Next Octave and Veil

Will there be a veil over 3D of the next Octave too?

Does 3D of this Octave relate to 3D of the next Octave?

Or is 3D of the next Octave even beyond 7D of this Octave?

The 3D experience is a veiled experience because it is that which offers us a choice on how we desire to be of service to the Creator, service-to-self or service-to-others.

3D of this octave relates to 3D of the next octave in the same way that the choice of service is to be made. (16.51, 78.15)

Think of the keys on a piano. CDEFGABC. That last C is also the first C a new octave and is the same but different from the previous octave. In this way each new creation is born out all that came before it. (78.15)

What great questions, thank you :slight_smile: