Reincarnation as a trap/evil entities feeding

Can we discuss reincarnation being a trap, that we are being “tricked” into reincarnating by “evil forces/entities” that “feed” off our lower emotional vibrational energies of fear, hatred, doubt, worry, etc. This could serve to explain our mind wipe/forgetting/veil. Could it be that these entities desire to keep us here in a repeating cycle, and they must acquire our agreement to it all by deception Once we agree to come back after a dialogue with the entities in between “incarnations”, then we are sent back here to “earth” to deal again with life without memory of past lives. It appears to me that the RA material is stating that reincarnation is necessary as lessons in this 3d density/3d realm, but I am wondering, perhaps the greatest lesson of all is that we do not need to come back here period, but through Love, and waking up, prepare ourselves to leave the illusion and not feel a necessity of coming back and dealing with this “world” of craziness?

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This is not consonant with anything in Confederation material, so this might not be the place to conduct a discussion on a topic like this.

So far my understanding is ‘reincarnation’ to the same realm/planet is caused by ‘attachment’ a.k.a ‘not letting go’ thus there’s a desire to ‘incarnate again’ to the same planet. The same rule applied to any realm or planet (not just on earth).

This is similar to behavior that I observed on people playing games.
They respawn / relogged-in / retry the game once more as long as there is still desire to experience something in the game, whatever it is.

Ra on the other hand uses the metaphor of ‘poker game’.
Poker game is designed to have no ending, round after round after round of game in continous loop. Thus the only way to ‘win the game’, according to Ra, is to let go all the chips and the deck as thus you don’t have any desire to play one more round and can leave the table.

Another example:
Quo mentioned that the entity named “Jesus” only incarnate once on earth.
Although he faced a ‘tough experience’ during his session on earth, he decided to ‘let go’ and ‘forgive everyone who caused harm to him’. If only he decided otherwise such as ‘settle the score with those who caused him harm on earth’ he will then be incarnating again on earth.

“He who cannot forgive others broke the bridge which he himself must pass”
– Confucius


I watched the Why Files video on this a couple days ago, similar topic about the reincarnation trap and evil entities feeding off our fear, emotions, etc.

The Moon’s Dark Secret: Aliens Harvesting Human Souls for FOOD

The story around it was interesting, but I have the same thoughts as the conclusion of the video and it seems like it’s just a fear based idea or conspiracy theory. I don’t feel any of that kind of fear based icky feelings when reading the Ra Material or thinking about the Law of One. So it’s always good to use discernment and see what feels right to you, and drop something that doesn’t resonate.

And I think that when we are doing our life reviews after death, we would probably have a much different perspective and be much more excited about coming back to Earth because it is “crazy” and that makes it a good school for learning and spiritual development.

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At some point I was pondering the idea
of reincarnation as a means of Justice in
the universe. For example, people feel
compelled to take up arms because of
the injustice being done to them. This
might be some form of a black pill of
righteous indignation that pulls them
toward war.

But weirdly, as in the case of Tibet’s
cultural genocide, I got a sense that
the afflicting Chinese would reincarnate
as the victimized Tibetans, or vice versa,
that some sort of balance might be
attained in a larger sense, both sides
were creating justice. Something like
this may occur in other wars.

I’m also reminded here that some STO
seem wary of the STS pitfall - a sort of
vicious cycle where to gain enough STS
strength of polarization, many lives are
taken. Slaughters happen. One of the
greatest STS acts is taking anothers
life, the ultimate power over another.
And iit’s difficult to crawl out of an STS
hole as an STO because STO’s suck
at being STSers.

So to an STO, the STS polarization
seems alien, difficult to understand as
seemingly retarded and senselessly

There’s that movie 2001 Space Odyssey
that seems to follow an STS paradigm,
where tech tools of bone clubs evolve
into things like spaceships to moon bases.

In retrospect, I consider the Monolith as
symbolizing Square aspects of Pluto,
where every 248 years eccentrically,
squares of Uranus and Neptune bring
technological advancements that in
some cases, promote some STS
agenda. Near the end is the guilded
cage of longevity extension - huge
investment in curing old age going on.
And the star child seems a loner.

For some people working on 5d wisdom
into 6d integration, it takes a long time to
develop tolerance of something held with
high aversion, long time and lots of space.
This may be why some don’t come around
very often, talk of STS seems pathetic
and largely uninspiring.

