Meditation has changed my life…

I have had Gurus and pursued truth in many cultural and spiritual traditions.
All were beneficial and in recent years discovered the teachings and meditations of Abraham as communicated through Esther Hicks. Esther has simplified an effective and short 15 minute meditations which are incredibly effective at eliciting desired changed in my consciousness which has its practical application in my daily life. I highly suggest a perusal of her work on You Tube.
Dr. Joe Dispenza’s meditations are longer and focused more on physiological benefits and I highly recommend a perusal of the testimonials of participants in his meditative process as well. I was blessed to participate in Dr. Joe’s “Evidence is the Loudest Voice” Cancer scientific research study of the benefits of meditation in Marco Island. I no longer have cancer!
Distressing a bit, Do you/we believe human beings are the most intelligent life form in this magnificent universe?

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