The benford's law (how to check for validity of anything using the Law of One)

Seekers, truth wanderers, and dingleberries (sts) :grimacing:

I want to share with you all about this amazing tool that can detect fraud, or manipulated information in any statistical data. Yes, ANY data. Please allow me to explain.

In layman’s term,

The benford’s law takes a set of “random” numerical data entries, i.e. “electricity bills, street addresses, stock prices, house prices, population numbers, death rates, lengths of rivers, and physical and mathematical constants.”

like 103, 201, 332, 443, 521, 132, 312, 324, 452, 123, 121 so on and so forth.

We take the first digit of any entries and count their repetition in the collected data, then charting them out in a graph of

1, 2, 3, 4 ,5 , 6 ,7 ,8 ,9 etc.

according the benford’s law, the number 1 will always comes up to 30% and the number 9 will come up less than 5% and If the digits were distributed uniformly, they would each occur about 11.1% of the time.

Yes… at this point… you are probably saying this sounds “woo woo.”

But no, this is actually a well researched, tested and a methodology that has been used to detect frauds in law enforcement, political voting, social media bots, and even U.S. presidential election votes.

This was also explained in an episode of a netflix tv series called “connected.” (For those of you who doesn’t like reading and enjoy watching more.)

The episode that explained the benford’s law is called “digits”

OR, you can watch this short youtube video as well that explains it.

SO, “how does it detect fraud?” you may ask.

Again, in layman’s term, if any of the numbers are “manipulated” or deviated from it’s originality then the graph will not have the signature benford’s “curve” shown here.


This is usually used as evidence that the numbers are occurring through some real process, as opposed to being made up by a person or random number generator.

Spiritually speaking, this may seem like a “duh” for us here, who resonate with the law of one.

And for us, who are sto oriented, we can use this tool to detect any false messages or “manipulated” influence from our “opposite-selves.”

My theory and application.

If we count the words from transcripts, sessions, etc. etc. of any “spiritual” or esoteric teachings and input that data into the benford’s law.

In theory, we can detect if the message is “true.” Or if it has been manipulated/influenced from it’s original content. (Remember “yahweh” and the whole “inroad” thing from Orion that Ra talked about?)

So written materials like the old testament, new testament, king james, book of mormon, the quran, the caspian channeling, conscious channeling, unconscious channeling, etc. etc. Can actually be TESTED for validity using the benford’s law. (remember, its logarithm applies to ALL, not just one subject)


Copy and paste every words from each page/session/transcript etc. etc. (minus the index, unrelated words, page numbers, etc.) Into a word counter like this one,

(This website also counts the character, so this can also be used, more testing is needed though. I am not 100% if words or characters would make a difference.)

Then input the number of words or characters of each page into benford’s law calculator.
So it could be like

page 1 = 2,345 words, page 2 = 1,345 words, and so on.

Benford’s law calculator

once again, in theory if the “message” is true, then the benford’s law curve would show, and the digit 1 would be 30%.

Some variables could throw a wrench in for example the unconscious transcripts of Ra is only 106 sessions, while the conscious is over 1600.

In this case, we can compartmentalize and use 106 sessions of the conscious channeling to measure. This 106 sessions could be taken at any time/space of the 1600 channeling for the test.

I will make a follow up post once I have time to collect all the data and test this theory.

If anyone would like to peer-review, or test this themselves, please feel free to do so! as well as any comments, questions, and inputs!

much Light :sun_with_face:


I’ve never heard about this method before… but then that doesn’t surprise me because I’m more of a emotional person rather than a logical one.

I personally try to do what you are explaining, in a sense, with intuition and empathy… I get a “feel” for what I am reading and I can usually determine whether or not I want to keep reading it. But my mind is never satisfied, I understand why this data may be useful to collect. When the mind is satisfied, it gives a nice confirmation to the “feelings.” They work well together, giving a very balanced perspective.

I’m impressed with all the details and information you put together for this experiment. Very thorough and well thought out. I am extremely curious as to what you come up with. I’ve been collecting and thinking a lot of statistical data myself lately. I find it weirdly fascinating.

Can you explain further what you believe results that don’t fall onto the Benford’s Law curve would mean? Is there variations that may say some aspects of the material being “tested” in true or partially true, or is it more like a “yes/no” kind of system?

Also regarding testing the 106 Law of One sessions. I had a question that I noticed when listening to the audio sessions of the Law of One in the past. The transcripts will say “I am Ra” and the beginning of each answer they share through Carla, but on the audio tapes sometimes Carla just starts answering without channelling “I am Ra” first, but these discrepancies are not noted in the material.

