Nature, Elemental Spirits, (Elves, Gnomes, Fairies etc..)

I would like to open up a topic regarding our nature and elemental spirit brothers and sisters. Labeled by many names throughout the world, elves, gnomes, fairies, deva, genie etc… And it’s not uncommon to find them as ‘object of worship’ as well, thus also labeled as “God(s) and Deities”.

So far the most easy-to-discerned material that I’ve managed to find which explained their existence and suited applied as introductory material of “what they actually are”, is coming from David Furlong.

There are glimpses of mentions within llresearch material (Quo, Ra, Hatton et. al.) about them. To cite a few:

Some of my current questions that lingered in my mind now are:

  1. In which density are they currently?
  2. Did they evolved on planet earth? (I’m assuming they are and they’re already here when a species called human did not even exist yet)
  3. Related to #2, they often mentioned to reside on “inner plane” a.k.a “time/space” dimension, I’m assuming that will be “inner plane” of planet earth? Or to be general; what is the definition of such dimension/universe?

Any thoughts from the readers, sourced from whatever (llresearch, other materials, personal experience) are welcomed, and so does any additional inquiries / queries regarding the topic.


In our universe we have such forms which are the spirit formations of plants, animals, the thoughts of humans, the thoughts of masters, and, at the very highest levels, the discarnate entities themselves, who are the true masters of your world and who teach in the realms. There are many, many levels to this channel. It is more complex than a television channel. But what it has in common with a television channel is that it is not seen by those who are on another television channel. Thus, the dimensions directly involved with your Earth plane, which are invisible to you, are those which give the sphere of energy, which you call your planet, its life. Elves, gnomes, fairies, devas and spirits of all kinds are the elemental forms which govern the growth, the health, and the life of such things as rocks, flowers, trees, grasses and animal life.

Since Latwii described it using metaphor of “TV Channels” thus the “inner plane” also have many sub-planes within it? It then should be dubbed as “inner planes” instead.

And Quo further explains “inner earth planes”… and state that there are 7 channels in addition to 1 channel of “physical plane” on planet earth.

The planet upon which you live is not one Earth but many, interpenetrating each other at various levels of fineness of vibration, so that there are actually seven inner Earths to one physical Earth. Entities who live on Earth and have incarnations upon your planet move into the inner planes, the “heaven worlds,” upon death, and live in whatever niche they have earned by their vibration.

Entities move from the inner planes back to incarnation, then back to the inner planes. Sometimes they stay in the inner planes for quite some time and decide not to take incarnation. This is the case with the one known as Aaron. The one known as Aaron describes himself as a former Buddhist monk and because of the fact that he achieved realization when the one known as Barbara stepped in front of him and [defended] him, he vowed to be an inner guide to the one known as Barbara until such time that she also received realization.

Ra mentioned them at one place:

77.6 Questioner: I have three questions that the instrument asked me to ask that I’ll get out of the way first. She wants to know if the preparation for her hospital experience could be improved for the next experience.

Ra: I am Ra. All was done well with one exception. The instrument was instructed to spend space/time contemplating itself as the Creator. This, done in a more determined fashion, would be beneficial at times when the mind complex is weakened by severe assaults upon the distortions of the body complex towards pain. There is no necessity for negative thought-forms regardless of pain distortions. The elimination of such creates the lack of possibility for negative elementals and other negative entities to use these thought-forms to create the worsening of the mind complex deviation from the normal distortions of cheerfulness/anxiety.

I was also thinking about it, interesting if they have same structure (mind/body/spirit) as the sub-sub-Logoi. Thank you for the materials, I will study it.

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Two interesting points I know of this.

Germanic Conception

It would seem that the modern conception of elves actually originates from the Germanic one. At the time, there was not one kind of elf, but two kinds in fact.

Ljosalfar (Light Elves)

They are what is commonly thought of when the term “elf” is brought up today. They live in the light.

Dokkalfar (Dark Elves)

They live deep in the earth and are bearded, this is what is commonly thought of as a “dwarf” today.

Other Places

The Romans and Greeks conceived of Nymphs, although in this case they were more like local Goddesses.

They appear somewhat closer to the Shinto/Japanese idea of Kami, of which there were millions, often pertaining to certain natural locations (kind of like ghosts today), although major ones did hold particular importance, such as Amaterasu, Goddess of the Sun.

Otherwise, I have heard a more recent tale where the fairies are considered as more being interested in love while elves are more interested in power.

As such, fairies may be portrayed as betraying elves because of desire to create a world of love of more variations.

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Quo mentioned that some of them might play the role of ‘angel’ and ‘spirit guide’.

