What is precise vs metaphorical? Do the exact details matter?

So, something I have been stuck on or hung up on for awhile is the need to know vs the seek to remember.
It seems like there is a need to know, which seems to me to be asking someone to tell you what is true vs the way it would come to one in meditation.

For example, I have wondered about the word confederation.

This word used to bring forth the image and thus feeling of association so, definition, to star trek.
But as I contemplated this, since it seemed to be confusing to me, I realized that there is much more to the way a concept is given from the Ra material, to the way the Q’uo material is given (and the decades in which they occur) in line with the pints of reference of understanding… of the ability to explain a thing by them in a way that we can relate to it and thus grasp it.

Confederation was and May still well be, the best way to explain a thing that is not quite conceivable. It’s all … the experience we are in is like learning to feed ourselves once as a toddler, which is what is put in front of us. And as we age we discover new foods, to prepare a meal for ourselves, various ways and combinations and also how it feels to our bodies we are in… then how to manage that and so on.

We are toddlers who know how to feed ourselves, in this density, and in this, to our … ability to conceive if concepts… of being able to describe or explain them… which a thing we have been trying to figure out for hundreds to thousands of years … but the more we try to confine a thing in or to a human being ness the more we remain puzzled and we also … stunt our awareness, or so it seems to me.

What I mean is … if a thing that was unlike all points of reference you have ever experienced, occurs before you, you don’t really notice the thing… you have no way to label it… it’s like, as a baby, (if you remove the energy /feeling aspect in this example given off by the thing) a baby has a bear come into its experience but there are no people around it to tell it of what it does or does not do. The baby will take note of it, but not much else. If an object is in a space with a baby it does not acknowledge… say, the blain wooden box in the room until someone else around it gives the baby a point of reference, an interaction that it exists, or it sees a person reaching for handles elsewhere so now it knows that there is a handle on that place that is there and then it notices the color is slightly different that room around it because that is like the shelf that the person the baby watches often uses for other items… it requires a teacher that a thing is, to so degree. Of course time and exploration, one’s senses and so on… are part of one’s dawning of awareness of self and likely to occur at so point… through experience of self.

All of these words to say… it confuses me. The language and the labels. That sometimes it seems as if the channeling of Ra or any given through the LL Research group … are like Bible study groups. Are like, treating these words as if there was not a language barrier that did and still does exist although has improved much as our experiences and awareness have increased much.

See, why I bring this up is exclusivity. And … ? Because all people who land here… in their own way are seekers. They are all in varying places on their own paths. And all are valid.

I’ve found myself guilty of this, too, at times. And so I say this not in judgement of … those who I perceive as such … but more of… it feels like … I don’t understand the pouring over the words or the details of other time spaces or… the … any time space that is not very near to our present experience of knowing oneself and thus other self and thus truth and One in all… how it matters so much. It hasn’t been that time-space was not ever other than illusion for the experience… from how it feels to me.

It happens often… so many people quote and site and try to manage each word … but it’s… isn’t that a distraction? Isn’t it take what resonates with oneself … for the greater good in love and light to know oneself and in this to be of service to others ?

I … it could be this is so how offensive or off topic. I just… it happens a lot.
So much air of authority in our social environments that many are left out.
So many great at memorizing and then they become doctors and have no concept of humanness and are not motivated healing. Blind to the human experience of each who seek to be well and understand themselves more fully so they may do the work of healing upon themselves as well. …

I’m fine if this little ramble is not … within guidelines. I’m new. I’ve been reluctant to come. So, I do come with … trepidation. And that does taint some my view point. It’s a lot to do with how much I desire to find others who see what I see, think or at least feel and grasp things similar to me but it has been a lot of people just … sort of … not feeling the same, not having the same awe and curiosity… and all that…

I appreciate all everyone does and all that are here, I say this in truth, I do feel this to be so, my gratitude to each who reads or even not but simply is…

I don’t even want to enter this, submit this… but… I’m going to make my self do it and release the attachment to the outcome. Because … that’s the experience I’m having:) :pray::heart_hands::seedling::mending_heart::sunflower::sunny:

When I take the definition found in Wikipedia I would say that it fits:

A confederation (also known as a confederacy or league) is a union of sovereign groups or states united for purposes of common action.[1] Usually created by a treaty, confederations of states tend to be established for dealing with critical issues, such as defense, foreign relations, internal trade or currency, with the central government being required to provide support for all its members. Confederalism represents a main form of intergovernmentalism, which is defined as any form of interaction around states which takes place on the basis of sovereign independence or government.

Replace states with planets and/or tribes and it will describe what they are doing.

I agree to this and my explanaltion is, that Q’uo tries to answer to any question and Ra did limit the circle of themes and questions.

I must agree again. :rofl:

That should be the main point.
My feeling is that this was given more in the old forum, but it seems to be closed because they did not want this any more.

