Sharing a fragment of my story

Hello my friends, I wish you’re all well and loved.
I am here introducing myself to you and sharing with you a little bit of my story. I go by the name Ghita, for as long as I can remember I’ve been quite turned inwards with a profound fascination and curiosity towards Life. Very early in my childhood I started exploring within the concepts of Death, Creation/Creator and the concept of Self. That led me to many existential crisis the first important one happening around the age of 10 or 11 years old. I’ve continued my exploration along with all the experiences that happened while growing up, exploring religious beliefs, healing methods and identity.

I remember feeling like I did not belong (like many of us on Earth) and searching for what home meant to me.

7 years ago I left my home country,Morocco, to go study in Scotland, and in my third year of University, I happened to experience some of the most transformational moments in this lifetime. One day, while I was sitting down I heard a thought that told me to focus on my heart space and imagine what it would be like to « Be the heart » (sounded quite silly at the time) and with curiosity I decided to follow the instruction. Minutes later, I found myself leaving my body and I was just Being. That feeling and state felt like an infinite stream of consciousness or intelligence, very much feeling like pure Love and Peace and Wisdom. It felt like home.

I wouldn’t be able to tell how long this lasted, as that moment felt infinite. After that, my whole perception of the world and myself changed. I am still integrating the teachings/learnings of that experience and the book The contact of Ra has helped me so much understanding more, I only came across the book a month ago after a beautiful synchronicity. Few months ago I was praying for guidance in form of a book or written material to help me understand more profoundly some concepts. And moments later I met someone who told me about The contact of Ra and I started immediately immersing myself in the teachings shared.

And here I am today.

I have a question to ask you all hoping you can share your thoughts/knowledge on it: I’ve been exploring many past lives on Earth, and at the same time I connect deeply with being a Wanderer. My question is: How/If it is possible for a soul to have had many incarnations on Earth and still have experiences on other planets?

Thank you
Sending you love and light



Greetings Ghita,

A warm welcome and thanks for sharing a bit of your story.

I most definitely believe that many Wanderers from other planets and Densities have had many previous incarnations on this planet at this or recent times.

It may even turn out to be the case that the majority of wandering Souls, “warm up” as it were, by incarnating multiple times in preparation for The Harvest that we now experience?

I hope this helps a bit.

L & L



Thank you Ghita and welcome.

Your story reminds me of this poem by Rumi.

Come, seek, for seeking is the foundation of fortune.
Every success depends upon focusing the heart.

Yes it’s possible, but of course definitely not as human if it’s on other planets, well or even earth for that matter. Have you explored your past lives on earth not as human?

Some might evolved from 1st and 2nd density on other planet, and other might evolved their 1st, 2nd density on earth while their 3rd density on other planets.


Thank you Jim,

Your answer helps indeed. Thank you for reading the post and sharing your thoughts on the question.

Love always,

Hello Quid,

I love these lines you’ve shared, they resonate a lot with me.
Thank you for offering an answer to the question, that helps elaborate my understanding. I’ve been exploring “past” lives on Earth as human, haven’t come across anything different… yet.

Are there any methods/practices you recommend for exploring other lifetimes anywhere else from Earth?

Hello again Ghita,

If you don’t mind I’ll chirp in on your question above…

Are you aware of / had any personal experience with “Hypnotic Regression”.

People who want to know more about their past-lives sometimes become involved in this practice to learn more about themselves in a larger sense.

If this interests you I would recommend being very careful about who you choose to do this with, but remain open to its possibilities.

I wish you well in your seeking! :slight_smile:

L & L



Hi again friend,

I have been conducting self-hypnosis on myself, which I suppose is quite similar to hypnotic regression. The process starts with an induction to get myself to an altered state of consciousness, then fetch data from the mind (either current lifetime memories or other lifetimes) that would be beneficial for me to know about.

The limitation I find/push with self-hypnosis is that I am not going as deep as I could as I reserve some level of alertness to guide myself through the process.

I am curious about having this experience with someone else, thank you for your recommendation. Now it’s about choosing who :wink:

Thank you for your wishes,

Sending you Light and Love


The methods varies, things that works for some might not works for others.
You can try with your current ‘self hypnosis’ method, trying to access the memory from/through your ‘subconscious’ memory set. You can also ask others to help you (past live regression).

And since you have experienced “Out of body”, you can also try to “visit” the akeshic record and query your past lives there.

One thing that I might add is to be aware of “spiritual ego trap”.
Every entity are equal, there’s no inferior or superior. Those who has experienced “outside of earth” is not inferior/superior compared to those who only experienced “earth”. The same thing with “wanderer” or “star seed” labelling. Thus rather than focusing on “lifetimes outside of earth” it’s much more productive to focus on the “lesson learnt from past lifetimes” as what/whom/where/when ever it was. It will then help you to be more focus on your current lifetime and proceed further.


