I'd love to hear all about your favourite trees or sacred places in nature that are special to you!

Hello everyone!

As the title says, this world truly is magical and everywhere is sacred!!

That aside, I’m sure we all have our favourite ‘churches in the wild’. Places where we sit, rest, put down our burdens, and tabernacle with the infinite creator.

This time of year, I get completely bewitched by the sweet warbling melodies of the birds. My heart never feels lighter than when outside- enveloped, surrounded, and dancing with the nature spirits.

Inspired by the sheer magic of an experiences I was gifted a few weeks ago, I’d really love to hear to any experiences you wish to share or any places in nature which are particularly special to you. Please do share any (if you wish! ) of your favourite trees / branches, mosses, caves, mountain peaks, inner city park benches, houseplants…you get the jist!!

Relevant and beautiful LOO q’uotes

*> Blockquote We encourage, then, the attention to the information that flows from the devas of second density who are in complete harmony with the needs of your soul stream. We encourage those awarenesses of synchronicities and of good words spoken that are given from the actions of angelic aid in fourth density, of higher teachers in fifth density and sixth density and of the Creator’s whimsy, which operates at an even higher level than even these teachers. Indeed, many times the Creator’s dry and attic wit has salted the sad and sorry [earthly] tragedy with ironic yet bittersweet humor. This too is a teaching of a very deep kind.

To help bring this thread to life, here are some pics of one of my favourite trees ! This bad boy of an ancient yew tree is close to the ruins of a Priory, the site of a Benedictine nunnery built in the 12th century.

I love to visit and wander through the woods soaking up the sounds and looking at all the fungi and the funky insects and the slow growth of buds blooming.

Coming here is a pilgrimage. Meditating and praying in the presence of such an ancient and divine one is a privilege!! Thought to be ~2500 years old, his roots humble me and one cannot get close without feeling an incredible power. So much that it is truly awe inspiring and reverence bubbles up from deep within.

As I was walking back across the fields, away from this Yew tree to head back towards the village and station, I saw a Red Kite (bird of Prey found in the Northern Europe) perched on the skeletal branches of a large tree in the corner of the field.

Whenever I see birds of prey when hiking, I always feel deeply connected to God and Ra (given the connections with hawks). Rainbow clouds formed above the Red Kite and it took off from the tree, soaring so so gracefully towards me and circling close above my head. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a moment I will treasure to the ends of time.

Walking the 2 miles back to the train station, rainbow clouds would materialise and then dissolve, creating the most spectacular tapestry in the sky. The red kite would appear with the rainbow clouds, swooping down, then ascending into the heavens.

(I don’t know if you can upload a video - as I do have some grainy footage - as always a moment can never be captured by a camera or even the optical eyes!!)

Blessed, blessed, blessed, and ever humbled by life- and particularly by the astonishing beauty and vibrancy of nature and its spirited denizens!!

It is wonderful to know that Gaia // Terra is covered with places and spaces of light and love all over her clay being, whether it be a cherry tree near your lunch spot, or the apple trees at your grandparents’ house.

I wish you all many many many blessing. I hope you have a wonderful time playing with the nature spirits near where you live and work!

I also LOVE all the hidden messages and clues embedded and twinkling through city streets and names. This is one of my favourite streets which I noticed one day whilst walking back from visiting some friends. I chuckle so much and it always leaves me with a spring in my step.



Welcome, I absolutely love Gaia and feel most at peace in nature I’m fortunate enough to live in a small town in Northern Arizona with hiking out my door.


Currently, my favorite place is the playground I have taken my kids to. When I see the interaction among all those children, especially when ones that don’t know each other so easily introduce and start playing, it warms my heart.

I also appreciate the interaction I sometimes have with the other adults (or are we just bigger kids?). We moved recently and we used to live in the mountains. That was lovely too.


What a beautiful gift to have that experience!

I’m drawn to the colors and formations in the sky. When it’s on fire. When it’s quiet and soft. When it’s churning and threatening. I’m so grateful for its familiarity and its newness. When I take in the beauty there, I always breathe a little deeper and feel held.

I have ridiculous amount of photos on my phone of the sky. Here is a small sampling (0.00000001%).


Wow!! Had to shake my head looking at that rainbow photo!

Thanks for sharing the pic of those blooming cacti- STUNNING COLOUR! - had a lovely meander down some Wikipedia articles on the brilliant flora and fauna in Arizona.

Must be so fun to clamber around those rock outcrops! Hope you manage to get on out there and enjoy it asap!


Words will never do the sky justice, however, you have written so eloquently and I couldn’t agree more!!!

The shifting sky is one of the greatest pieces of art in the world.

I use the sky as a constant tool - to help regulate my emotions, breathing in and out with the clouds, letting the ever-changing constant help guide me.

I’m not a big fan of apps - but I recently got an app called ‘Cloud Spotter’- been great fun to have a structured way of storing my cloud pics (what a sentence hah! ) as well as helping teach me all the types / formations. I’ve found it a great tool which has added an additional depth / richness when staring up at the heavens lol.

I love the colour gradients in those sunrise/ sunset pics. The One creator is wonderfully lavish with gifts at those secret magical moments of dawn / dusk. May you feel the radiance of the divine fill you up and then overflow next time you witness such a thing.


What a gift it is to see the world through the eyes of a child! Something that is easier on some days more than others!

To watch those you love and are responsible for grow, and bloom, and flower, is one of the greatest treasures of this lifetime. Sounds like you’ve raised your kids to be inclusive and loving to all whose paths they come across. What a gift you have given them.

May you play merrily with each other and laugh until tears of joy run down your cheeks.

