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It was almost a year ago that I met a person who I’ll refer to as Z in an online audio space. He was sharing a reading from here (LL Research) and I sent a dm because I knew we knew each other from somewhere.

I had not yet visited LL Research website in any depth or if I had it had only just happened about the same time/just before.

I had heard several channeling readings over the latter part of 2021 into 2022 of Q’uo.

When I got around to listening to Ra readings, just last summer… I felt and remembered much.

All of that is very small, secondary almost, to what I want to share here, tonight.

He, another person and myself quickly became family, even tho in the physical in this life experience we have not met.

Events occur that are, at the very minimum, magnetic. Like gravitational pulls. …time.

I want to dive into the metaphysical connections of imagery and points of perspective and … a slew of things, as I feel them to be true, but I am pretty drained atm and I need to get this other point made.

He has been on forums here and elsewhere and like myself, found it difficult to connect, openly.

Even so, he knows the LoO well, much of the history, has so much knowledge, deep spiritual connection and Love and Light pouring right though him that he found other ways to share and connect and I am so thankful for his doing so.

If he had not we may not have met. Even though our time together was too brief, he was one of my best friends, it was the three of us, as one other person found her way to this amazing reunion of family here in this now.

Many people, bright and beautiful people pass by and through here, maybe every day, and remain unseen to most. The hardest part about this, as I feel it, is that sometimes, all we need is to open up. To see them, we too are seen.

His energy transformed this past Sunday, his form left near a stream an ocean away from where I type this.

Some at LL Research have met him. None know of this transition, yet.

His energy transformed but remains him.
Now, I will transform the way I recognize him.
I feel this is what can occur, when someone changes form.
I feel that it is how we can easily remain aware of our connection to them, like an adjusting or … like how a translation or an adapter works, to their new form and then we feel through us that this link is still intact to those that we have bonded with. There is of course synchronicities, as well.

It seems there is no right category to type this under, it feels a little bit as if it is by design. And, for that, thank you. Thank you for not being a place he became stuck in so that I could find him.

Many of you missed one of the most compassionate, supportive, funny, generous and pure-hearted souls you will encounter here during this time but because of this, I didn’t.

There are people every day, no matter how you find yourselves interacting, that shine like a star right in front of you. Not all people are connectable. We all have our own story, patterns, places that we are innate to.
I am not sure what you are looking for in your life but I do hope you see them, these bright balls of love and light right in front of you, that are able to feel-see with your heart and release the grip of your mind.

He always gave of himself, he never asked for anything from anyone, he showed up and didn’t take each and every time. He spent so much time in nature, in meditation and in service and … well, I just felt like typing something on here about the Love and Light that shone so brightly from him.

Thank you to LL Research for being a bridge to connection and a gift to us all.


Thank you for sharing this.

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I too thank you for sharing. I have some guesses about whom you’re speaking of, but of course I can’t be certain. If I can be of assistance please let me know – I have conversations with all sort of seekers and am happy to make time.

And generally speaking I applaud the theme of the post – because L/L Research is remote, it feels sometimes like the online forum space is the only place to experience any kind of community. But one can grow and deepen the connections that start on forums like this. It just takes some vulnerability and initiative to offer a deeper, more personal service, and it is immensely gratifying. I’m glad your friend exemplified this.

I wish you well, @kellymarie

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Thank you for sharing this beautiful witness to your friend and for the reminder to be open-hearted.

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A beautiful post thank you for sharing.

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