Right use of Power: Femine & Masculine

This session contains a discussion of what power is, both within our illusion and in positively oriented metaphysical terms, and what it means to use power, both in positive and negative orientations. Essentially, the use of power tends to very mixed in terms of its outward use within the illusion.

The discussion then turns to how our views of power are substantially inflected by our physical developement coming out of the family of great apes who use strength to defend the tribe. Some groups of humans, they say, never developed much beyond this stage of awareness. The path of consciousness leads from becoming an instinctively oriented member of a tribe to becoming a self-aware citizen of eternity.

Next, they move deeper into the subject.

Metaphysical power is inherent in the awakened human. Even a small child begins to test the limits of his power, his power to say, “Mine,” his power to say, “No,” his power of choice. As the body within incarnation grows to maturity, it is the plan of the infinite One that the mind within also grows and becomes more self aware.

Third density, then, is built upon dynamic opposites: male and female, light and dark, radiant and magnetic, positive and negative. It is such an obvious feature of third density that one of your society’s greatest clichés is, “There are two kinds of people… “ And then the person will say, “Those that do this and those that don’t do this,” or, “Those that do this and those that do that.”

Later on…

What has ensued has been a ruinous, repetitive series of empires in which the male principle of aggression, protection and control created empire after empire after empire, and as the male principle, uninformed by the female principle, has no idea how to move from empire to love, each empire has crushed itself under its own weight, leaving behind many who suffer, many who die in wars and aggressions, and who then must begin again to build a hopefully more sustainable, balanced society.

It is against this background of that sticky power that builds empires that one can see that the feminine principle would be greatly to be feared, controlled and placed under the heel of the male principle, for the female principle that would balance the aggression, and the reaching is also that principle without which the male principle can literally not live. It is to the female principle that is attracted infinity and eternity. It is to the female body that the ocean of life comes and it is from that ocean of life that the species of humankind is perpetuated. The male principle dies without the acceptance and cooperation of the feminine. Indeed, viewed from that simple physical standpoint, power resides in the feminine, rather than the masculine principle.

On a very deep and usually unconscious level, this is a source of great fear and consequently that which is perceived to be so powerful, so necessary, must instead be reshaped to be weak, submissive, dependent and always under the control of the male principle. Your entire planet at this time is heavily overbalanced towards the masculine principle. It is desperately in need of balance.

And further on…

When one is attempting to live the Law of One, as the one known as S has asked, one is attempting to live a fully human, fully balanced life, one that values both wisdom and love, not valuing one over the other but looking always for that point of balance whereby the decisions that are made in ethical choice points are those decisions that enlarge and enhance unconditional love. The feminine principle is that which looks for ways to cooperate, ways to collaborate, ways to move in harmony and rhythm, to find and sustain an environment which does no harm but only serves to improve and balance relationships and energy expenditures of all kinds.

Now, how is one to promote that spirit of cooperation and collaboration within one’s own being? Perhaps we might suggest that it begins with the way one treats oneself. The feminine principle is not a judgmental principle. It is a loving and merciful principle. And the first overbalancing of male energy that any awakening human might find shall be that point of judgment within the self when a self-perceived error occurs.

How do you handle yourself when you are in a self-perceived error? Are you judgmental? Do you say, “What a fool I am! I can never get this right! I should be ashamed of myself.”? If so, you are reacting in an overbalanced male way. It is easy to judge. It is far more difficult to forgive. Yet we would ask you, is there anything to forgive when a child adds two plus two and gets five? We would suggest that it is a matter of correcting the error in adding two plus two to get four next time.

Thusly, begin to live the Law of One by using your power to forgive, to begin again, to let go of that need to judge, that need to break through mistakes and force correction. As you begin to forgive yourself, you gain the power that comes with mercy. As you begin to see yourself as a whole person who has been known to make errors but who is always far greater than the sum of the mistakes made, there comes into you a feeling of dignity and self-respect, for you are no longer judging yourself on your behavior. You are beginning to judge yourself on your intentions and your basic nature.

Those who find right use of power to be a recurring theme in this lifetime, might find this session an interesting read.

I’ve noticed quite a bit of discussion in the last week, especially in channeled works, on this subject. More specifically, it has been focusing on the divine feminine and the need to reconcile the chasm that has been created through history when it comes to balancing this aspect.

https://assets.llresearch.org/newsletters/light-lines/2022_3.pdf This link is to the most recent LL Research Q’uo channeling on the subject.

Kevin Moore, who runs the International Spiritual News Network on YouTube, also does a series on channelers. Episode 117 which came out a few days ago has a very similar message to pass on.

Both channels offer a perspective of the Divine Feminine and both use the Mother Earth and the planet as an example of how we have misused, or neglected the feminine principles. It certainly seems as though this is an important time for contemplation on these ideas.

My understanding about feminine power doesn’t mean women. Feminine and masculine are just like “ying” and “yang”. Men and women have both characters and need to balance them. Thus it has nothing to do with “acquisition and use of power by women”.

Is that so? Did you actually read the text? You are quoting from the question asked, by the way, not from the answer given.

