I want to give up seeking the Creator

not at all, you do not see that rhio exercised their freewill.

That is a beautiful blessing and respond from rhio, and it deserves love and praise.

Thank you rhio,

This is actually very insightful and timely.

Much has been learned from what you teach today.

much love and gratitude :heart: :sun_with_face:

That is by far the best meditation series I have found, and was instrumental for me when trying to understand meditation and put it into practice. I need to go back and re-watch them again. They’re epic, and are good for the occasional tune-up on technique and attitude.

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I would just add few things did work to me:

  1. Understand creator is you, you are creator, creator is all, we all are creator, no way to split, no way to face it, no way to understand, we are all one, just feel it when you breath.
  2. Need to focus, one thing at a time, for meditation or other experience. Focus on what you truly want, and forget about the rest. On meditations as example, when you start meditation, is like focus on breath and stop listening to all noise made by our mind or external sources. Focus.
  3. You never leave the path to reach creator, any path is on creator. Every path is different. Relax.