Removing blockages in the mind/body/spirit complex

Ra: I am Ra. … You move your body, your mind, and your spirit in somewhat eccentric patterns for you have not completely grasped the concept that you are part of the original thought. 1.0

Ra explains in the Law of One that there are blockages in the individual and on the planetary level:

Ra: I am Ra. … In a balanced individual each energy center is balanced and functioning brightly and fully. The blockages of your planetary sphere cause some distortion of intelligent energy. The blockages of the mind/body/spirit complex further distort or unbalance this energy. There is one energy. It may be understood as love/light or light/love or intelligent energy. 15.9

I recently learned about Moshé Feldenkrais who developed methods for removing blockages on the physical level in the human body. Ra using the term mind/body/spirit complex indicates that we humans are more than just our physical body. However starting on the physical level is one way of recognizing the blockages and removing them bottom up, from the physical to the mental to spirit and also in the other direction since it’s the mind that is guiding the process of removing the blockages.

"Moshé Pinchas Feldenkrais (Hebrew: משה פנחס פלדנקרייז, May 6, 1904 – July 1, 1984) was a Ukrainian-Israeli engineer and physicist, known as the founder of the Feldenkrais Method, a system of physical exercise that aims to improve human functioning by increasing self-awareness through movement.

Feldenkrais’ theory is that “thought, feeling, perception and movement are closely interrelated and influence each other.”[1]" - Wikipedia


As a simple example Feldenkrais said that when we stand up from a sitting position we humans use a lot of effort unnecessarily. The standing up movement can be done with very little effort he said. I found that fascinating. And he described how our whole body is like that with very much wasted effort used all the time.

The connection between wasted muscle effort and unnecessary muscle tensions and blockages has been described by Wilhelm Reich.

“Wilhelm Reich (/raɪx/ RYKHE, German: [ˈvɪlhɛlm ˈʁaɪç]; 24 March 1897 – 3 November 1957) was an Austrian doctor of medicine and a psychoanalyst, a member of the second generation of analysts after Sigmund Freud. … Reich’s work on character contributed to the development of Anna Freud’s The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defence (1936), and his idea of muscular armour—the expression of the personality in the way the body moves—shaped innovations such as body psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, bioenergetic analysis and primal therapy.[6]” - Wikipedia


ChatGPT can give incorrect answers, especially the free version 3.5 that I’m using but it’s really efficient for summarizing information. I asked it to compare Feldenkrais to Reich:

"Moshé Feldenkrais and Wilhelm Reich were two influential figures in the fields of somatics and bodywork, each with their own distinct approaches and concepts. While there may be some similarities between their ideas, their perspectives and methods are fundamentally different.

Moshé Feldenkrais was a physicist, engineer, and judo practitioner who developed the Feldenkrais Method, a system of somatic education aimed at improving movement and function. His approach focuses on increasing bodily awareness and improving movement patterns through gentle, slow, and mindful exercises. The Feldenkrais Method emphasizes learning and self-discovery, using movements and body awareness to enhance physical and mental well-being.

Wilhelm Reich, on the other hand, was a psychoanalyst and psychologist known for his contributions to the field of character analysis and body psychotherapy. One of Reich’s key concepts is the idea of “muscle armor” or “body armor,” which refers to the physical tension and patterns of holding in the musculature that are believed to be a result of emotional and psychological issues. According to Reich, unresolved emotional conflicts can lead to chronic muscular tensions, and addressing these tensions can help release emotional blockages.

While both Feldenkrais and Reich recognized the interconnectedness of the body and mind, their approaches and goals were different. Feldenkrais focused on improving movement and physical function through awareness and learning, whereas Reich’s concept of muscle armor delved more into the relationship between emotions and bodily tension. Reich’s ideas are more rooted in psychoanalysis and character analysis, whereas Feldenkrais’ approach is based on principles of movement, neuroplasticity, and self-awareness.

It’s worth noting that both Feldenkrais and Reich have had a significant impact on the development of various body-oriented therapies and somatic practices, and their work continues to influence many practitioners in the fields of movement, therapy, and personal development. However, it’s essential to understand the distinctions between their concepts and methods to appreciate the nuances of each approach fully."

