Q'uo channeling websites

I want to find all the websites where I can read all about Q’uo channeling for free.

Maybe you know any good ones?

I’m interested in learning about wanderers who move between octaves, as well as more information about 8th density.


I couldn’t find on this website a channeling of Q’uo 2010, where they talk about the central bank of memory and the wanderers.

I’m really interested in learning more about how these “wanderers” managed to save their personality from erasing and go through different octaves, as if breaking all the rules.

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I mean, compare the texts, they are different. And I’m wondering if there are other websites where I can find texts.

I seem to have created a bit of confusion here, and I apologize.

Q’uo first made contact with LLR in 1986. Since that time, there are only two channeling circles of which I’m aware that maintain contact with the Q’uo principle: the one at L/L Research and the one at the High Altitude Receiving Center (HARC) with which I happen to be involved. The link you just shared (Q’uo on Individuality Across Octaves - The High Altitude Receiving Center) is via the HARC circle and references one via the LLR circle (October 23, 2010 - Saturday meditation - L/L Research). So those are two different sets of instruments, and I would certainly expect the texts to be different, but the former was an attempt to get Q’uo to expand upon their remarks in the latter. If there are other places that share messages from Q’uo, I am not aware of them.

I don’t think either directly addresses your specific question about inter-octave wanderers or 8th density, but I shared it in order to provide as much information as I could, as your question borders on topics we’ve discussed in depth. I share your interest in the overarching metaphysics surrounding octaves and consciousness, and I can only give you what I have.

To break it down a bit more, I’d suggest that what makes our individuality so unique seems to never be lost, but that in third density we have very little appreciation for our total beingness, our complete identity beyond the veil. Therefore, while we never lose the “data” of memory, we might ourselves change. If you had my memory, it wouldn’t be the same as me having it, because the memory is contextualized by who I thought I was at the moment I experienced it originally. This is what I think Q’uo means when they say memory is “dyadic” – it’s not just data, it’s the person in relationship to the data. That concept is expanded in the other link I shared with you in that last thread.

If you find more relevant information, please let me know!


Thanks for opening a path to more information.

The HARC archive is interesting to look into in comparison with l/l research.

Not “breaking all the rules” per se.

There are definitely inherent “risks” of wandering back to other densities.

In the Ra transcript, it is mentioned that negative entities don’t do these “wandering” because it is a risk that their selfish nature would not commit to unless it benefited their further progression on that path.

For positive entities, it is the willingness to be selfless and make the sacrifice for others.

I digress,

The personality that wanderers retain through octaves might not be similar to a “human’s” personality.

As in the way you speak, how you like to do your hair, your music taste, etc.

It is more of your essence as a being. In modern-day lingo, it is your “vibe.”

When I picked up the Ra materials and other transcripts for the first time.

The first thing that came to my mind was that these “entities” that these people are channeling sounded like very loving “conehead” characters.


Not sure if you’ve seen this movie before, but basically they are aliens trying to blend in with humans. (comedy)

So, when you are done here, and transition to other realms.

I highly doubt that your conversation with other entities will be anything like…

So it comes full circle back to the “essence” of a being that is “wandering” across octaves. Not just their “persona.”

When we comment about a car on the road, we are talking about the driver, not just the car.

A hint I could also give is that the more growth an entity has, the less primordial “reactive” they are.

As in, they are not all over the place… But simply…

“Oh… this is familiar… I think I’ve been here before. But I don’t remember…”

Hi Dima,

Just one last comment,

I started reading the HARC Qu’o transcript (the one that Jeremy shared) after the recent reply and came across this.

Now, it is true that identities built within an incarnation are somewhat fleeting in the sense that there is not a complete continuity from incarnation to incarnation, because upon the death of the physical vehicle, there is indeed much that is lost. And so we would say that the individuality that the incarnated individual takes itself to be, largely upon the basis of its own efforts and the accumulation of its own experiences, does indeed vanish with the dissolution of the body.

I have this habit of not reading transcripts before sharing my own thoughts on a subject/topic like this.

Mostly because I want to see if what I think/remember is accurate or if my mind is playing the game of imagination.

