Right use of Power: Femine & Masculine

The same as entering a meditative state.
As only the critical mind (some dubbed it as monkey mind) who think in benefits and loss.

Can you say more about it?

When you’re worry, angry, stress, sad or in fear, such emotion goes away.
Meditative state is also a state where you can easily receive inspiration and/or communicate with your spirit guides and higher self.
The state also enable you to become more spiritually receptive, you can communicate with other beings through telepathy (human or non human), receive messages (such as in the case of quo/ra channeling) or astral projecting out from the physical body.
And many others.

@quid If you don’t mind my curiosity here, what sort of experiences has this led you to?

The above, and oh I forgot to list “accessing past life or other identities memory”. I consider ‘past life’ and ‘other identities’ as similar. The reason why the consciousness is not identifying itself as ‘other identities’ (thus ‘other’ exist) is because it doesn’t have access to the memory. Once access is available, albeit towards some of it, the consciousness will then identify itself as also that ‘other’ identities. The same mechanism also happened in a phenomenon which is dubbed as “Empath”.

@Quid, I guess what I’m wondering is, has this helped you to open your heart? Has it helped you to love?

Among the greatest expression of love is unconditional love.
Among the greatest expression of unconditional love is understanding.
Once understanding is achieved, acceptance is automatically given.
Once acceptance is given, forgiveness is out of context/not needed.

Some example:

  • When one have access to Temujin’s memory of life experience, he/she/it will understand all the action taken by Temujin (later known as Genghis Khan).
  • This is a short comedic sketch, albeit funny, enable one to understand the perspective of a school bully.
    Key & Peele - School Bully - YouTube

@Quid Okay, thanks. I was wondering if you spoke of personal experience or not, and you have answered my question.

When one has access to the data of an ‘experience’ (as experienced by any identity) such ‘data of experience’ will automatically become personal. As it’s the nature of ‘consciousness’ to identify itself to anything that it has access to. Thus the meaning of “personal experience” here is “an experience which the consciousness has identify itself to”. Then the answer is yes it’s based on ‘personal experience’.

A simple and easily observable event will be observing your friend playing games, and suddenly they scream “Arrrghh they’re shooting at me!”. “Dude who is shooting at you? You’re safe here sitting on a sofa?”. “In the game man, I’m playing Call Of Duty here, they’re shooting at my character in the game”. Your friend consciousness is identifying itself as a character in the Call Of Duty game, thus the ‘game character’'s experience become his personal experience.

Now we can try the same technique with let’s say ‘the bully’ in above Key & Peele sketch.
When you identify with him and his experience (cannot read well, upset by weird fantasy, facing abusive father at home) as thus his experience also become your ‘personal experience’, you will not judge or condemned him, but you will give him your understanding and acceptance. This is called “empathy” and it’s among the expression of ‘unconditional love’. From there on you can try to help the ‘bully’ overcome his ‘negative personal experience’.

Well, what you have described is also called “an illusion.” I.e., it is playing a game and mistaking that for reality. But, of course, this is not readily apparent when one identifies with the character in the game.

Alternative to this, one may focus awareness, not outwardly, but inwardly to become aware of awareness itself without external content. If one focuses upon awareness without content, one is no longer within the game. There is no game. You might find that interesting. You may become something like a Mirror, a reflection of consciousness when focused in the outer world.

Ultimately this will arrive upon, ‘bursting the bubble’, ‘ultimate enlightenment’, ‘moksha’, ‘7th density’. By becoming nothing you will become everything.

“Brahman Satyam, Jagat Mithya”, Only Brahman is real, the universe is an illusion.
“There is only one person in the room and that person is the infinite creator”.

Once Frodo realized that he is actually Tolkien playing the role of Frodo, he will also realize that he is also Sauron, Saruman, The Orcs, Gandalf, Legolas, Golum, everyone and everything in Middle Earth. As everything in Middle Earth is Tolkien. Everything is thought form of Tolkien.

