itself around me "

I remember when I read this for the first time. I felt, this is it., without a real mental comprehension of it. Then I became very mentally and thought, is this a little self centered ? lol

Then I really got it, both in vibration and in a mental way, I just have tt think about it and about him and itt’s peace.



This passage may be a trifle dense, but it seems to encapsulate the situation. Of course, making this operational on a personal level is a bit of a challenge.

From March 23, 1993.

This Consciousness is transforming and life-giving, and we recommend to your own guidance the seed which is at the heart of this prayer; that is, that there is an Intelligence moving through all that there is which does indeed create each of you day by day, perfectly, as much as you can allow it. And that as you bear witness in a life of faith to this true nature that continually transforms perfectly all that there is, you may see the face of creation blossom and expand infinitely in love reflected in love.

So, as you bring down into the life of faith the energy, the spirit of love which strengthens the heart that it may move further downward into each darkened place within, so the reflection upward begins and the heart is informed by the energies originally locked in lower centers; and the heart frees this energy that it may make its return to the alpha and the omega of all that there is.

So, all things from beginning to ending of creation are implicit in this present moment, and the cycle or circle which is process and learning and growth reflects in your faithful hearts the eternal present moment in which love is the whole nature of all unified consciousness.