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Thank you @wolfie215. I wish the same for you.

It looks like that app was developed by the Cloud Appreciation Society. Their website has a gallery of submitted photos and cloud-inspired creative expression. Not the same as the beauty of the moment, but fun to explore.

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I don’t have any pictures on this device, but the one field surrounded by cliffs and a grove of eucalyptus where monarch butterflies mate at one time of the year and become more numerous than the trees’ actual leaves while hanging in clumps is special to me. A large part may be this location is where I’ve seen all the most impressive various types of positive, obvious based on the feelings they give off, unexplainable dancing lights or ufos.

Another place in Pacific Grove, California outside the Butterfly Inn. Lots of green and deer. I was convinced the grove near the hotel was enchanted at night. But I was on mescaline…

When Ra tells Carla spending time around trees would be beneficial, don’t remember the exact line, I decided to try telepathically communing with trees while touching them. They ARE relaxing. Either that or I’m insane. Or maybe both.


Pipeline Road, Pogonip, not far from UCSC!
Santa Cruz, California has glorious trees!


30 or 40 years ago I had a cassette tape of a babbling brook and trees rustling in the breeze, with some light and low background music. When ever I played it I always imagines sitting in a quiet glen by a small creek. There were spots in the shade and spots in the sun, depending on my mood. I could smell the forest and the wildflowers in a nearby meadow. I could here the low thunder of a distant summer storm.

I can always go back there, anytime now. I think I still have that tape around somewhere, but I no longer need it to go to my quiet place.

Love and Light…


This thread reminds me of Sam and Moriah, a couple of YouTube blogging thru-hikers that walked the PCT.
I followed much of their blog up the trail, picking out Law of One archetypes from their relatively simplified version of reality, a simple thru hike as evolutionary endeavor, go figure.

Up in Oregon, they took a side trip to the Oregon coast trail.
Around the 7:37 mark, Moriah is surrounded by trees and says, “this is my version of heaven!”

Sam and Moriah in heaven.


Hi I’m new here and sort of testing out how to use this platform, so apologies for the super late reply to this question! I figured this would be a nice place to start.

One space that I’d consider sacred to me was a space that I used to visit yearly - in a campground inside Sequoia National Park. A small group of us always acquired the same campsite every year, overlooking a meadow, always sun kissed in the morning that time of year. The campgrounds were also adjacent to a short hike down to a ring of huge beautiful redwood trees. I’ve never felt as at peace as I did when camping there, and better yet, every time our little group of campers brought along a newcomer, it was like they’d always been there camping with us. Timeless and loving.

I’m happy there’s a place for appreciating nature among LOO teachings, and can’t wait to continue learning about how it can better my journey with those alongside me.

Thanks for letting me share!


Hi, welcome to the forum. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photo and thanks to the creator of this topic. The title says, ‘I’d love to hear all about your favorite trees or sacred places in nature that are special to you!’ It made me realize that I don’t actually have such a place of my own.

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to contemplate this and the concept of finding a special corner in nature with beneficial properties, enabling one to connect, receive, and share love with the world of 1st and 2nd Densities.


Oh thank you! It’s funny you mention sharing this intimacy with 1st and 2nd density with others. In reading through the Ra materials, I wonder if in hindsight, I was hoping to subconsciously create a 4th density togetherness experience with the people we went with - I always felt like that no matter who was in the group that particular year (it always changed and there were always new people who participated with us), we were simply as one - like in the same clan. The beauty and simplicity of the nature around us created a space where we could just enjoy being human.

I do love that I can look back at my past and see so many ways where this philosophy was being experienced but I had no words at the time to articulate it.

And I’m so happy I found a forum where I can express my thoughts as I contemplate the LOO teachings.


About a half-mile from my childhood home was a river. The western bank of the river was backyard for some homes, but the eastern bank was a park consisting mostly of moderately-dense forest but also a small prairie area with tall grasses. At a bend in the river adjacent to the prairie area on the eastern bank stood a massive old tree.

A dirt path wound through the prairie area, and almost everyone would continue moving through on their hike or workout. You wouldn’t go to the tree on accident, since one needed to wade through tall grass to get to the tree. Because it was right by the river and set a good ways off the path, it proved to be an ideal spot for still contemplation amidst the gentle rush of flowing water (and the occasional engine rev in the distance).

Though I’ve moved away, when I return home, I will occasionally revisit the old tree and bask in its towering grace.


Hi Wolfie…

I’m more attracted towards ‘the sea’ and ‘ocean’, thus my favorite ‘trees’ are corals…
How could you left out the ‘ocean’ from your list place in nature which are special :wink:
My favorite diving site on earth so far is in Raja Ampat, off the coast of Papua island.



Sunshine and Windmills!
Pablo Picasso’s Don Quixote

Strange, I search for “bubble boy” and find this thread.
I was thinking of how 4d positives need space from
4d negatives, as if in a hygenic bubble keeping toxic
elements from destroying something worth protecting.

I found this surfing for places I remember.
Lake Tekapo, South Island, NZ



I searched for “whim” and found this thread.
This is a lyric improv for session 63.

(Song beat similar to
Cat Stevens, The Wind)

We reach to grasp the whim of these words shared as one.

Then give praise and thanks in love of this whim for everyone.

We ride along our logos sun, to evolve, evolve, evolve, evolve.

We evolve upon our logos plan, we evolve, evolve, evolve.

We travel upon worlds, as these worlds change and grow.

Our souls are guided safely where our souls want to go.

We’re sorted by our soul’s intent some evolve, evolve, evolve, evolve.

Some evolve in ways truly meant, to evolve, evolve, evolve.