Justice and Judgement.
The bond of karma isn’t about punishment or reward it’s about understanding.



The only way we are going to make it unnecessary to come back to Earth 3D incarnation is if we learn the lessons of how to love our fellow travelers here and now. It’s not a trick. Outside of embodiment there is no Veil, so we can’t be deceived. Seeing clearly the opportunities to polarize, a great many souls desire to be so privileged. We made the choice willingly. We chose our parents.


There is truly nothing to fear. You are a piece of the Creator, ergo you are the Creator. You decide what happens after an incarnation. Everyone gets to review their life: the lessons they wanted to learn, the lessons they did learn etc, and you along with your higher self (future you), decide if you are ready for the next density, if you’d like to help on other planes, or if you’d like another incarnation. If so, you and your guides construct and plan an incarnation with all the many many possible ways that life could go. You pick your parents, your partners, etc.

In truth, what we consider our “entire existence” (our bodies and our 90ish years of life on earth) is only a sliver of what constitutes the whole entity that is you. You have many many helpers and guides that would never let anything happen to the true essence of you. Remember you are the Creator.


The whole reincarnation trap / soul harvesting thing seems fear based, but I don’t necessarily discount it for that reason alone. After all from a certain point of view one could look at the intensity of soul evolution along lines described by Ra et al and take a sour perspective on it. It all depends on that perspective taken; especially in 3D that is the great choice of polarity.

Even from a confederation POV there is little we as conscious veiled entities can materially do to directly effect graduation in a way where we can clearly see our own progress, and sometimes that has scared me. So we all reckon with this stuff creatively, and the big choice is where to put one’s attention. It is the mark of the mature seeker, I’d argue, that one recognizes how vast consciousness truly is and therefore one must simply put one’s shoulder into those things where one can make a difference, instead of worrying about obtaining control over something one has no control over. Therefore, to me the downside of the soul harvesting and recycling narrative is that one can’t do anything about it, and therefore it is not spiritually useful.

The fear comes not from something being scary to contemplate but from being powerless. One must decide for oneself what one’s power is and how to use it, and this is, I believe, the entire utility of polarization. Only by throwing ourselves into the maw of experience can we learn the potential and the surrender involved in growth and awareness. On either path the polarization occurs when we start inventing our own plan for how to act and achieve our true interests. If there’s one thing that fear based approaches share, it’s the idea that this creative act of invention is silly or meaningless. One must stand and shine as co-Creator if one is to transcend that.

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You are right. I think we should learn/make habit not to talk in duality language when not appropriate (I’m saying too many “nots” :slight_smile: ). When often we are saying “not” it’s not clear what “not” is meant. “Trunk is not an elephant” or “stone is not an elephant” or “elephant is not a trunk”? As Ra were saying one should integrate. Creator integrates all into himself. So after the integration is not dual any more, one understands parts and whole and relations. We use generalizations and should understand how we use it. So reincarnation as a trap might make sense, but we need to show why this observation angle is limited and show the whole picture where this angle is. I hope you’re OK with “we” word, it’s observation.

That’s a big statement. Some would say that another utility of polarization is the experience of loving more deeply, with all of one’s being: not in the sense of using power, but of communion, like as the drop of water with the sea.

I know that one could quickly produce 100 Confederation quotes to this effect, but still, it is a partial truth spoken to listeners not well attuned to this area of sensitivity. I would aver that the more deeply one experiences love and communion with Divinity, the more obvious these things become. The tuning process is gradual, yet progressive if one persists.

For example, one recognizes becoming more attuned to one inner guidance system, hearing to turn, this way, not that, learning to pick the signal out of the noise with more clarity, and learning to reduce the noise.

Personally, I don’t experience that as the sort of headstrong push I feel described in your message above (and we all, certainly, need space to work out our own styles and procedures), rather, over on my end of the latter day humanoid experience, it feels much more like integration, like weaving of selves into more stable and elastic patterns of energetic structure. (Okay, I tend be obscure in my thoughts.)

Thanks for balancing my perspective, Mirror. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said.

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Sarah’s explanation about “Loosh”, it’s true nature and mapped very well in meanings with what you described as "lower emotional vibrational energies of fear, hatred, doubt, worry, ".

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