Something I wrote (a bit dark)

I wrote the following a few years back. I just wanted to get down on paper a memory from many years ago. I regard it is negative, with the entity having nothing to offer, at least that I was aware of. I’m not sure if something was taken.

I’m dimly awake. I see a silhouetted form in front of me with eyes that are pools of black ink.

The space I’m in is very dark to me. But it is not dark to it — I know it can see here.

There’s something strange about the nose. I can’t quite see in the light … I’m not sure it even has a nose.

I am sitting. It is sitting too, but I’m not quite certain.

“Can I touch you?” I ask.

I know it understood though I did not speak.

I receive a response that is neither “yes” or “no”. The bizarre thing was that it wasn’t anything in between either. It was a different kind of response with a different kind of meaning.

“How strange,” I think, casually.

If I were to draw a line and mark “yes” and “no” at either end with “not sure” in the middle, then the meaning of its reply lay nowhere on that line. Rather, it lay somewhere on a different line that pointed in an another direction.

It occurs to me that this creature knows more about me and my world than I ever will.

I decide that I will touch it and I reach out. It doesn’t seem to object and the tip of my finger makes contact.

My eyes open and I turn my head. My girlfriend is in bed next to me, snoring softly, unaware of where I had been that night.

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But then again, re-reading it now, maybe I was given something.