The Original Thought

The most fundamental explanation of reality I have found so far in the Law of One is what Ra calls the original thought.

1.0 Ra: I am Ra. … The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator has only one important statement. That statement, my friends, as you know, is “All things, all of life, all of the creation is part of one original thought.”

Is that the thought of the Infinite Creator? I need to learn more about that. My initial idea is that the original thought is the same as the Infinite Creator. And the original thought is intelligent infinity.

With the original thought as all of reality what about our thoughts as humans? Our own thoughts are a part and a result of the original thought. Then what about individual free will? My new approach to free will is that the original thought is infinite creation. Eternally creating more and more of itself. Or as it’s sometimes put, the Infinite Creator becomes to know itself through its manifestation, including through us humans and our creations, choices, ideas, thoughts, feelings, discoveries and actions.


I view the one original thought as that which set our current progress in motion. That is, the thought is the ‘predetermined’ aspect of our existence – hence all being the one original thought.

Creation itself begins resultantly from this thought, and I feel that the fact of simultaneity lends illumination to this realization. We are one thought, one occurrence, with the free will to do as we please since all is part of that thought of the Creator, thus all free will is the Creator’s will. Our linear time is simply our perception of motion.

Looking at Ra’s quote that you have supplied above, all is part of the one original thought, as the progress of all is the progress of that one thought, all being One.

This is just my self’s interpretation at this current point in my understanding, of course, and we are all wholly unique. Reading what you’ve written about your approach above, I believe we are in alignment with our views on the matter, but please correct me if I’m wrong!

As always, much love!


Yes, I believe that we are a part of the original thought itself. Ra said that everything is the original thought which includes ourselves and our own thoughts. And yes, predetermined, but here is a danger! Because usually predetermined is taken as meaning that the present is completely a result of the past. That I believe is a false view. The mechanical determinism that Laplace proposed is also false in my opinion. Laplace wrote:

“We may regard the present state of the universe as the effect of its past and the cause of its future. An intellect which at a certain moment would know all forces that set nature in motion, and all positions of all items of which nature is composed, if this intellect were also vast enough to submit these data to analysis, it would embrace in a single formula the movements of the greatest bodies of the universe and those of the tiniest atom; for such an intellect nothing would be uncertain and the future just like the past would be present before its eyes.” - Pierre Simon Laplace, A Philosophical Essay on Probabilities

To me all of reality has a definite purpose. No randomness. So why do I think that Laplace was wrong? Because it seems to me that new creations come into being that are more than just a result of the past. True creativity. Strong emergence, which means that the future is more than can be determined by the past (weak emergence). The future contains true unknowns!


The Original Thought is not just a short thought which happened to be expressed once in beginning, but it’s a continuous thought like an intelligent joke coming closer and closer to punch line, and in the process it describes and creates the worlds, and it even creates myself writing this message for you whoever will later read this message appearing as a person within this non-completed Original Thought, but hopefully cheering a smile from inside

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True, the original thought is infinite and always ongoing! That’s how I interpret it. The Law of One seems to me to be about all of reality being One. To me that means that the Infinite Creator, the original thought and intelligent infinity are one.

The Infinite Creator seeks to know itself through the creation which is the products of the original thought. So exactly as you wrote, the original thought is not just a temporary fleeting thought but a constant ongoing thought as I see it.

When did the original thought happen? Could it be a paradox? I believe that there are no actual paradoxes. And Ra said the same thing! The difference is that Ra knows that there are no paradoxes, while for me it’s still only a belief. So how to solve the paradox of the original thought starting without time?

73.14 Ra: I am Ra. We are humble messengers of the Law of One. To us there are no paradoxes.

My explanation is that the original thought started now. There is only now! The past I see as real yet all the past is information in the now. In Bladerunner there are replicas with fake memories implanted in them. The replicas are artificial beings, androids, who when made are given false memories of having lived many years. For example when a replica believes that his or her childhood memories are real, those memories have been put into the replica by the human scientists.

We humans have real memories. However the functioning of our memories I claim is similar to the replicas’ memories. The idea that there is only now means that all the past is also now. Then what about the future, does it also exist now? The future only exists as a potential while the past exists as manifested information. As time flows, more and more of the future potential becomes manifested. All the time there is only the now moment, and the information in the now always increases, producing the movement of time and the arrow of time.

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Well, I see the one of many possible answer. It is that this “original thought” is that first thought of the Creator, who immediately after he gained self-awareness, recognized that he would perform an act of creation which would allow him to expand and distribute his consciousness, which ultimately took expression in the existence of ourselves and everything around us. This “recognition” that an act of creation should be performed is this “original thought” precisely, followed by creation, I think. However, I further believe that this can be considered in various ways.