I would say it is more like a tunnel vision.
But at least this is a question of the free will and therefore has to be accepted.

Yes, its called identity, and what one identifies with.
Sadhguru speaks of the practical difference between perception and reality as the distortion created by what one identifies with.

So, to sense beyond “the words” release ones identity to find ones own truth.
But… back to the beginning, truth is relative to perspective.

It is all intertwined into your own experience here. You were, and are the creator.

Plus it is our individuality that makes our experiences valuable.

So it would be counterproductive to conform only for conformance sake.

Instead, we come together because of attraction to shared goals and interests.

Definition of individuality

1a : total character peculiar to and distinguishing an individual from others

Without difference to others there could be no individuality.

So many great and thoughtful replies, here’s my attempt to be helpful. I have felt that way before when I first came to the old forum forum. Wow, these folks sure seem obsessed with this stuff, and I initially wondered if this might be some kind of New Age cult. After more exposure, time and growth I’ve come to the realization that the majority here are trying to unravel the great mysteries. Who am I, and at the macro level, God wondering what She/He is really like, and capable of creating. I’ve come to trust the content of Ra, it’s not perfect, and reflects their 6th density distortion and limited view of creation. I do trust their validity and motives, and out of all the stuff I read, I can spend the least amount of time being skeptical I believe.

For those who are highly driven in unraveling this great mystery much can be gleaned by pouring over the words like an astrophysicist pouring over trajectory and speed data. We are trying to tease out clues and insights by the words and phrases as they are placed within a greater context. We come here to forget, and then to experience the joy of fresh seeking and discovery. Maybe like doing an incredible puzzle room, and then willfully forgetting the secrets so you can try and figure it out again, and each time you go about unraveling the mystery, you learn more about who you really are and what you are capable of. Can we figure it out? Will we cry out of frustration, or will we beat on the door asking someone to let us out.

They do speak a confusing language at first but as I gain more exposure I better understand what they mean by it and I appreciate the obsessive precision. Our language and word is pathetically inadequate to convey such abstract and interrelated concepts. Using as many words as you would like, could you describe your facial appearance to someone on the phone, and allow them to visualize how you truly appear?

I believe the words chosen were as specific as possible given the blended interpretation of those words by the group of 3, or that it was at least a significant guide to their choice of words. Perhaps it would have been better for them to pick their words as precisely described in a 1978 version of A Merriam-Webster dictionary, that way us word sleuths could reference a precise interpretation, like how many millimeters equal one inch. As it is, it ads to the mystery and intricacy for us to work out. I would Guess that perhaps the reason they didn’t was so that it could resonate uniquely with each heart, as opposed to cold absolute translation.

I like your intense seeking and consideration of far reaching concepts. :wink: and thanks for teaching me and giving me many new things to consider.



this !! I will com back… to this. its great. and so with your already … held insight. I totally want to give a… bit of insight/clarity I have gleaned… it is from the moment I saw the AI pictures I shared on some ones AI art here.

why did I not just look up this for more context… :slight_smile: thanks:) I get what you are describing… and I also get why … the nature of language is flowing as water and so having the . reference points of where the levels have once rise or where the shore once was … is good the the changing times as they occur and the newer people that come along… so to speak:)

Language can be seen as an communication protocol, with certain keywords (dictionary) and a syntax (grammatic). Both is limited.
There is no way to express complex things like feelings (elemental pictures) with it.

I do not know how to “like” your post. So, I will simply reply to say that I “like” it. :slight_smile:

There is a quote by, I believe, Q’uo, whose materials I have read very little of, in which they preface their transmission with an admonition to the following (in essence): Take this material with an open heart. If there is a concept that does not resonate with you, put it aside and examine it later. If it still, after examination, fails to resonate, do not hesitate to discard it. (Not verbatim, but close.)

I cannot remember where the heck I read this, but somewhere in my study of this material, I found another quote in which the speaker (a higher-density being) cautioned that ALL of this material MUST be read/studied as much, or perhaps more-so, with the heart than with the mind. One must learn to read the material – be it direct “transmissions” from higher-density beings, or be it the interpretations and discussions of us plebs trying to figure it out – and observe how it resonates within the heart in order to guide one’s studies. Anything that does not resonate well with the heart must needs be discarded, no matter how important it “seems” (or is purported by others to be), or how tempting it is to believe it.

I basically said the same thing twice here but I feel it so important that I’m leaving it.

There is, at present, an awful lot of material out there claiming to explain, or helping to try to explain, “What’s really going on.” My personal experience is that “What’s really going on” is, by our current 21st-century 3rd-density standards, so freaking weird and convoluted that we can only grasp a fraction of it, and a lot of it is going to seem inexplicable to our current limited mode of thought. In addition, I think that you are spectacularly on-point with your observation that we straight-up do not have the verbiage to describe but a tiny fraction of “this.” I think that is cool. I do find it interesting to discuss the words chosen by Ra to describe concepts that really do not have any English word for them, but I think that the key is in open discussion rather than dogmatic interpretation.