I guess you wouldn’t be able to count for human error, would you?

Good luck with this experiment, if I come up with anything I can add to help when it’s not 4am and my brain is more alive, I’ll add what I can. But for now, this shall do. :wink:

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So far, it is a yes/no system from what I understand. The benford’s law was applied to a lot of natural world, which is “nature” aka size of rivers, species, birth/death etc. etc.

These numbers are not possible to be “forcibly” manipulated, and all of the statistics comes out to be abiding to the benford’s law/curve.

But, only in the human’s world, where the motives and intentions are sometime deviated from the surface expression, which is where the the discrepancies start to show.

If you do watch the netflix documentary, in that episode, one of the speaker was able to identify false social media bots accounts from 50,000 people. I have to go back to see how she applied it to the research, but it ultimately was able to detect false/fake inputs.

So in short, if anything that is tainted, or not coming from the genuine self, or the “heart,” it will shows.

That is interesting, I remember seeing this being brought up by another member from the old bring4th as well.

Another discrepancy I noticed is that sometime Carla/Ra would say “I speak now,” or “we speak now.” There is a level of inconsistency with the transmission which proves how difficult it is to receive a pure-line-of-communication.

I mean, look at Moses, the guy was almost immortal and parted sea, but he still got played by Orion when he went up to the mountain.

Thanks for the input, I will post the result sometime in the future.

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Well… I watched the documentary… and to quote, I “learned their nerd secrets.” :smile:

It’s funny because I was just sitting down to watch this and I got this weird feeling, :green_heart: then your reply message to this thread popped up in my email at the same time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :grin: We must be on the same wavelength or something. :wink:

To answer your question, she had a social media account for her golden retrievers that had like 76K followers.She wanted to figure out how to detect fraud on social media. She was curious about how Benford’s Law applied to these scenarios and found from 50,000 random Twitter accounts, there was over 100 bots attached to various accounts that didn’t follow the Benford’s law. They were Russian bots actually. This was then utilized for elections because these accounts were already set up and established for the political agenda.

I like how they mentioned it was “a lie detector test for the heart.” I would have to agree. I get it. It just makes sense to me.

I’ve noticed a ton of this while studying the material. If you ever need any assistance let me know. I imagine I’d be able to contribute on a very large scale from my own time spent reading and studying the material in depth.

Is it ever possible to get anything that is entirely pure? I was arguing with my roommate about the validity of digital art, as an example. In the video, they mentioned that whenever something is saved with Photoshop, it is compressed and it changes how it applies to the Benford’s’ curve. The more times it has been saved, the more it has deviated from the “original” photo. Now this would be incredibly helpful in determining whether or not something has been “Photoshopped” in order to manipulate and control someone with false news.

But what happens, as an example, when you take a photograph, that was taken and provided as “stock photography” and turn it into art? According to my roommate, it would mean that it wouldn’t follow Benford’s curve and would be considered inauthentic. But it’s art… that was created for the purpose of turning into art. So how would Benford’s law apply to this particular scenario?

No one is immune to the persuasions of our own shadows. Not even Moses. I get played by Orion daily. It’s no big deal. You get used to is. But then… my son’s name is Orion… :thinking: It took me 2 1/2 hours to convince him to go to bed tonight. :joy: If you have some secret formula around that, I’d love to know.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :wink:

The Earth is an ordered system made of patterns… I can see this clearly as I have been following “patterns” my whole life.

I was inspired to use up the last of my Midjourney minutes to make some pieces inspired by Benford’s law:



Thank you for summarizing that. This helps!

Under how everything is supposed to be “balanced” I don’t think so.

I might be a “skeptic” when it comes with the channeled materials and “organizations.” But I am not going for a witch hunt, I believe that some people, members, or even l/l misunderstood this in some way whenever I try to point out things.

The place I am coming from is being “aware” of “all” that encompasses within creation, ANY creation.
There will always be polarities, always will be an “opposite” within itself.
That is the “wholeness” of the “all.”

I guarantee that this nature exist in any spiritual group or activism, even with this group.

The question is “where?” and “who?”

But of course, they wouldn’t be darkness, if they come out into the light about it.

At this time, we simply enjoy the freedom to choose the light/dark theme to contrast the forums text, so others may somewhat read better without squinting. Also, the beautiful Earth’s background of this forum contrasting the l/l website which ultimately spells out “As above, so below.”

In short, by recognizing the goodness and light of a spiritual entity, group, and organization, we must also recognize the wholeness of it. This includes their darkness. Especially in 3rd, where the bias is neutral, and it is the density of choosing.

