Love people but not things

The third technique is to give all that you have to your fellow man. If this is done, then you will not be encumbered by material possessions. You will no longer give part of your love to material possessions. Giving love to material possessions is an extreme waste of your abilities. This is a mistake that is made by most of the people of this planet. It is necessary, if one is to attempt this method of gaining love, to divorce oneself from the desire for material things.

Conscious Channeling Jan. 12 1974

This is from Latui, is there a difference between Latui and Latwii? And if you know of other practices in the Conscious Channelling archive please direct me to those.

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I can agree with the above to a certain extent, but i feel like the approach is unbalanced. I’m not a fan of the minimalist philosophy, and this seems too suggest going further, i prefer viewing my operating system as an optimalist.

There is an optimal level of functional extensions in this world that can enhance not only our love of the world, but also the connections with the people in it. music, social games, a shared meal. Very basic things can make a big difference for a tribe of family and friends.

Ever since my father and sister gave me a proper winter coat a few years back, I look forward to the cold with glee rather than with depression. I love that coat, as an extension of the love to the people that gave it to me.

And i also find having that message in a place that requires a computer or phone is a little humorously ironic :smile:

edit: to conclude, i appreciate appropriate things to an extent that it could be classified as love, while i love people regardless of my level of appreciation for them.

To my understanding we have things and material world in whole for evolution of Spirit. But Law of Responsibility works here: if you bought a thing use it for evolution. In external way it sounds like: you will be given what you need, but if you don’t use it will be taken away.

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From logical standpoint this makes perfect sense, especially from the perspective of “soul journey through many many many avatars”. Material possession belong to the avatar, when the avatar become dysfunctional so does the material possession. And the avatar length of existence is only about what… 100, 80, 60 years? or even much less…

Imagine playing a game and you have attachment to the credits/coin within the game. You’re playing the game for the experience and not for the credits within the game. After the game is over, your game avatar is dead, the credit is basically useless, better give it away to other players while still in the game.
After the avatar is dead, only the experience of playing the game through the avatar that might be useful.

Quo also talks about Money on this session with similar tone…

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also i think the term of loving someone or something has a very broad spectrum on what it translates into within the context of experience.

Putting attention on something or someone is a sort of love, hate is a negative version of love.
ignoring is the opposite of loving.
Where attention goes, love flows, practical implications of this does not need to be drastic, a pair of loving eyes, first and foremost implies, a gaze that’s fantastic :slight_smile:

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I think most of it is fine but I do question “Giving love to material possessions is an extreme waste of your abilities”.

It is not like one can run out of love and deplete his/her Love resivior. Also, Ra mentions in 10.14, to produce an acceleration towards the creator, see the creator in the creation (which undoubtably entails things).


agreed, that makes sense to me as well.

I think having an appreciation of things is good. Being thankful for what we have is a good practice. We live in a physical world and need to both appreciate the Physical as well as the spiritual and mental. We are also the body and the body has physical needs. We were given a thumb to help us manipulate the physical in this earth experiment. Enjoy, appreciate, understand and be creative with the things about us. Everything is a balance. All is the Creator.