Mind/body/spirits combinations

It is interesting that I didn’t find body/spirit complexes. There’s a number of mind/body complexes, for example:

30.5 Questioner: I would like to know how the mind/body/spirit complexes originate. How, going back as far as necessary, does the— Do they originate by spirit forming mind and mind forming body? Can you tell me this?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider that you are attempting to trace evolution. This evolution is as we have previously described, the consciousness being first, in first density, without movement, a random thing. Whether you may call this mind or body complex is a semantic problem. We call it mind/body complex recognizing always that in the simplest iota of this complex exists in its entirety the One Infinite Creator; this mind/body complex then in second density discovering the growing and turning towards the light, thus awakening what you may call the spirit complex, that which intensifies the upward spiraling towards the love and light of the Infinite Creator.

The addition of this spirit complex, though apparent rather than real, it having existed potentially from the beginning of space/time, perfects itself by graduation into third density. When the mind/body/spirit complex becomes aware of the possibility of service to self or other-self, then the mind/body/spirit complex is activated.

I’ve found mind/spirit complex at only one place. I believe it’s not a transmission error, but better to find other places.

47.15 Questioner: What does the large percentage of the Earth’s population, as they pass from the physical, activate?

Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the last full query of this working.

The normal procedure, given an harmonious passage from yellow-ray bodily manifestation, is for the mind and spirit complex to rest in the etheric or indigo body until such time as the entity begins its preparation for experience in an incarnated place which has a manifestation formed by the etheric energy molding it into activation and manifestation. This indigo body, being intelligent energy, is able to offer the newly dead, as you would term it, soul a perspective and a place from which to view the experience most recently manifested.

Is there a short query we may answer at this time?

Maybe it is because body cannot exist without mind. It’s also interesting if Spirit can exist without mind. I think body cannot exist by itself, but not sure about mind. What do you think about combination that I didn’t quote from Ra?

From my current perspective I see ‘Mind’ as being the first and only thing in existence.
That first original thought that was so at peace, like a loving, foolish child, living in ignorant bliss, a feeling of intense and ever infinite love. But a love so strong and assured that it is not even aware of itself, for it is so at peace it is resting.

From that peaceful original thought of blissful love eventually came a certain wanting.
A wanting to know itself better which caused creation to become manifest.

From this growing expansion came light, light which in turn manifested physical matter.

The first forms of matter being quarks and atoms and elements etc. And I believe these are what Ra is referring to as mind/body complexes. They are certainly conscious beings and have a form which could be coined a body. The electrons vibrate and rotate around the nucleus with a loving, magnetic attraction. They want to be as close to the nucleus as they can. Meanwhile the nucleus pushes the electrons away. It is repulsed by them and the force created is that of repulsion. I believe this is where most of the laws of polarity stem from. That initial opposite force of attraction and repulsion that was created when the creator chose to know himself.

From mind and matter being able to interact spirit was then made manifest. Lifeforms of infinite possibilities being created from light and these lifeforms thinking their own thoughts, feeling their own feelings and creating further sub densities of infinite possibilities.

Once a mind/body/spirit complex has been created I believe the mind/spirit are then connected until it’s eventual return to source. So the particular Mind/Body/Spirit complex you have at present would become a Mind/Spirit complex once your physical vehicle ceases to exist. Then when ready you would incarnate again or move to the next density depending on your current vibratory rate at the time of death.

I believe in 4th density we can either choose to stay as mind/spirit complexes or take on a physical form. But I 100% believe our next conscious evolutions are not that of lower vibratory physical matter. Our next evolutionary stage is that of mainly spirit.


Law of One session 30 lyric improv,
may reveal something important, or not.

(Song beat similar to
Crosby Stills Nash Young,
Suite Judy Blue Eyes)

If we cut to the chase,
service to others evermore.
I help others.

In times like this,
innocence’s lost to a choice.
I have chosen.

I seem one,
we seem one,
one seems what we are.
We work as one.

Intertwine our body
and mind and spirit

In-pour to roots of mind
and entrust the word ‘now.’
As spirit shuttles.

I am one,
we are one,
one is what we are.
We work as one.


By death we’re torn away,
allow illusions to be freed.
Spirit opening.

Our body dense,
beyond our plane,
intact our aura.
Informed in all ways.

I am one,
we are one,
one is what we are.
We work as one.

All good as kept
foretelling ray blue
a conscious activated.
We drop forgetting.

Within us all
an entirety kept.
Iota’s infinity.

I am one,
we are one,
one is what we are.
We work as one.

And we work as one.
And we work as one.
And we work as one.

Dino die-off
Gandalf’s little side track
What do you want to choose?

Venus harmony
Mars went inhospitable
What do you want to choose?

Can we talk of planet Earth
Meta-physic history
It’s near my heart unknown
but that’s what I want to choose.

Questions and answers.
I’m finding where it hides away.
What do you want to choose?

Magnetic time space.
Uranus then Saturn‘s way, pray
What do you want to choose?

Dark galactic center
Sprinkled stars of heaven
Wisdom long, love as song
Logos dance of freedom

Space and time beginnings
Veiled from heaven’s working
Living be that we can’t see
Blind for choice in freedom

Latent listless lady
Static stinging spasms
Change to night,
end the light
Free the lady

Loo Loo Loo Loo Loo
Loo Loo, Loo Loo
Loo Loo Loo Loo Loo
Loo Loo, Loo Loo Loo

Por el tiempo,
hacer mejor,
en uno, uno.
podemos ayudar
en uno, uno,
en mañana mejor,
en uno, uno.

Loo Loo Loo Loo Loo
Loo Loo, Loo Loo Loo …

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I was thinking of the Bohr Atom quantized energy
states of electrons where some are stuck electrons
are stuck in low energy shells and electrons in the
higher shells can more easily break free, they
might have higher mobility. Then I pondered the
notion of freewill as potentially having a mobility
characteristic. For example we have free will
because we have greater degrees mobility,
aka The Chariot.

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