Sorry for the long digression, but all I am trying to say is that I am not carrying a torch or pitchfork when it comes to my investigation. I am simply removing the hands that are covering the face of light.


Beautiful art from midjourney btw, I am glad to see the art of creation being made :sun_with_face:


Unless they put a lot of “time” and effort into keeping their group balanced, the chances of this occurring are very likely. I feel like anyone offering any sort of life “advice” should make sure they are doing it in the most balanced manner possible and continue to keep themselves in balance through the entirety of their advice giving careers. People need to take responsibility for the energy they put out into the world, especially when they are consciously aware of the effect it is having on those around them.

It reminds me of my son who covers his ears with his hands when you tell him something he doesn’t like to hear, like the word “no” :grin:. Even if your hands are over your ears, the energy is still being given out regardless of your ignorance of that energy. You might as well recognize it and find a nice balance instead. It brings a feeling of peace, it clears the noise and makes it easier to just be. When you are peaceful, those around you can share in that peace. I don’t see how this is a bad thing in any way you look at it. I think it’s important people see the truth. I am tired of being lied to personally. It’s exhausting. All I want is the truth, always.

Since this is relevant to the topic of patterns I thought I’d add some interesting things I’ve learned.

I actually made some Midjourney art similar to this 22 days ago and posted it on another thread found here:

AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated images of the Law of One and more!

I felt compelled to make these after seeing “moving patterns of conceptual math” (best way to describe them) whenever I closed my eyes during a more recent psilocybin experience. I fell in love with them immediately as if they were the most familiar and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. They brought me such comfort and peace, so I tried very hard to recreate them. I learned it is rather impossible to make these patterns/blueprints here but they did inspire me to keep making art.

I found that the more you use Midjourney, the more you get a feel for its own patterns. You start to see how certain key words make certain artistic choices. Even the ordering of how you input something will give entirely different results. And then when you can find fun descriptive words, art style choices and lighting details, the way it appears changes drastically.

Here is my very first Midjourney experience as an example. The only keywords I used here was “the Law of One.” Apparently AI, without being given any descriptive words beyond the titular concept, thinks this looks like separation. That is the vibe this piece gives me. :thinking: :sun_with_face:


And… the stuff I made after I learned how Midjourney works:

Tarot card for “Strength.” I realize her hands look whack, I plan on adjusting that with Photoshop. It is still very hard to get good Midjourney hands. Eyes got much better though… :thinking:

I used the descriptive word “elvish” here and got this style.

I used a very long prompt for this and got this beautiful piece.

You can even specify aspect ratios. With each aspect ratio, the type of art that is generated is entirely differently to work within that different “canvas” space.

How do you think Benford’s law applies to AI generated art? I am curious to your thoughts on this topic. Some aspects of AI art are strictly AI, but there is emotions with the specific prompts used that are reflected in the art that is generated. I wonder how much of that would register from the heart and which would be considered off the Benford’s curve.

Thank you once again for your thoughts, I appreciate greatly what you are trying to accomplish here. There needs to be responsibility taken in the spiritual world, as these transformations are a large part of what most in the population are processing in one way or another. Everyone I know seems to be going through major life “renovations” right now. These are some of the practices that help mold and shape us while we evolve as souls. There has to be balance in the practices so there is balance in the energy it helps forge into something more beautiful and loving, embodying the actual unity of the Creation. :green_heart:

I am a certified fraud examiner and I know this Benford’s law very well.

It only applies to naturally incurred numbers though. If document numbers are assigned or preassigned (e.g. within a range, etc) then this law doesn’t apply. so this law doesn’t apply to any numbers. IRS uses it to detect the tax filing fraud since tax $ amount are naturally incurred.
All audit software, like ACL, IDEA, Activedata, have such function built in.

To think of it in an easy way: any naturally incurred number starts counting with 1, then you have 2, 3, 4 etc. Hence the possibility of seeing 1 is higher than seeing 2 and 2 higher than 3.

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Thank you coopers!

right, so if we were to be counting pages or session numbers like (1,2,3,4,5) then it wouldn’t apply.


If the data comes from the word-count of each session/page, then wouldn’t this be the “naturally incurred numbers?”

Since each the words-count in each session doesn’t have a “assigned” or “preassigned range.”

So, in another way of looking at it.

If the number of words was in anyway “manipulated” or “changed,” then in theory, it would trigger a fraud in in the system.

For example, if certain words were taken out, or added per se.
(which is equivalent to tax fraud, where numbers are added, or taken out.)

I would like to also add a layer of metaphysical aspect to it.
As in, the manipulation/influence could have happened before the channeling occur.