You may consider that there is a relationship between the subjugation of women in world history and the subjugation of the feminine principle. At the same time, of course, we all contain all things. The focus here is upon balancing the general human tendency to dominate and control (by men or by women) with a process of allowing the feminine to re-emerge and assume its rightful place in partnership with the masculine. The masculine encompassing that which actively goes forth and seeks and builds, while the feminine encompasses that which holds the Mystery and awaits the seeking and the conscious-creative interaction.

Yes, I do think so.
You also said “with a process of allowing the feminine to re-emerge and assume its rightful place in partnership with the masculine.”

Thus, need to/allow to have more feminine power applies to both men and women.

I think there is a lot of healing to be done on both ends, and regardless of your gender identification. It’s important to note the reason the feminine principle is so neglected is because of a over representation of certain elements of the masculine principle. The imbalance is on both ends. Especially on an individual basis, some view the masculine as power hungry, controlling and tyrannic because that’s how it has been utilized through history. It’s through this use of the masculine that the feminine has been suppressed to the extent it has.

We see this in the way we have treated the Earth. I think it’s interesting that this is coming up now through channelers. So maybe we should listen and receive what Maya is teaching us. I kind of see it like a chakra imbalance. The feminine being blocked and the masculine being excessive. Both are in need of a balance in their own way. We start this process within ourselves first.

This is a quote from the 2022 Q’uo session you linked to above. This perspective is very good advice for meditation, in my experience.

There are however some central principles
which we may suggest for your attention. They
include and perhaps begin with listening. For as we
have said, what characterizes the masculine and
feminine at its root is that which seeks (for the
masculine) and that which awaits the seeking (for
the feminine). Inherent in that feminine quality,
which is inherent in all beings is this quality of
receptivity: of receiving, of not embarking upon a
desire to penetrate the unknown to bring back
insight and understanding, or to configure one’s
environment to a vision of one’s liking, but rather to
await with humility and sensitivity that which is
always speaking to you.

It is this quality of listening which is necessarily an
honoring of the feminine within you and of your
subconscious resources. One who is not in a state of
listening feels that perhaps they have the right
answer, that they need not pay attention; and this
imbalance may lead to imposition and infringement.
But one who is listening is recognizing that there is
an intelligence greater than their own, that they are
but a vessel or instrument for a will greater than that
of their conscious mind and their conscious drives.

It is not within your conscious minds or the
masculine principle alone to know how to chart the
way to fourth density from your present position.
No genius, shall we say, upon your planet has a set
of instructions which, if followed, will produce
fourth density. Rather it is by listening to that which
wants to be born, which involves patience,
sensitivity, and humility, that the self may more and
more cooperate with these energies in whatever way
they may manifest for the self or the group, whether
that is toward a particular service or just on a
fundamental level towards a change in one’s
consciousness and orientation and attitude.

This line pretty well sums it all up for me.

…to await with humility and sensitivity that which is
always speaking to you.

This is that which awaits the seeking, this is the sacred place of transformation, and this is the place where Nature co-creates with intelligent beings.

Of course, the address of this place is not listed on google maps, for that would make it all too easy. Finding it requires the journey of a 1000 lifetimes.

I re-read the posts above and then they connect to what I heard from Jordan Peterson regarding why female employee have lower pay than male employee.
Jordan said there are many reasons but one of the reasons is the difference of a personal character for female and male. There are 5 main personal characters and one of them is “agreeableness”. Female tend to be more agreeable than male and that’s one of the reasons female employee has lower pay than male employee.
On the other hand, because male is much less agreeable than female, male tend to commit more crimes than female and that’s why there are much more male prisoners than female prisoners.

I think what @Mirror said speaks well to this. If you think of Jordan Peterson’s analysis, which I have seen the videos you are referring to in the past, and look at these personal characters of which he refers, perhaps you could link them with masculine and feminine principles instead of engendering them. Even Jordan admits that both genders possess these traits, as well as the fact that a man could be very high on the “agreeable” scale. We can extrapolate that this is likely due to the fact that we all have a different ratio of masculine and feminine within us. I’m a straight man, but I personally feel more connected to the feminine side of myself.

Perhaps agreeableness is a natural expression of the feminine principle since listening without judgment is such a natural element of the feminine. You could see agreeableness as the willingness to hear without exerting your own opinion.

In context of consciousness, which is the ‘core’ of what truly everything are.
The conscious mind is the masculine while the subconscious mind is the feminine.
Logic is the masculine while instinct, intuition, inspiration/creativity are the feminine.
Both ideally need to be balanced.
Both exist in human male or female.
And both can be unbalanced in human male or female.

Why Consciousness is Masculine and the Unconscious is Feminine

Meditation is a great tool/exercise to tone down the conscious mind as it tries to control / tame down the logical/critical mind during wakeful state.
Practicing non-judgmental observation and forgiveness/letting go is another great tools as expressing it has no ‘practical benefit/profit to one self’ from the perspective of logical/critical mind.