Another thing Feldenkrais said is that the human skeleton can hold the body upright with very little muscular effort. That’s the opposite of what we usually do by using effort to hold our body straight and upright. So lots of room for improvements there by releasing muscular tensions related to energy drainage and blockages.

Feldenkrais also came up with the idea of neuroplasticity that later has been confirmed by mainstream medicine. It’s good to be able to connect the more alternative methods with the vast resources, knowledge and expertise in mainstream science. Neuroplasticity is ability of the brain and the rest of the nervous system to rewire itself.

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So, should the Feldenkrais Method be used for dissolving the blocks in the mind/body/spirit complex. No, I don’t think so. Feldenkrais I believe found a very important manifestation of the blockages in terms of misaligned muscles. And the same with Wilhelm Reich.

The problem when it comes to practices I believe is that they in themselves are a form of strife and indicate a continuation of the blockages. Sure, they may achieve a lot of surface results, and the same with practices like Hatha Yoga and Rolfing. But they leave the deeper blockages intact or perhaps even strengthen them in my opinion.

Then what about meditation? No, that too is effort. Mindfulness practices? Nope. Visualization techniques? No. None of that. No mainstream physical therapy, no massage, acupuncture, tai chi, or drinking green tea. All forms of healing only work as long as there is sickness. The very need for healing fortifies and perpetuates the sickness as I see it now.

Instead of health practices, methods and therapies, for really removing blockages I believe it’s enough to be aware of them, and that awareness makes the mind/body/spirit complex align itself automatically.

Ah! A new insight now came to me. People have been aware of the blockages for decades if not for centuries. So why haven’t people’s mind/body/spirit complexes become free from blockages, if it’s true as I propose that it’s enough to be aware of the blockages for them to be removed automatically?

The key insight I got is that the knowledge about the blockages needs to be correct and complete. At least complete on the top level so that the blockages can start to dissolve. Therefore my aim with this thread then is to find what is the knowledge needed for the blockages to be removed.

Some form of practice can be useful for making the knowledge become manifested in actuality. I looked up all kinds of meditation, mindfulness and body practices. I have doubts about dedicated practices as they can tend to result in a divide between ordinary daily activities and the moments of practice.

I found something called meta-awareness. One definition: “Meta awareness is a purposeful focus (at a conscious level) of how you are developing and maintaining your situational awareness.” This sounds like something that can be used in everyday life without dedicated separate practices.

Holistic meta-awareness is then to be aware of the whole mind/body/spirit complex as a unified experience. Including muscle tensions that indicate blockages. An example of the opposite of that is when I type this if I’m unaware of most of the whole field of experience, unaware of my breathing, sense perceptions outside the screen and the thoughts about what to write, and unaware of how my body feels, my body posture, temperature, muscle tensions, emotions and so on.

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Wilhelm Reich’s term body armor is pretty good. The blockages within a person are a form of armor. What does the armor protect? At the deepest level the blocks are attempts to protect oneself from oneself. Why? Because there is only the Creator and we are it. The blockages are physical signs of our illusion of separation.

The blockages are a manifestation of fear. Even a person who thinks of himself or herself as fearless has lots of subconscious frozen fear manifested as blockages within the whole body unless the person has reached a higher density.

For example anger is a result of the frozen fear within us. If we weren’t afraid, what is it to be angry about? If we weren’t afraid, what is there to protect oneself against? On the third density level fear is necessary as long as we remain at lower sub-densities. With meta-awareness we can observe the blockages within us, the tension from experiencing life itself as a continuous threat. And that meta-awareness dissolves the blockages.


Ra mentioned that there are also blockages on a planetary level. To me those planetary blockages are manifested as our civilization still being fear-based. This results in fear becoming necessary in our daily lives, to protect oneself from all kinds of things, events and people. We are basically afraid of everything, including afraid of ourselves which as I mentioned earlier is the root fear.

Pandemics, financial crashes, natural disasters, wars, crime, disease, famine and death. Those are some of the things we experience on a global level. So shouldn’t we remain being afraid? Yes, in lower to mid third density I believe that fear is still necessary. However, I also believe that by raising one’s own density one transcends the need for fear, because ultimately all fear is a result of an illusion of separation.