2006, April 1


Q’uo, are there other selves that act as spirit guides, like angels or other forms?


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There are indeed other entities that help to guide. This is why we were attempting to be more specific about the term that we were using, for the term spirit guide can mean any of a dozen things or more.

There are so many sources of guidance that are around you that to discuss them in depth is impossible, but we can simply name them. They include, as you said, angels—and there are many varieties of angelspixies, elves, fairies, nature divas and spirits of all kind, the essences of elements, their spirits such as undeens, sylphs, niads, dryads, and all of the totem with which you have been associated in past lives. As well, there are many entities in the inner realms who are drawn to you when you are conspicuously loving, patient or intent upon the truth. Passion for goodness, for fairness, for love, or for devotion to the one infinite Creator all draw to you entities that dwell within the inner realms in one capacity or another.
And so you may have about you literally dozens of helpful, loving sources of inspiration and guidance. Each is in harmony with the other sources of guidance that are about you and they constitute your family in the unseen realms. Also to be considered are those entities which are associated with you in other densities, especially for those of you who are wanderers.

There’s likely some connection here to world
religions and spiritual practices. In many
instances, there’s names contained in prayer
constructs that may have many reasons for
being, i.e. guidance as likely a reason to pray.

Ra has sometimes suggested “a fondness in
the naming” in some ways I consider the name
cue might differ in the way it is thought to be
used and the cause and effect response it may

For example an earnest pastafarian prays to
the Flying Spaghetti Monster, over and over
in some way that spikes an STO’s interest,
which then sets in motion a string of catalyst
helpful in reconciling some pasta dilemma.

The pastafarian thinks there may have been
some unintelligent contact made with the real
deal, but in actuality the law of squares had
compounded the request to get some aid
routed appropriately. There might be some
confusion where he thought help came
from one source but it was another in reality.

In other words, prayer forms repeated using
whatever pigeon saying available, might be
effective over doing nothing, and the literal
conveyance of the words used may have
some room for interpretation for those who
may be available and willing to respond.

For example, maybe it is Jesus who hears
the pastafarian call and responds because
flying spaghetti is tied up at the moment.

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This topic has always fascinated me. thank you for linking the Confederation info. I’ll try to expand on this in the future, but for now, here are two relevent books in case anyone is interested. I came across these long before the Ra material, so it will be fun to explore them again from a new perspective.

The Sidhe: Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld
This is about a channeled experience from 1998 with the Sidhe at a Celtic site in Ireland.

Vistas of Infinity
The first time I read about the ‘inner planes’, I immediately envisioned Jurgen Ziewe’s experiences.

One more I meant to add…
The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
This one was published in the early 1900s. It has a more anthropological bent, but includes first-hand stories from people alive in the 1800s who had experiences with the Good People.


Hmm this relate to the following depiction from Latwii;

The “Flying Spaghetti Monster” might also be a deity which was created by the Pastafarian’s thoughts. Or to put it in other words, a group of human labeled as Pastafarians give birth to “Flying Spaghetti Monster” entity, and it exist in some or specific ‘channel’ within the inner planes.

In the yogic science there is a dimension of yoga called Tantra yoga. In Tantra one important aspect of it is the Yogi’s create their own deities that they create a certain form and make it alive. That form either he or she or whatever that form is it works with the yogi all the time so this is why he needs no company this why he doesn’t get married because all the time that is company.

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In the book Secrets of the UFO, Don gives a list of references, which includes a book by Walter Ernest Butler (Director of Servants of the Light in Britain) , who was a student of Dion Fortune (born Violet Mary Firth). And the student and successor of the Butler case, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. I think that you can find a lot in her books about English and Celtic mythology about elves and not only. These are very beautiful descriptions of the inner planes intended for both ritual practice and guided meditation.(Inner Landscapes: A Journey into Awareness by Pathworking, The Initiate’s Book of Pathworking)


I think the Tibetans seem ahead in
mapping out the Bardo, so to speak.
There’s mandala, mantra, and dream
yoga that all foster some sense of
discerning and navigating so.

I reflect that mankind likes to build
machines that can be integrations
of thousands of parts. The parts have
distinct forms, fit, and function.
These machine creators assign
part numbers, and serial numbers
to track, manage and assemble
machines. The creation of machines
is a group effort that enables their
collaboration in a joint creation.
It seems somewhat of a power trip
to build machines - lots of self discipline
and exacting control to reduce
variation and improve consistency.

Putting names to things might be
no different, names help us manage
form, fit, and function to make sense
of the universe as if it is a machine.
People who use the name may not
understand everything about what
goes into the name.