Also considering the very fact that Creation is built on the fundaments of Mind/Thought and the spreaded information, which is originally focused in Oneness, and is then understood and interpreted by that same Mind. Then in absolute terms, such an understanding of the Oneness (that would focused on Everything in eternal now), would be one eternal and infinite thought - Original Thought.

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Ra is yet to discover the answer as a being still in the process of teaching/learning. Once the answer of the ultimate question will be discovered in final stage of seeking-driven Universe evolution, then what happens that’s inevitable immediate destruction of the Universe, leaving no one to remember the answer, starting a new cycle of remembering in a shape of a new Universe. Yeah once we repeat the process of remembering, we come as One Creator to face the very truth that we are trying to escape avoiding it as long as possible, the truth of loneliness.

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It seems that Ra gave room for several interpretations in many of the answers. I guess to avoid giving a definite answer and allow the reader to reflect on the meaning instead of giving a fixed and inflexible answer.

My approach is to take the original thought as all of existence. Then it must be the same as the the Infinite Creator! Because otherwise there is the Infinite Creator plus the original thought, a duality.

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My idea is that the universe/multiverse will continue forever. Always expanding in a fractal way. And when a being has reached upper 7th density then it is harvested into the next higher octave.

Some physicists have suggested that our universe is a white hole of a black hole in a parent universe. I like that idea! Then our parent universe is the previous octave, and inside the black holes at the center of the galaxies in our universe new “baby” universes are born and so on into higher and higher octaves.

And if the Planck scale gets smaller inside the baby universes and larger in the parent universes, then each universe has about the same size inside it, regardless of which octave it is. In this way there is a whole multiverse tree of black/white hole universes.

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Openness to different possibilities in intepretation is in the nature of service to others I think (as opposed to service to self which narrows it down), so I support Ra as well as your position on this issue.

I’m not likely to be wrong about the fact that with each new post on this forum, someone else will come along who reads it and advances it with one more small piece of insight into the issue, giving something from themselves. This process can theoretically continue indefinitely.

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This is one possibility. There is another possibility where the 7th Density is One Infinite Cycle. As the 7 Density is the All. So also this Cycle carries the All without overtly dividing it into Densities (at least in the perspective of level 7D/All) and without opening new octaves. In this view of things, we always have only one octave from 1 to 7 Densities, with the possibility of an infinite number of returns to 3 Densities, which we partially reclaim and partially actualize.

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I see the past as permanent and if the previous octave is replaced by a new octave then all the information in the previous octave is replaced or stored somewhere else. And if it’s stored somewhere else then it’s the original thought that holds that information or the the past octave becomes erased.

My idea is that the original thought is similar to, or the same as the Word described in John 1 in the Bible.

Ra: I am Ra. … To the rear of the book symbolizing One, opened to the Gospel of John , Chapter One, a white candle. 2.6

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” - John 1:1-5

Interestingly, word also means logos in this context. So the original thought could be the initial logos! The top logos and within it all other logoi are sub-logoi. And I think of logos as a changeless platonic form. Maybe on the level of manifestation the octaves can be cyclic, I will have to ponder that. It seems a bit tricky, because does the octave become a new octave for the universe/multiverse as a whole, or can each individual or social memory complex begin a new octave independently from the rest of creation?

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I now got an idea of how to test the original thought! Ra talked about our third density reality as illusion, spiritual entropy and distortion. The main mistaken view we have in general is probably our sense of separation. If we are a part of the original thought then we are that whole power and intelligent infinity.

And instead of the New Age slogan (or what it is) “Let go and let God” the test for the original thought is “Let go and become God”. Or the Infinite Creator, or intelligent infinity or the original thought. The key to the idea is that our sense of a separate self is false. Our individuality is necessary and even very valuable. The problem is that separation is a false perspective and that when we have developed enough individuality and uniqueness we can remove those “training wheels” and become one with the Infinite Creator.

In practice this means trusting reality as a whole and distrusting our individual self. Because it’s the belief in separation that needs to be healed and if we are the original thought in action, then that’s the true power, and our real power.

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Thanks for sharing your ideas.

I have wondered many times how to understand that we are all One; at the same time having this independence, individuality and free will to do limitless things, while sharing all that exists with all others who are in a similar situation to ours.

Two reasonable explanations in this I see. One is that each of us lives in our own world. In the sense that everyone around us is a reflection of us and is not a “real” character, and we choose how others and the environment should act on us and affect us (by our top-down choices on a higher level, as well as our choices here based on how we treat others). In such a system, each of us would be a sub-creator, having the power of all existence within ourselves, having full control over everything that happens in creation and where we currently are in it. And, our individual experiences and lessons learned as a sub-creator and varioues characters in this our creation, would be passed on to the One Creator, who would collect it all and create the greater meaning of it.

