I'd love to hear all about your favourite trees or sacred places in nature that are special to you!

Hello everyone!

As the title says, this world truly is magical and everywhere is sacred!!

That aside, I’m sure we all have our favourite ‘churches in the wild’. Places where we sit, rest, put down our burdens, and tabernacle with the infinite creator.

This time of year, I get completely bewitched by the sweet warbling melodies of the birds. My heart never feels lighter than when outside- enveloped, surrounded, and dancing with the nature spirits.

Inspired by the sheer magic of an experiences I was gifted a few weeks ago, I’d really love to hear to any experiences you wish to share or any places in nature which are particularly special to you. Please do share any (if you wish! ) of your favourite trees / branches, mosses, caves, mountain peaks, inner city park benches, houseplants…you get the jist!!

Relevant and beautiful LOO q’uotes

*> Blockquote We encourage, then, the attention to the information that flows from the devas of second density who are in complete harmony with the needs of your soul stream. We encourage those awarenesses of synchronicities and of good words spoken that are given from the actions of angelic aid in fourth density, of higher teachers in fifth density and sixth density and of the Creator’s whimsy, which operates at an even higher level than even these teachers. Indeed, many times the Creator’s dry and attic wit has salted the sad and sorry [earthly] tragedy with ironic yet bittersweet humor. This too is a teaching of a very deep kind.

To help bring this thread to life, here are some pics of one of my favourite trees ! This bad boy of an ancient yew tree is close to the ruins of a Priory, the site of a Benedictine nunnery built in the 12th century.

I love to visit and wander through the woods soaking up the sounds and looking at all the fungi and the funky insects and the slow growth of buds blooming.

Coming here is a pilgrimage. Meditating and praying in the presence of such an ancient and divine one is a privilege!! Thought to be ~2500 years old, his roots humble me and one cannot get close without feeling an incredible power. So much that it is truly awe inspiring and reverence bubbles up from deep within.

As I was walking back across the fields, away from this Yew tree to head back towards the village and station, I saw a Red Kite (bird of Prey found in the Northern Europe) perched on the skeletal branches of a large tree in the corner of the field.

Whenever I see birds of prey when hiking, I always feel deeply connected to God and Ra (given the connections with hawks). Rainbow clouds formed above the Red Kite and it took off from the tree, soaring so so gracefully towards me and circling close above my head. It was breathtakingly beautiful and a moment I will treasure to the ends of time.

Walking the 2 miles back to the train station, rainbow clouds would materialise and then dissolve, creating the most spectacular tapestry in the sky. The red kite would appear with the rainbow clouds, swooping down, then ascending into the heavens.

(I don’t know if you can upload a video - as I do have some grainy footage - as always a moment can never be captured by a camera or even the optical eyes!!)

Blessed, blessed, blessed, and ever humbled by life- and particularly by the astonishing beauty and vibrancy of nature and its spirited denizens!!

It is wonderful to know that Gaia // Terra is covered with places and spaces of light and love all over her clay being, whether it be a cherry tree near your lunch spot, or the apple trees at your grandparents’ house.

I wish you all many many many blessing. I hope you have a wonderful time playing with the nature spirits near where you live and work!

I also LOVE all the hidden messages and clues embedded and twinkling through city streets and names. This is one of my favourite streets which I noticed one day whilst walking back from visiting some friends. I chuckle so much and it always leaves me with a spring in my step.



Welcome, I absolutely love Gaia and feel most at peace in nature I’m fortunate enough to live in a small town in Northern Arizona with hiking out my door.

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Currently, my favorite place is the playground I have taken my kids to. When I see the interaction among all those children, especially when ones that don’t know each other so easily introduce and start playing, it warms my heart.

I also appreciate the interaction I sometimes have with the other adults (or are we just bigger kids?). We moved recently and we used to live in the mountains. That was lovely too.


What a beautiful gift to have that experience!

I’m drawn to the colors and formations in the sky. When it’s on fire. When it’s quiet and soft. When it’s churning and threatening. I’m so grateful for its familiarity and its newness. When I take in the beauty there, I always breathe a little deeper and feel held.

I have ridiculous amount of photos on my phone of the sky. Here is a small sampling (0.00000001%).

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