I ponder Jesus when he walked the
earth as a human being. He used
the name God, but did he understand
the Ra Materials? Maybe Yahweh
was God to him, or from a mono-
theistic standpoint, One God was
inseparable from Yahweh. Or is it,
that One God permeates all things
as One Infinite Creator?

And getting back to the Tibetans,
they may be ahead in a sense
one god permeating all things or
one infinite creator may not be
useful because it’s just another
term for everything.

However, human experience as
veiled may intrinsically distort the
comprehension of unity where
higher densities less veiled better
embrace it.

So for example The Council of Nine
may not reside many degrees far
inseparable from so many names
we assign to our spiritual linkages
that speak more for our own personal
linkages than to the entirety of the
whole responding along our links.

The entirety of the whole seems best
described as the one infinite creator,
and so many names and gods and
personalities, committees and so -
might speak more loudly as the link
we have with them.

For example, Jesus had a link that
he called God, he had a link that he
called Satan, and on the other side
of those links - one infinite creator.
As he worked to embolden his links,
he gained super powers or siddhis.

I think that the types of links you
develop depend on polarization.
For example, Ukraine warriors
may be 4D STS links, killing more
idiot Russians than they save,
killing another as hallmark of STS
no matter the justification. In fact
I see Ukraine becoming the new
head of Russia, a sort of STS
slave state.

The Dalai Lama, by contrast, leads
a 4D STO community who flees
amidst cultural genocide instead
of fighting. Tibet as not the new
head of China, (which may also be
a sort of slave state.). The Dalai
Lama has a siddhi of being stoked.
Better to be stoked in my opinion.

You can fantasize as much as you want about Ukraine and Russia, it will be just your fantasies. So are the fantasies about Jesus…

This question is very difficult to me, please treat what I say critically.

As sub-sub-logoi we are mind/body/spirit (complexes). And also there is a consciousnesses. I defined consciousness as focus of attention, what can be wrong but I don’t know what consciousnesses is. In any case consciousnesses is not mind/body/spirit but looks like mind/body/spirit has consciousnesses. And then the consciousnesses has different densities. So it’s not densities of mind or of body or of spirit.

I’m not sure mind/body/spirit is a necessary carrier of consciousnesses. Maybe it’s related to sub-sub-logoi and/or other limited entities. Even in your question you say “elemental spirit”, and spirit is only a part of mind/body/spirit. But it does not mean the spirit has no consciousness and hence has no densities of consciousness. The same related to the mind. Can mind be a carrier of consciousnesses? Is spirit necessary for it? Can there be mind/spirit? And even more, is mind/body/spirit is exhaustive list?

We have viruses (by the way Ra called streptococcus bacteria a virus) that is not clear if they just a programme or they are live creatures. In terms of Ra it might be that mind can have consciousnesses also.

Another question is about space/time and time/space. I don’t remember mentioning that in time/space entities have mind/body/spirit also.

Also I’m referring to the weariness topic and @tadeus reply about energy that I think related to the question.

And also I have an observation: ants that are living next to us do not “see” dogs; animals “see” us but do not “see” many things (mostly it’s society things). Continuing this series I admit there are creatures that third dimension creatures do not “see” them, but this “see” is not the eyes feature but something else.

So answering to your questions:

  1. I think densities might not related to such entities. I mean it’s not necessary that mentioned negative elementals to be in one certain density. In other words how mind/body/spirit can see spirit with eyes if one has no body? Also, we know Earth is not suitable for fifth and sixth dimension living, where they should “hide”?

  2. Yes.

  3. Q’uo said “the inner planes do not have a physical location except tangentially because they belong to the planet Earth”.

Summarizing the jumble I said it’s very probably that we put all entities that we do not see altogether while the nature of them is different: we do not see some of them for realizing reason, some of them are located in time/space and some of them are not visible because we use see words in physical eyes sense while these entities do not have body.

It is much more difficult question. It’s related to individuals and society, to governments and to different densities. I could ask so many questions what would you choose in difficult situations but I wish everyone not to find himself in such choices.

I would say that there is an body, but with less density.
Normally it is called something like astral body for the next density.
In the wedic knowledge STS entities can only incarnate in this density under special circumstances, the current time of the kali-yuga is one of it.

It is not clear for me to which question you are referring to?
The same way it is not clear for me in which context you are referring to the wariness?

You don’t need a body to see.
There are multiple and fascinating reports about astral projections, where people have an 360° roundview without using eyes.

Thanks, this is an intriguing statement, and I had no clue what it meant.
Isn’t “Planet Earth” by itself is a reference to a physical location?

Latwii uses the metaphor of “TV Channels”, where in “elemental spirit realm” is a channel and “physical world” is in another channel. Since it’s “channel” it somehow correlate with “range of frequencies of vibration”, just like a TV station broadcast it’s signal on certain range of electromagnetic frequency, thus the station occupy a channel.