Hello, Ghita. :slight_smile:

I have had similar questions to yours here. It is my understanding that when one becomes a wanderer, there is an inherent “risk” of becoming karmically entangled in third density and developing karma that is to be resolved before returning to the home density. I don’t have at hand the quotes from Ra, but I recall it being discussed that even though a wanderer graduated third density long ago, becoming a third density wanderer means they must walk the steps of light at the end of that incarnation just as any third density soul would be required to do. Where they fall on the steps of light determines the next step in that soul’s evolution.

I think one of the many many reasons why higher density beings are so focused on the earth with intense love, compassion, and readiness to help is that those beings have brothers or sisters with skin in the game, who are here, entangled, and working their way through the karma that they personally have created recently. They are very much loved in an extremely intimate and personal way by their brothers and sisters who hover just out of sight, vibrating in a much higher frequency, calling and calling and calling to their loved other self to choose light, choose love, choose faith, choose courage, choose service.

I imagine the result of this is a soul who both remembers many earth incarnations and at the same time feels they are not really of this place, don’t really belong here. A deep “homesickness” would be at their center, a longing to be in a heavenly place only faintly remembered like a lost song they can’t quite remember the lyrics and melody of. It would be maddening, in a way, almost feeling taunted by it when they are in a low point, and euphoric with it when in a high point.

Truly, we all need to meditate so that we can more and more withdraw our faith from this thick illusion and more and more feel the reality that lies beyond the veil.

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Thank you for sharing.

That’s an essential point you’ve made in regard to the “Spiritual ego trap”. Three years ago while I was being shown one particular lifetime memory, I had to work myself through it to not identify with it. It took me some time and some practice to be able to focus mainly on the lessons and their influence on my current lifetime.

Still learning haha :wink:

Wishing you well

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Hello UnicornPrincess

Thank you for sharing your experience with this topic.

It makes sense to me.

“Truly, we all need to meditate so that we can more and more withdraw our faith from this thick illusion and more and more feel the reality that lies beyond the veil.”


Yes ! The meditations/contemplations serve well.

How are you now?


I am very well, thank you. :slight_smile: I have adopted a daily practice that is intended to help me do my shadow work and raise my vibrational state with steady progress.

I have each day of the week devoted to a chakra. Sunday is root chakra, through Saturday for crown. I wake two hours before sunrise and light a candle that matches the color of the chakra for the day. These candles burn for one hour and 45 minutes most of the time. I choose an audio track with Theta binraural beats (occasionally Alpha) and listen with headphones to encourage my brain to adopt that wavelength. I don’t know if it actually helps, but I choose the “solfeggio” frequency associated with the day’s chakra. I don’t actually know if there is anything to the “solfeggio” frequencies (or if they are complete quackery) but I figure there are so many souls on the planet treating them as though they have that association, that the multiple seeking effect is activated (the same reason why magical rituals who have been used by many many souls over time have added efficacy.) In addition to all this, I hold in my hand a crystal or stone that is associated with the chakra for the day.

During the time the candle burns, I might do affirmations. I might state aloud my desires. I might let my mind fade into emptiness. Towards the end, sometimes I lay down and go into a light sleep, as long as the candle still burns.

I have been honing this practice over the last few weeks. So far, I am very pleased with the results.

We live in a world that keeps us too busy to consider setting aside two hours a day for what essentially seems like “doing nothing”. This is exactly the sort of thing that it is important to turn on its head at any cost. Third density beings cannot graduate in a “harried” existence. It keeps us locked in the illusion.


Hi beautiful,
Thank you for sharing this with us. This is a beautiful practice, and as long as it works for you this is what matters.

We live in a world that keeps us too busy to consider setting aside two hours a day for what essentially seems like “doing nothing”. This is exactly the sort of thing that it is important to turn on its head at any cost. Third density beings cannot graduate in a “harried” existence. It keeps us locked in the illusion.

I agree with this. Fortunately, we’re moving towards an age where more and more people are turning to contemplations, meditations and methods to heal and ultimately embody the true nature of our being. I’m grateful we’re all part of the change.

Sending you Love and Light my friend,


Ghita, welcome here, its a lovely story, yours.

You might wish to read the books of Michael Newton who was a remarkable hypnotist and helped so many with regressions. He created a small institute for hypos therapists and there are now hypnotists around the globe who trained through his institute.

I would start with Journey of Souls, a really lovely book.

I have a feeling too we probably incarnated through different planets, though I love my little Gaia, lol

Safe journey :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I know what you mean. Only since the past few days though… we have nothing to fear. The light is more beautiful, understanding, forgiving, and compassionate than any words can bear witness. I can only hope to aspire to strive to emulate it more ever so slowly. I love you, we are one.

Perhaps it would be possible to have lives on Earth or wherever, access intelligent infinity and return to attempt to help someone on a planet you view as home.