What has drawn me to this material is that I have found that it, above all other metaphysical and/or “religious” material that I have read in the past and recently has the highest degree of resonance with my experiences and moreover, has thus far offered the most “explanation” or “A-HA moments” to connect to major metaphysical experiences and personal realities of my own, including quite a large number that I did not expect to have “explained” so directly. If this were not the case for me, I would not continue to read and study and to seek and interact with others who are similarly drawn to it, no matter how tempting the message.

Kevin1111 put it another way very well, I think: “I’ve come to trust the content of Ra, it’s not perfect, and reflects their 6th density distortion and limited view of creation. I do trust their validity and motives, and out of all the stuff I read, I can spend the least amount of time being skeptical I believe.” The “least amount of time being skeptical” is a great way to put it – and what induces skepticism in us except for, ultimately, the suspicion that the entity telling us something has an ulterior motive? … I do not believe that Ra has any ulterior motive; I believe that they, purely, wish to be of service by offering information that can lead to insight. This does not mean, however, that it is all strictly sterilized information, because

  1. There’s a MONSTROUS “translation factor” between 6th-density Venusian and 3rd-density Earthican, communicated, critically, through the instrument (though that’s perhaps another topic or 100), and

  2. Ra is an individuated “entity” in itself/themselves, and thus, their experiences are subject to the specifics of their experiences just as ours are, only on a somewhat grander scale.

… That was a much longer reply than a simple “like,” but I hope that perhaps it may also be more helpful :slight_smile:


Is that a fitting reply here?:slight_smile: seems to short and to the point, right?:slight_smile:
I can add on a thank you, and mean it:)
And… because actually it would be very unusual for me to leave it at just… yep:

I wholly feel this about Ra as well. I wonder what I typed that mixed that up.
I feel… that they would feel something like sorrow, like apology, to being quoted as a god if the one who does so is not also feeling the quote as truth from with in. I feel like truth is a thing you connect to inside and then the external is there to help you kind of give language and solidify it.

In this… yep:) me too… being drawn… it feels like the voice I have within me. Much of the language is like… already in my head… but only I don’t know how to convert it to verbal …:slight_smile: it’s all… a feeling of truth from with in. And that … that is this place where I can not be told ever again that the truth I feel inside, through me, is not my truth. The world I hope shall not try… it is unpleasant… but the denial of knowing, trust, more than faith for it is not blindly following but as real if not more so that the ground I can feel press back into the soles of my feet and heat of the sun and cold of wind… it’s real as this and even I feel more real.

The accuracy of my understanding of it … is where I feel, works like Ra and Q’uo and these lovelies at LL R bring light through… giving me some kind of frame work when I have become… stuck on a translation, so to speak.

I could be so fully telestsomething I’ve already said?
I typing on my phone and it’s not so easily to accomplish as a laptop:)

One thing I’ve become excited to discover is that … I’m become intrigued with … a puzzle I think I see in some of the readings, a few patterns or wordings that are very much… shedding light on things I’ve been musing over for years… things of a metaphysical nature and things of healing … which are my favorite things to study:)

My understanding, and I always reserve the right to be wrong, is that they conveyed this exact sentiment regarding their reception in Egypt millennia ago. They were hailed as Godlike, and their teachings twisted. This is, I think, why they were so very careful with the specificity of their teachings this time around, and had to regretfully decline to offer certain specific pieces of information, particularly anything specific to the earthly plane. (There is at least one massive exception, which I happened to read just last night. I’m sure that there are others as well.) Those of the 20th-21st century may choose to hail them as gods – the Human mind appears wired for this – and treat their message as gospel – again, this appears to be nearly instinctual in many individuals of this biological species. However, as there is far less specific information to use this time, there is much less chance of harm done.

My suspicion is that the emotion felt at what you describe would be more akin to mild disappointment – but, I wildly speculate.

The feeling that you describe – of knowing intuitively that there are truths described in this material that are more real than real, and resonate with something you have always known to be true – is one that I share. If it is not the greatest blessing that we can be bestowed with while here, I do not know what is. :slight_smile: However, typing that made my computer glitch, so “something” seems to be trying to give me a message, which, I intuit, is that there is yet more joy to come.

Will you be so kind as to share, if time and desire allow it?

I’m not yet through all five of the original books of Ra material, so I may be a bit behind, but … I do love puzzles. :slight_smile: And I am only beginning to learn the nature of metaphysical healing. It is a path, however, that I feel may be being laid before me rather plainly, so I am intrigued.

I will have to read this in a few… I have to get off my laptop but I also Had to smile at this line… I think I am going to make this declaration more often… I like it and it cracks me up :slight_smile:

For sure:)