I still think each entity within ‘elemental spirit realm’ still have a ‘body’.
Human physical eyes only see a very tiny band of electromagnetic frequencies.

A human is said to be an entity with ‘multiple layer of bodies’, astral body is among it, physical body is another one. When the consciousness is “logging in” to human astral body (commonly referred as ghost) then it will be focusing on the signal received by the instruments of astral body, among those instruments is ‘eye’ or ‘astral vision’ with perhaps tuned to capture different band of frequency.

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By question I meant the whole topic, all three separate questions.

I cannot rationally explain it. But I feel that these topics are connected. I think because if there are entities whom I cannot perceive physically, still there are some indirect sensations as a result of interaction.

I meant seeing with physical eyes. I’m not able to have such roundview so I’m reasoning from my point of view.

To my opinion the electromagnetic analogy is incorrect because it’s a physical term. I use this term of vibration

47.3 The vibratory rates are not to be understood as the same in positive and negative orientations. They are to be understood as having the power to accept and work with intelligent infinity to a certain degree or intensity.

which is not physical frequency.

I think misunderstanding is because of how space/time and time/space are connected to each other.

66.13 Ra: I am Ra. … The key is not in the continuation of the dematerialization of distortion to the eye of the beholder but rather lies in the choosing of the newly materialized configuration which exists in time/space.

66.14 Questioner: Would you explain that last comment about the configuration in time/space?

Ra: I am Ra. Healing is done in the time/space portion of the mind/body/spirit complex, is adopted by the form-making or etheric body, and is then given to the space/time physical illusion for use in the activated yellow-ray mind/body/spirit complex. It is the adoption of the configuration which you call health by the etheric body in time/space which is the key to what you call health, not any event which occurs in space/time. In this process you may see the transdimensional aspect of what you call will, for it is the will, the seeking, the desire of the entity which causes the indigo body to use the novel configuration and to reform the body which exists in space/time. This is done in an instant and may be said to operate without regard to time. …

By analogy I think that Earth is a configuration that exists time/space. And this configuration corresponds to our psychical Earth.

Also, there’s a description of inner planes from the concept guide:


Humans in their physical bodies, experiencing incarnation in the physical world, are in space/time or outer planes; whereas the non-physical half or portion of the third-density experience is in time/space, or inner planes.

The inner planes are experienced by entities in between incarnations, both in the review and healing of the previous incarnation, and in the planning of the coming incarnation. The inner planes may also be entered in the dreaming state and in other modes of non-ordinary consciousness.

The inner planes contain the various subtle planes, including the astral, devachanic, and etheric, each level more advanced than its predecessor. The inner planes are populated with positively and negatively oriented beings who, in the higher levels, serve as guides and teachers for both polarities, and who, in the lower levels, are more simple thought-form entities.(1) Some residents of the inner planes are also members of the Confederation of Planets or the Council of Saturn.

Time/space is [the inner planes are] no more homogenous than space/time [the outer planes]. It is as complex and complete a system of illusions, dances, and pattern as is space/time, and has as structured a system of what you may call natural laws. – 70.17

The third-density entity may interact with and/or call upon those of the inner planes through dream work, ritual, meditation, and other means. Conversely, those of the inner planes may reach out to those in the third density-outer planes to offer service. This service ranges from temptation, challenge, and difficulty on the negative end, to assistance, guidance, comfort and support on the positive end.

(1) It’s not entirely clear what a thought-form entity is in this context. It seems reasonable to extrapolate that it is an entity composed of and created by conscious or unconscious thought, its function limited to the purpose of its conception. Thought-form entities may arise out of the human collective unconscious, or they may be reated consciously.

Please forgive that I am not able to follow yout thoughts.

I don’t have an roundview either in this material illusion, but sometimes I am able to get an “overview” by feeling the surrounding when I am in the nature.

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Video about Nature Spirits from the Astral Club channel that you gave in the neighbouring topic. Don’t know how much it might be interesting for you.

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Thanks, yes I saw it, and his depiction is aligned with David Furlong’s article shared above. Having said that Rick stated that his main interest lies on exploring ‘alien / extra dimensional / time period civilization’.

Today; I also found this other video from him interesting; where he went to Planet Zeer, initially mentioned by Monroe on his book. An STS oriented planet where money controls everything and everyone, in many way similar to today’s planet Earth in that case. Rick helped a girl there without asking for anything in return; it become a mind boggling experience for this Zeerians girl as nobody in her planet ever expressed such action, understandable since it is an STS planet.

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