What’s particularly funny about that video, from my perspective, is that it is a demonstrably masculine description of the phenomenon of consciousness. It states that consciousness is masculine when consciousness clearly is neither one nor the other, consciousness simply reveals these things. What is meant, I would think, is that outward consciousness is more masculine while inward consciousness is more feminine.

Actually, consciousness is far more mysterious–therefore more feminine–than is presented here. Consciousness is the Creator and you & I are instruments of consciousness, be that mere outward-looking consciousness or something more interesting.

To circle back to an earlier point, the outward-looking identity of self is necessarily about separation (individuality) while inward-looking consciousness is about unity. Both are important in their own context (I couldn’t type this missive if I didn’t have a sense of individuality), but awareness of the outer self is vastly exaggerated in our world over awareness of the in-dwelling Self. Hence, deep meditation into quiescence is so vital to spiritual awareness.

I totally agree with your first paragraph.
I don’t think agreeableness is related to the feminine nature though. Higher agreeableness means even when you think other side’s action/statement is incorrect, you still agree and don’t want confrontation. Most of women and introvert people tend to have higher agreeableness.
Agreeableness has nothing to do with the willingness to listen. Lower agreeableness doesn’t mean the person doesn’t listen. It can be the situation that he/she listens but he/she just doesn’t agree, whether other side is correct or not is a different story.

Can you please explain this sentence? inward-looking is about unity?
I don’t quite understand this.
Unity of what? If it’s unity with other people, why it’s inward?

Your question makes me smile because heretofore I was completely unaware of how ambiguous my phraseology had been.

The outward-looking self we all know well. She sees the world and determines how to maneuver in it to her best advantage. When we try to meditate, her thoughts pop up, all having to do with our action or inter-action in the outer world.

But when that outward-looking self turns around internally and personal consciousness looks consciousness itself in the eye, then everything changes. At that juncture a new equipoise emerges. The personal vibrations are dialed way down and the vibrations of Unity are dialed up. In that position of equipoise, the entire structure of relationships are far different from what they are when consciousness is merely outward looking. In other words, in that state the divisions between external and internal begin to collapse. Consciousness simply feels less personal. It feels quiet, unpushed, centered.

Although it’s painfully difficult to describe, one could say that when everything feels near at hand, there’s little impulse to take action, instead there’s more an impulse to simply feel all which comes up in the moment.

It’s difficult to describe equipoise. If you can imagine a complicated system of forces and each impulse to flow is exactly opposed by its opposite. The result is a dynamic stasis or an isometric poise which is held in the heart area. Of course, it’s not a total stasis, but because the normally individuated impulse to action is stayed, the impulse towards collaborative awareness and action is allowed far greater sway.

Another, very different way of looking at it is to look at the aspect of the subconscious awareness which collaborates with a person in an hypnotic state. The internal self which collaborates has very little personal stake in the working, but it is happy to assist as a functionary. The equipoise I was speaking of is a kind of state of awareness poised in between an inner, helpful subconscious self and a more active self which is on some kind of journey. So, I refer to it as “inward-looking” because it has some active aspects of the outward-looking self while participating in the realm of the inner self.

I hope this illumines a bit more than it beclouds.

I thought of another way I can try to say this. What I’m describing is the opening of the heart via the quieting of the mind. “The mind is a door, the key is silence,” sort of thing. You see, “quieting the mind” could be another way of saying turning your attention away from the outer world (outward-looking mind) and turning it towards the essence of consciousness itself (your own), and this would be the inward-looking self.

Naturally, this is the same mind, the same “you” in both instances, one element focused only on the illusion and operating below the level of the heart center and the other preparing for a step into an additional realm of being.

Ra, 5.2:

The prerequisite of mental work is the ability to retain silence of self at a steady state when required by the self. The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence.

Within the door lies an hierarchical construction you may liken unto geography and in some ways geometry, for the hierarchy is quite regular, bearing inner relationships.

Very nice one. Thank you.
I will read it multiple times so that I fully understand.
thank you again.

I just read something suggestive of the following, and I find it amusing. The mind is dependent upon extrinsic objects for its existence. If you drop a curtain and remove all extrinsic objects, where does the mind go? How can it think without objects of thought? If it cannot think, if it has no thoughts, then it becomes transparent.

When the mind becomes transparent, then the key is turning in the lock, so to say.

Of course, we mostly have no time for this sort of thing because we are so busy thinking and verbalising our thoughts. …or typing them out on some random internet forum…

My goodness, Mirror, so remarquable. Thank you.
On editing, sorry I was talking about your initial long post, although… lol I find the continuing conversation after quite great too.

The power of forgiveness is indeed immense and what’s more initially the blissful phase of finding peace inside first, lol, instantly before applying itself to the person you forgive. How amazing, :wink:

One of the easiest trick for ‘silencing the mind’ that works for me is to count how many words that appeared inside my mind.
Once the ‘counting instruction’ has being sent out to the mind, the mind will stay silent.
As it’s waiting for the ‘word’ that actually should come from itself.

Yes, I find that a “forgiveness bath” prior to meditation can be quite helpful. Do you meditate, @flofrog?

What happens after that? What are the benefits?