There is also another formula which is similar to Benford’s law, it’s called FLL (first-letter-of-word)'s_Law_and_First_Letter_of_Word

Although, I wouldn’t dive into this just yet before working out the theory and examination above.

This is interesting to perceive as well,

When we look back at the first session of the Ra transcript, it has 2,117 words and 12,025 characters.

the second session has 1,807 words and 10,642 characters.

third has 1,555 words and 9,121 characters.

(these are Ra’s transcript only, without Don’s questions or anything extra like Ra: or Questioner:)

side note: So, at first, I thought it was going to start from less to more, like a normal dialog between two strangers meeting each others for the first time. (e.g. we start with small talks first etc.)

But to my surprise, the words and characters from Ra’s transmission goes down after each session (at least from 1-3.)

It’s just interesting to see the uniformly decreasing count (as in, it didn’t jump up and down randomly from session 1-3.)

I wasn’t expecting at first, and was just doing a quick dry-run to see if I can show an example to ya, but this actually sparked some excitement in me to experiment further.

Lastly, for abstract and context of this thread/post

The experiment is based on the assumption that the channeled materials is “true” in it’s parameter from it’s transmitter/source to the person receiving it, and to see if there were any distortion or interception once it comes out the mouth of the “receiver.” (AKA those who channeled the materials.)

It would be ironic to say the least that there is no “coincidence” between the “Law of one” and the Benford’s law of digit 1.

Please do share your thought for discussion coopers, I appreciate the introspective eye from someone in the field.

Much light :sun_with_face:

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I don’t think there is a connection between this and benford’s law.

Midjourney is an ai art producing app that generate artificial images from inputted texts.

This thread/post is about examining the truthful nature of channeled materials, and/or spiritual philosophy of the law of one.

If you are asking how do we know midjourney is “true” or “positive,” then there isn’t an answer to that question from me.

The AI doesn’t seem to have a consciousness, therefore the eyes and hands are always “messed up” unless it’s corrected by the human user.

My theory is that creation without consciousness, is merely empty vessel mimicking divinity.
and perhaps even lack the distortion of freewill and love in it’s creativity.

So it does it’s best to “interpret.”

Either way, I do appreciate you are show casing your art on this thread and sharing personal stories. And I am happy to hear that it inspired you to create more arts and express things about yourself.

Please do share more on the thread below!

AI (Artificial Intelligence) generated images of the Law of One and more!

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I was asking more because they said in the video it was possible to test Benfords law on virtually anything. I just thought maybe it might apply.

Glad you enjoyed the art. I probably won’t be posting anything, the thread doesn’t have much interest in it. I try to put my effort into where I can do the most good.

Strange things tonight,

I am not sure if I should share this, but in deep contemplation and meditation tonight.

two familiar “voices” came about and told me to look up the words “shooting” and “murderer”

Before my meditation, I saw a recent video about the Russo-Ukraine war, and so I pondered about the souls that commit horrid acts on each others.

Without looking at it with bias of good/evil, my intention was to seek truth from the infinite source about the “experiment” of the illusion in this manner for the infinite creator. Etc. etc.

Suddenly, these thoughts were interrupted by the male and female voices…
the phrase had nothing to do with the Ukraine video I saw, or what my thought at the time.

I intuitively felt the urge to search on l/l research’s website using the two words above. (separately)

I was drawn to the first search results that came up for each phrase,

The first one was between Latwii and Carla on August 29 1982.
The search phrase was (shooting)

The second was between Q’uo and Jim on January 27 2009.
The search phrase was (murderer)

On the surface, I somewhat mentally understand the relevancy with the Latwii’s convo, as Carla discuss about “conflicts” of polarities in wars.

This made sense to me since I was wondering about similar inquiry.

The other channeling between Jim and Q’uo was interesting too, I didn’t know he was a “lizard person” in his past incarnation. Lol (update: correction, Jim was asking for someone else)

In a deeper level though, I feel there were answers that came about and gave me peace in my seeking and investigation.

I feel that there is peace and love in this communication and truly, it is a density of love and understanding.

I leave with this quote from one of the session.

This is understandable, my brother. A service-to-others polarized seeker has no wish to examine his rapist, his murderer, his abuser, or his manipulator. He would prefer to emphasize those parts of his 360 degrees of self of which he approves.

Thank you, :green_heart: :sun_with_face:

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I appreciate you following the sto motto of “answering to a calling” without anger or pretense.

Please know I do hope you find it helpful in your seeking and enjoy the tools/information (midjourney, benford’s etc.)