But before that, as an evolutionary step, Frodo capability to show empathy and understand the perspective of Golum is already a step ahead, a step to piercing the veil, a step to burst the bubble.

Ha ha. No, you just have to leave all the stories behind you to go there. Honestly, it’s a simple thing to turn your attention from flowing outwards to facing inward. To me it feels a bit like installing a “U” shaped pipe that goes out a tiny bit from the heart and then shifts direction and carries awareness inward. Or it feels like holding a hand in front of the heart to deflect awareness back to Self. BUT these are what it may feel like, they ARE NOT techniques.

Again, it is absurdly simple, just not always easy to do.

To quote Ra: “The mind is a door. Silence is the key.” The further you move through that door, the more easily the mind remains quiescent. Or, if there is sufficient pressure in the inward flow, the camel’s nose of the intrusive mind naturally waits outside the tent. Within the tent there is a neutralising effect, like combining plus one and minus one. You may find it restorative and inherently joyous. But please don’t turn this into another story. That’s not its nature. It’s nature is timeless, and stories require the passage of time.

And when you’re done resting there, you can return again to your stories. No big deal.

It really is humourously transparent.

I was initially referring to this actually.

So what you meant is more of “Pressing the Pause Button”, while I’m referring to “Permanently Logging Off From all layers of illusion/game”. No more ‘others’ and no more ‘separation’ and no more ‘game to play’. (mokhsa, liberation, ultimate enlightenment)

Yes focusing on the internal can (temporarily) attain such state. I think Ra also mentioned about “connecting with intelligent infinity” that can be achieved from ‘looking inward’ and ‘silencing the monkey mind’.

Sleeping can also be a mean to achieve such state, pressing the “Pause Button” to temporarily disconnect from the illusion, time fly by within the illusion, while you attain the state of ‘bliss’, and then press the “Pause Button” again to resume playing within the illusion.

Here is what Ra says about the game, from 50.7.

This is the game: to know, to accept, to forgive, to balance, and to open the self in love.

Does opening the self in love play a part your game, I wonder? Ra seems to say that this is the underpinning, the crux.

I dearly remember this part where Ra’s uses Poker game as a metaphor (Perhaps during the 80’s the ‘best’ console game that we had was Pac Man :slight_smile:

Prior to that:
This game can only be won by those who lose their cards in the melting influence of love; can only be won by those who lay their pleasures, their limitations, their all upon the table face up and say inwardly: “All, all of you players, each other-self, whatever your hand, I love you.”

Every sane (or attached) poker player will clearly reject that, that’s NOT how we won the game of poker!! You should put a ‘poker face’, hide your emotion, bluff on the bid and definitely do not let anyone know the face of your card.
Yet even after you won a round of poker you will play another round and another round and another round and another round.

Because the “poker game”, just like “Battlefield or Call Of Duty” which I often use as an example was designed to have no ending.

Thus if one really want to ‘truly won the game’, which mean “exiting the game”, all you need to do is to have no attachment about the result of the game and realize that what matter the most is to love the others, regardless who won or lost the game. Once you can detached yourself from the game you will realize that ‘there is no other!’, every players in the game is actually you even the one who designed/programmed the game is also you. There is only one person in the room.

Is it fair to sum up something which requires enormous work into a facile short blurb? To really do that work is no simple matter because it requires emptying out and sorting through and aligning your entire collection of personality attributes with the purpose at hand. Finding all of that and laying it out on the table as a sacrifice is a noble deed and not comparable with playing or dropping out of a game…in my view.

Ra’s poker game is a metaphor, thus it’s an ‘over simplification’ for easier understanding.
The “Game” is multi layered and multi faceted.
Logged out from a game you find out that you’re still in another game.
The ultimate destination is to logged out from all layers of the game. (no more incarnating into any game)

Rather than orienting it towards “Sacrifice”, I rather orienting it towards “Non Attachment”.
Which is the mantra of Hindus / Buddhist; play the game without any attachment.
Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water, after enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.
You ‘won a round’ in poker game, you’re happy, you ‘lost the round’ you’re happy, no more attachment to the result.