Signs of Social Memory Complex Formation

I think its a good idea to start a mega-thread of synchronicities indicating that humanity is starting to form a social memory complex.

For me personally, I notice that I’ll think about something, and then a few seconds to a few hours later, my family talks about that exact topic. Or the TV show we’ll see that night mirrors back to what I was thinking about earlier.

This has extended even to dreams. For example, I thought one day that everyone is reflections of myself, sort of like a hall of mirrors. Then, the next day, one of my family members told me that they had a dream where they looked into the mirror and saw a different person than themselves. They looked again and saw another stranger, looked again and saw their wife, looked again and saw no one.

Does anyone else notice an increase in these sorts of synchronicities? It’s even happening to people who aren’t consciously searching for Enlightenment.

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I noticed “in your social memory complex” phrase in the HARC channelling.

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It is my belief that this is the case, yes.

I also deeply wonder whether we, (meaning the members of this forum) could, if we wished to, already establish a sensory connection by shared consciousness.

Personally, I haven’t explicitly observed distinct synchronicities in my day-to-day life, although I anticipate a level of fluidity that eludes my conscious perception.

I have to concede that the synchronicities that register in my conscious awareness are associated with this forum. There are moments when I contemplate a topic during the day, only to encounter the very same subject matter in the posts of users on this forum or within the excerpts from channeling sessions that are quoted, though there were no contact in this matter between us/members/users.