In this instance, I think I “remembered” it.

Speaking of memories, it is ironic. :joy:

Much light, friend,

peace profound

You touched my heart :slightly_smiling_face:


Same (to my opinion) from Ra:

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Q’uo in recent sessions more than once referred to the personality as an “energy distribution system” and I thought that was very elegant. I resonate with the idea that the personality I reproduce from moment to moment through my thinking and behavior is a kind of way I negotiate between an illusion in flux and a fixed but multifaceted self I can barely identify with.

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Thanks for the clarification, now I understand more.

I would suggest that this indescribably unique part of us inside must influence our memories. So if I have your memories, I will still feel differently about them.

Because our foundation is different, consciously or unconsciously, we are already automatically behaving uniquely.

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You and I have a misunderstanding because in this passage, Ra is talking about wanderers “inside our universe” and I am talking about “wanderers outside our universe”.

I agree that “wanderers within our universe” are almost all positive, and negative wanderers almost never return because they realize they are of little use, for negativity is very hard to acquire and very easy to lose.

But what the nature of these “wanderers beyond our universe” is, I don’t know, perhaps there is no evil at all on this level. I’m surprised that they are spoken of as if they were separate entities, i.e., as if social memory complexes don’t exist at this level.

52.12 In the previous session you mentioned the light-bringers from the octave. Am I to understand that those who provide the light for the gradation of graduation are of an octave above the one we experience?

This octave density of which we have spoken is both omega and alpha, the spiritual mass of the infinite universes becoming one Central Sun, or Creator, once again. Then is born a new universe, a new infinity, a new Logos which incorporates all that the Creator has experienced of Itself. In this new octave there are also those who wander. We know very little across the boundary of octave except that these beings come to aid our octave in its Logos completion.

And from https://harc.otherselvesworking.group/2023-06-19/10/quo-on-individuality-across-octaves:

The idea of one octave building upon another is a useful mechanism for which to understand, within sequential time, how the Creator explores itself.

However, the relationship between the various octaves and indeed the various creations is one closer to true simultaneity. And so intrinsic to this simultaneity is the idea that individuated consciousness is never truly lost, so to speak.

Although the full mystery of the specific phenomenon of wanderers between octaves alludes us, we have learned from such beings that there indeed is some sort of, shall we say, informational nexus that occurs between octaves on both the intelligent infinity level, but also on a more localized individuated consciousness level.

So there is still some kind of connection between universes, initiated by the intelligent infinity itself for some unknown purpose.

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And I’d like to add another thought of mine.

These entities have intelligence, because they were able to answer Q’uo questions and pass on some information. If they were able to do this with 5th density entities and had no “language barrier,” then these entities are very intelligent and can be understood.

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Ra does mention that the quarantine of Earth is maintained by those wanderers from the next octave.

So maybe that tells us something about the existence of positivity/negativity at that level. If they come back here to help protect this world.

Some quotes about those wanderers.

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Do you think Guardians are Wanderers?

Based on what Ra said, it’s my understanding yes that guardians from the next octave acting within this octave are wanderers of a kind.


Thank you for clarifying, and I am sorry for the confusion.

I did think you were talking about the wanderers of our octave.

For those that do come from beyond our octave, you pretty much hit the nail on most information out there about them.

I understand, there is no language barrier beyond the veil. It is a conversation between hearts.

Another way to put it is that emotion is the message that encompasses all information being transmitted.

For me personally, Quo seems to have a heartfelt
edge in such written expression artifacts, as if in
reading they may seem less like a text book and
more like poetry where the emotional chord that
may be triggered forms an important component
of what is conveyed. The idea that poetic forms
of writing may offer higher accessibility on some
level of density, might explain why some people
can say, come to understand music as a language
form. The idea of music carries some timing
component - and I ponder that there’s musical
timescales happening within Quo that are beyond
seconds or minutes - think days or months or
years - and this is one of the most peculiar ways
to learn the channeled materials - remember some
significant day in your life, and search the archive
for that day or week or month, and find some
connection, integrate retrospectively, your life
with Quo’s poetic insights! Create your own
unique perspective by seeking this way!