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Is fear a result of lower densities? Yes, but lower density doesn’t automatically mean fear. For example Ra explained how on Venus they experienced third density as what sounds to me like a love-based civilization.

The drawback with the development on Venus is that even though they had a much greater sense of oneness than us humans on earth they also I believe had less individuality and uniqueness than us. Then it means that our fear-based civilization has great value, and that when moving out of fear we can still appreciate the conflicts and strife on earth as being valuable instead of some mistake or evil.

What are the planetary blockages Ra mentioned? One candidate is the veil. There may be different forms of veils in our third density reality, such as the veil of forgetting. Here Ra talks about several veils:

Ra: I am Ra. … Above this density there remains the recognition of the architecture of the Logos but without the veils which are so integral a part of the process of making the choice in third density. 77.14

The key about what Ra said here is the Logos. Earth’s larger logos is the solar logos. The blocks on a planetary level are then a result of the solar logos being veiled.

In practice I believe that those blockages cause us humans on earth to experience a limited reality. The good thing is that as the density increases more is unveiled. A hint of that is the water memory and DNA teleportation experiments. They seem to be valid! Of course mainstream science has dismissed those findings yet still it looks like valid research. It’s such a radically new possibility that science basically has to dismiss it until a massive amount of evidence confirms it.

"It is proposed by Montagnier[11] that some molecules interact through electromagnetic waves instead of direct contact.[failed verification] These waves could be trapped into coherence domains formed by water molecules vacuum spheres at quantum scales. These structures would keep the signal in the absence of the original molecule. During the PCR step of the experiment, this remaining signal could have contained the necessary information for the initial DNA to be reconstructed.[failed verification]

The principle is similar to Benveniste’s experiment from 1997[12] where EMS was recorded from ovalbumine at the Northwestern University Medical School of Chicago, and transmitted through email to Benveniste’s Digital Biology Laboratory in Clamart, France. After emitting the signal on pure water for 20 minutes, the water could cause an allergic shock on an isolated Guinea-pig heart allergic to ovalbumine. In both experiments the EMS reproduces the properties of the original molecules in their absence." - Wikipedia

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I looked into the fight-or-flight response which is activated all the time when we experience psychological stress. And there is a conflict in the body in such situations where chemicals are produced for enhancing alertness which also increases the sensitivity to pain, and the body releases chemicals at the same time to dampen the pain. That’s an inner conflict! A major blockage in the mind/body/spirit complex on several levels as Ra explains:

Ra: I am Ra. … The pain may be of the physical complex. More often it is of the mental and emotional complex. In some few cases the pain is spiritual in complex-nature. This creates a potential for learning. The lessons to be learned vary. Almost always these lessons include patience, tolerance, and the ability for the light touch. 34.6

Ra mentioning a “light touch” sounds to me like the mind relaxing into a peaceful state which removes the stress and thereby removes that form of blockage from the mind/body/spirit complex. I think I will take a look at some relaxation techniques.

That was fast. I listened to a lecture by Rudolf Steiner about meditation and the physical body. Steiner’s teachings are really tricky and esoteric, but an idea came to me about the cause of the stress that in turn causes an inner conflict between the chemicals in the body.

The cause of the stress is the mind’s habit of wanting to be certain. The mind hates uncertainty! And for a good reason since uncertainty leads nowhere. The key here is that the uncertainty and the mind wanting to be certain go together. So that’s the inner conflict on a mental level. Relaxing the mind is then to recognize this conflict-producing habit of the mind so that the uncertainty and certainty calm down together through a lighter touch of one’s own mental activities.


Rudolf Steiner talked about the importance of thinking of death in an unbiased way. This means that regarding questions about death to be equally open to both a “yes” and a “no” according to Steiner. And this fits with what I wrote previously that the inner mental conflict is because the mind wants to be certain which leads to uncertainty. And death is a huge uncertainty for many people, and even people who may think that they know the answers to death can subconsciously still be very uncertain about it.

Generally then thoughts about death are a huge inner conflict carried all the way from childhood to actual death. Especially severe is this inner conflict shown itself in how people cling to possessions in their lives, both material and immaterial. Death becomes the robber of those possessions. This is the opposite situation of the unbiased approach of thinking about death that Steiner advised and is an important key for dissolving blockages. Thinking of death in a genuinely unbiased way removes the inner mental conflict since the uncertainty comes from the mind wanting to be certain.