The second way of explaining is that we are all one consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator. At this level, we all, as one super-coscious entity, control all parts of ourselves, so all people at once - to make an analogy - as if there was remote control of, for example, flying drones, where we have all cameras on one screen, thanks to which we can operate all these machines at one time. By stepping away from controlling all the drones because that would be too obvious and too easy, and giving control to each drone in particular, through the Law of Confusion (free will), and then limiting consciousness and becoming one of them would be tantamount to being conscious as an individual being. But what about other single drones then? Since one Creator lives in one individual, what about the rest?

Well, I see two explanations, or it has to do with what I wrote in the previous paragraph, that everyone lives in a sense in their own world.

Or the entire creation has already been fully created and there are only space-time slots. Thus there is one Creator who experiences himself in one space-time illusion and sees other parts of himself that are himself only in another space-time illusion. For example, when we meet John, who is a programmer, we are actually ourselves, who once chose this way of life for ourselves or will choose this way of life in the future. Same with other people, what they do and who they are is us in the past or in the future. So we are always dealing with one Creator who experiences some kind of space-time warps. So everything that is happening around me and everything that is going on around you is everything you/I are/am doing at a different point in “time.” I am your past/future self. And you are my past/future self.

Or it is otherwise. It may have something to do with what I wrote and be something else.

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It may be important to note that these are all labels, even “the original thought” is a label., but that’s how I see it. We are all the Infinite Creator experiencing itself. Except I have maybe a different idea about choice. That choice is on a relative level and that on the absolute level there are no choices. Because choice would mean that the Infinite Creator can choose between “this” or “that” which is impossible because the Infinite Creator can only choose the original thought and even that is ultimately not a choice, because then there is duality again.

All dualities are within the One. There are no dualities outside the One.

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Ra often talked about our reality as an illusion. One interpretation is that the original thought is real, and also that the manifestations produced by the original thought are real, including our physical reality. Then where is the illusion? As an analogy, if the original thought is like a projector, the physical manifestation is the pictures projected on the screen. And just like how images on the screen are nothing without the projector, one can call the images an illusion if they are taken to be independent and separate objects.

In Hinduism there is a principle called Maya.

“Maya (/ˈmɑːjə/; Devanagari: माया, IAST: māyā), literally “illusion” or “magic”,[1][2][3] has multiple meanings in Indian philosophies depending on the context.” - Wikipedia

I heard one expression from Hinduism which I believe sums it up that says that only Brahman exists and also that Brahman and Maya are one. That’s oneness! If Brahman is the original thought Maya is the manifested reality. In that sense Ra is correct to call our physical reality an illusion, like how Maya is nothing on its own. However I see the material world as real since it is one with the original thought.

A new idea came to me now! Free will is extremely important in third density. Without the sense of free will we would feel like puppets on strings or like passive observers. Not good. There is even a psychological disorder called depersonalization disorder where the person experiences all of life like being a passive observer. Scary.

The new idea is that in fourth density and higher there will still be the experience of free will together with the realization that there isn’t any actual free will. From a third density perspective this can seem like a contradiction. What I realized now is that it’s consistent to have both views. On a fundamental level there are no mistakes, no actual accidents, mishaps, chance, disasters or failures. The original thought does everything correct through intelligent infinity. With true free will it would be possible to make horrible mistakes. Even with limited free will, given infinite time, sooner or later we would mess up catastrophically if our will was truly free.

So I think that the perspective of experience of free will combined with 100% guaranteed safety forever in actions is a good combination, and that we will have that in fourth density and higher. I find it difficult to grasp it fully and most people would likely find it a scary idea and as something undesirable, so I understand why Ra was so adamant about preserving the experience of free will. The key I believe is to find the safety and peace in how reality is perfectly ordered. In our third density this is far from obvious and more like the opposite, with personal, collective and natural disasters happening all the time.

Maybe you meant this?

16.5 Questioner: What is the source of this random number generator? Is it created by the Guardians to balance their guarding? Or is it a source other than the Guardians?

Ra: I am Ra. All sources are one. However, we understand your query. The window phenomenon is an other-self phenomenon from the Guardians. It operates from the dimensions beyond space/time in what you may call the area of intelligent energy. Like your cycles, such balancing, such rhythms are as a clock striking. In the case of the windows, no entities have the clock. Therefore, it seems random. It is not random in the dimension which produces this balance. That is why we stated the analogy was within certain limits.


Excellent! That’s precisely what I believe is true. Randomness is a result of our limited understanding of all the complex interactions which when seen from the totality it’s still perfect order, just that it seems chaotic to us.