My way or a simple story

Hello everyone and thank you for this one more road to travel. I must say right away that I don’t speak English, so my words will sometimes sound strange. My story is very long, but I will try to shorten it if possible. I was born and live in Russia (and yes, I know that against the background of current world events, such a message may not cause a very good reaction from someone). But what is, is. I was an ordinary girl until I was 28, not counting the fact that on my graduation project on fabric painting I drew gods of world mythologies, instead of patterns and flowers). Mythology has always attracted me. Also, as a child, I had a favorite book “The Heritage of ancient Hellas”, in which Fayum portraits attracted me most of all.

Over time, I found little information contained in the literature on mythology. I felt keenly that there must be something else, some important answer. And I began to search very actively in all available books. So I found literature on channeling and thematic forums. In the fall of 2008, a number of events occurred, both external and internal, which connected me with the Materials of the Ra for a long time. Thanks to Ra, I have read a large volume of literature on philosophy, physics, English magic, Kabbalah, Buddhism, analytical psychology, hesychasm and much more. In general, I became a bookworm, but it didn’t add to my knowledge)) I also became a Freemason of the Egyptian Memphis Mitzraim charter and a Martinist (also under the influence of Ra), but after five years I left the lodge.

I had a short conversation with Russian translators Nikolai and Anton (long-term contacts did not work out). And I made an LL Research Story group in a Russian-language social network (then I had a need for it, but after intensive communication with people, such a need disappeared. To put it in the language of Ra, I could not process such a catalyst)). Currently, I continue my journey almost alone at every turn of my path, returning and returning to the Materials of Ra.

I hope that thanks to audio recordings of Ra sessions on YouTube and communication on the forum, I will learn to speak English at least a little))
Thank you all for reading.

I think your english is very good. My first language is French and so I am no better than you. :wink:

I watch a couple youtube channels of people living in Russia. It’s interesting seeing the different perspective.

Thank you for sharing Vasilisa, I think the translation to English was great.

Your English is great! :blush: I felt the journey through the words, I am too, not a native English speaker, so I understand the struggle, keep going!

Many thanks to everyone for the answers! So far I have to use a translator, but I hope that over time I will still be able to get rid of this “crutch”) It’s wonderful that people from different parts of the world can understand each other! In the process of communicating with different people, I began to appreciate the possibility of harmony and conversation in the language of mutual understanding.
Patrick, it is very interesting that you are looking at YouTube about life in Russia. Can you share the links?)

I sent them to you.

Yes, I looked, thank you

Thank you for sharing, Wanderer stories are such a gift. Jam packed full this one, you did well to keep it this short. Say more if you like :wink:

Thank you, Quan. But there is no need to continue yet)

The way in which your story resonated with me was the stimulus for me to follow your lead and do likewise. Thank you for sharing, Vasilisa!

I am glad that my words resonate. It’s a pleasure).