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I 100% agree with Rudolf.

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Doing what we want doesn’t necessarily mean free will. Because we have a lot of habits and learned preferences and even instincts and if we merely follow that it’s just behavior based on past conditioning. Therefore true free will involves a degree of strong emergence which means new information that isn’t a result of past information.

And according to Ra reality is intelligent infinity and is increasing in density all the time. So free will is the ability to tap into that infinite source of creativity, intelligence and new information and ideas. The blockages in the mind/body/spirit complex may to a degree be a result of past free will actions, but past information is not the same as new information in the moment. Removing blockages requires new information or we are repeating the past and keep the blockages in place.

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Aha! I noticed what I suspected. Muscle tensions in the body produce a lot of pain but the pain is being blocked and numbed out so that it goes unnoticed in everyday life. That’s pretty nasty when the pain becomes activated on a conscious level. But that’s a good thing. It means that the blockages have started to dissolve on the physical level.

Conscious awareness is key as it reveals the previously hidden blockages and tensions. At the same time I believe that a light touch as Ra mentioned is necessary, that too much effort should be avoided when removing the blockages and instead a more of a mind relaxing approach should be used.

Thank you for sharing so much, Anders.

This situation happens to me - there’s some
topic with few replies and discussion becomes
more like a blog than a dialog. It’s as if the
seeking is further ahead than dialog supports
and so dialog is left in the dust.

The idea of a Mind-Body-Spirit complex
having archetypes of evolution might relate.
The Matrix of mind, the Magician has a
caged bird. It carries an idea of reaching
out toward the Potentiator High Priestess
to initiate a cycle of experience.

Justice as the scales seems a Matrix if
the body, where some degrees of imbalance
might be impetus to strive toward better
balance. For example over stressing the
body might entail a recovery period, where
cycles of stress and recovery evolve it.
A constraint might be thought of as an
imbalance, where desire to arrive at
better balance initiates the cycle.

The Devil seems Matrix of the Spirit,
depicting imps chained to a fearsome
beast. Fear is a spiritual constraint
that constricts people from spiritually
evolving - a desire to spiritually evolve
contains elements of fearlessness
to initiate the cycle.

I think some people consider schism
between mind body and spirit, but
they are complex - meaning you evolve
one track and the other drags along.

So getting to your good topic about
blockages, they seem like Matrix
archetypes, from which we necessarily
cultivate desire by reaching to the
Potentiator, as means to break out of
cages, or imbalances, or chains and
so initiate a cycle of evolution.

However how the cycle turns out,
relates to how other archetypes are
navigated. Many people fearlessly
set out on their quest but it may
feel like de-evolving. And I reflect
that many times we necessarily
step backwards before we can go

I might also say that blockages or
obstructions are not always impasses,
even though they appear to be.
Stumbling blocks might in some
cases strengthen resolve to become
climbing stairs that enable ascent.

Things like break-through technology
come to mind. For example, texting
dialog in a shared forum about some
ancient tech tarot idea. Maybe break
through technology can help people
break through their blockages.

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Yes, I post a lot like blog style here. Blockages as archetypes, I hadn’t thought of that. There could be different types of blockages. There is I believe a root cause of all the blockages which are the veils Ra talks about.

Indirectly, if there are different forms of veils, and it seems that there are, then each type of blockages could be related to the corresponding type of veil and in turn to a particular archetype. So I guess one can approach the removing of blockages in the mind/body/spirit complex in different ways such as dealing with all blockages as a whole or removing blockages based on archetypes.

Are some blockages useful? I think yes, as necessary structures for the development of the individual. However I believe that the blockages are only needed until they can be removed.

How to test what Feldenkrais said that the human skeleton can hold the body upright with very little muscle effort? One thing I noticed is that for example relaxing the neck muscles can make the head move up instead of slumping down as in the usual relaxation posture.

And the same with a lot of the muscles in the body. There is unnecessary tension and effort in holding the body upright. Two major difficulties of relaxing those tensions are that the mind doesn’t know how to do it and that the muscle coordination is to a large extent subconscious. To solve this, a practice I’m using is to simply have awareness of how the body feels and relax it as a whole unit.