Sharing them and seeing others being able to use it for their own growth/expression brings joy to the service freely given.

much light :sun_with_face:

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Nope, I’ve feel lighter than air these days. I don’t feel angry anymore, I haven’t in a very long time. There was a period this evening where my heart felt like it was beating 7 times faster than normal, a lot longer than usual… but it always settles down with some “time.”

Everything you share always have multiple layers of information to peel back. I appreciate your efforts to sharing and updating these threads greatly. :green_heart:

Maybe I’ll make real art for people to share. I feel like I only got into Midjourney for a specific reason anyways. I feel nostalgic when I use it.

:green_heart: :sunny:

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Gotta love how persistent yet loving those “voices” can be. They usually know what’s going on. I’m glad they were able to direct you to what you needed to see. :green_heart: Mine keep waking me up at strange hours because there is something I need to see. :eye:

Can it wait until morning? No? Alright… lol It’s all good. I go where I am needed, always. :blue_heart:

I like how his tail looks like a “J.” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That “conversation” had a very weird vibe. The use of “buddies” felt condescending somehow when referring to any military brotherhood. :slightly_frowning_face: Honestly it felt like the question was brought up unprompted, like someone sharing their opinion that was looking for confirmation to their opinion, rather than someone who was looking to know the truth. The conversation leading up to that, they were talking about hardly anyone in the Middle East was polarized in either direction which extended out to the majority of the population of Earth. Um… :thinking: I swear I’ve heard different percentages or “guesses” to how much of the population was polarized in one direction or another in multiple channelings.

That seems like a very unfair bias and assumption. Are those who live in Russia/Ukraine “unpolarized” just because they live in a country that has a long history of war? How does that work considering according to the Law of One and channelings, we are a “mixed bag of intergalactic species seeded from all over the solar system/universe.” I don’t really like this narrative. It doesn’t feel right.

LOL That was Jim asking a question for someone. That is why the question is in “quotes.” Apparently they were channeling for a person who remembers being a “lizard person” in a past life.

This stood out for me:

No matter how carefully you packed to come into this incarnational experience, you could in no way carry even ten percent of what you would wish to bring if you were moving house.

That leaves a lot of gaps to fill in if you can only bring less than 10% of yourself with you. No wonder why we all struggle so much. :mending_heart:

Oh well… 80s Carla vs. 2000s Carla has much different vibes. Go figure. Thank you for sharing, I appreciate your insights greatly. :thinking: :green_heart:

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Hmm, I don’t know whether you served in the military or not, but one of my close friends was a marine and one sentence he constantly uses is" buddy, buddy, are you ok?". So I figure the word “buddy” is what they use often to call each other.

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I am the biggest hippie on the planet, I use language like “man, dude, buddy, etc” all the time. That wasn’t what I was pointing out, it was more the energy behind the word buddy in the context of the question wording that struck me as condescending.


Going back to Benford’s law, it’s actually easier to understand if we use two-digit system to count numbers.

10 digit system: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8,9
2 digit system: 1, 10, 11, 100, 101, 110, 111, 1000, 1001 - so you see more “1” here.

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Could you please elaborate more on this?

when you said “2 digit system,” the first thought I have is the “law of squares” mentioned in the transcript.

Session 7 comes to mind.

How do we apply this to the word count test, or using different variables to input into the test.

The other thing that is ironic about the 2 digit system is that it points to “dualism” or the dualistic nature of creation.

And the sequences that comes from it creates a wave that carries from 1 - 10, 11, then 11 - 100, 101, 111, etc. etc.

the wave motion of the natural progression of

order - chaos, chaos - order, and so on in all of creation itself

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10% is the tip of the iceberg. It seems to be a recurring law that any part of ourselves and the energy we create from within can only be 10% projected, the balance of 90% remains within. Sending hate or love doesn’t simply return 9-fold; we retain it. Karma will eventually return/reunite with that which was sent/done as if the object/recipient/target was separate from ourselves.

The quote brings to mind the deeper mind we do take with us, yet veiled: the part of the iceberg we don’t see.

The first thing that comes to mind is the start of every reply, “I am Ra.” This is part of the protocol, so would you discard that? Then the closing prayer occurs frequently. What do you do with that? Since everything is ‘contrived’ by a channeled intelligence, how do you spot fakery? Other than the common words, it should skew toward the topical words, like ‘mind’, ‘body’, ‘spirit’, and ‘complex’.

The length of sessions could depend on the volume of groundwork to cover, the questions Don poses, and the amount of vital energy Carla has. The last 10 to 15 sessions felt like lots of digressions and less cohesion as group harmony degraded, as Don lost faith in Carla’s ability to withstand attacks.

How is Benford’s Law superior to old-fashioned discernment?