Let's describe Love ❤️

The phrase “love is” shows up 889 times in the Confederation channelings. Here are a handful of quotes which seem most appropriate.

In a technical sense:

[Love] is an energy of a high nature which precedes those distinctions which make individual experiences possible. 2016-0416

In an essential sense:

For if we offered only the simple truth, without any storytelling, then we would say over and over again, “All is one. That one thing is unconditional love. Love is the Creator. Love is the Creator’s house and love is the nature of all beings in that house.” 2008-0315

The idea that love is “all” or “infinite” is expressed repeatedly over time by Confederation sources (see this recent thread on oneness for discussion on unity and oneness):

…love is one, and love is all. These words may seem contradictory, yet that is because you have taken these concepts and you have separated them within your physical illusion. My friends, realize that within the creation there are no separations. All things are indeed united and can never in any way be truly separate of each other. 1975-1123

Accept this, my friends: love is all. Love is omnipotent. Love is Jesus, and love is you. And all together, all of these loves combined, all of these beings combined, are the Creator. From the Creator we have come, and we are manifestations of His thoughts of love. His love being equal for all enables all to achieve the same. 1975-1221_02

Love is infinite. 1976-0215

For love is love. Love created all that there is. 1997-1119

One amazing section describes the balance between love and wisdom:

There is no right or wrong path. There are two poles to the love and the light of the infinite Creator. One is love, the other wisdom. Love is a female vibration, and wisdom male, if you would use those terms. We feel it will be helpful to you to understand what we are saying for us to use those terms. It is more characteristic of the male energy to be wise, and more characteristic of the female energy to be loving. Neither will be of service in becoming a channel for the love and the light of the infinite Creator without some balancing agent of the other. And in order to achieve mastery, the two must come into balance so that each male has the female energy totally balanced within his nature, and the female the male energy totally balanced within her nature…This is the true yoga, for the female and the male to work out together the lessons of love and wisdom. For love without wisdom is wasted on foolish things. And wisdom without love is hollow, and foolish also. 1980-1109

When speaking on love, one can say so much yet so little.