How 'white sexual magic' would look like in practice in terms of rituals

I’ve read in Ra material that both negative and positive sexuality differs and that white sexual magic truly begins only if both of practicioners have active green ray center. On negative path adepts use rituals, dance, objects, speech, costumes so through unique symbology of it one entity enslaves free will of other entity to stimulate arousal, building master and slave relationships. I think It’s commonly known in our world as BDSM. Although I don’t think people who practice BDSM are necessarily negatively polarized, I think It may cut some of positive polarity proportianally to how much one is invested in it.

I’ve heard somewhere that on Venus they accelerated their progress to 4th density through white sexual magic. How would white sexual magic in practice look like to stimulate arousal? Is it all ‘vanilla’, both practioners being without any costumes, without any art expression like dance and specific speech to make atmosphere more erotically stimulating? Or maybe there is something that would add to the taste and intensify positive feelings in making signifficant impact on opening of the heart psychologically and magically?

Let’s say for example small element of the ritual would be bringing flowers into the room. Flowers represent stage of a plant that is similar to state of opening of the heart. That doesn’t necessarily increase arousal but may invoke some sublime energies. I’m curious if there is some powerful psychological ritual that would actually impact arousal of positive polarity nature.

Internet is full of negatively polarizing porn in my opinion. I’m curious if it would be possible to create positively oriented ‘porn’ that would turn mcdonald like sexual consumption into full of protein organic fresh meal. Or is porn reserved only to negative polarity?

After searching internet you can find a lot about black sexual magic/BDSM, there is lot’s of specifics and instructions but there is little about white sexual magic and it’s art. I’m more interested in empowering rituals and understanding psychology of it rather than how energy centers transfer works that ra speak about. Are there any good books, sources that would introduce to white sexual magic you would recommend?

STS sexuality is present in virtually all of what you described: BDSM, master/slave relationships, the vast majority of internet porn, etc. As STS is fundamentally about control, we can look for ways in which these things control others. BDSM is explicitly about control as are master/slave relationships. The vast majority of internet porn is also about control, though it seems the control is more oriented toward the viewer than the performers.

So, I would expect “white sexual magic”, or STO sexuality, to focus on the expression of balance and love between both parties. A footnote in The Concept Guide states, “…any consensual [sexual] activity borne from a foundation of mutual love, trust, and respect is likely not what Ra referred to in describing these negative transfers.”

IMO there is no reason to dive any further into the topic until you yourself, or the person in question, has activated and fully opened the green ray energy center. Then the next step is to find a partner of the opposite sex who has also done the same thing. Then you are able to begin to find an answer to this question.

A more pertinent question would be HOW DO I ACTIVATE MY GREEN RAY ENERGY CENTER?


Even though you cant achieve higher energy transfers to achieve higher states of conscioussness without both partners having active green ray. I think the elements of white sexual magic can still help unblocking 2nd and 3rd chakras if black sexual magic helps in blocking it for sts adepts. There has to be a balance in both polarities and its powers without Creator favouring only one side. There is possibility of heart chakra being still active even though there are blockages in lower chakras limiting the flow into the heart in my experience.

To back this statement up with example would be that Jim and Carla had higher energy centers transfers during their intercourses, which shows both had green ray centers active. But in recent interviews with Jim he said that he had a very recent situation where he smacked his laptop screen with plug because there was still old unresolved anger associated with lack of self acceptance and forgiveness of one’s mistakes which indicates 2nd chakra blockage.

I would like to share my personal perspective on sex and its role in our society and culture. While I believe that sex can be a pleasurable experience and a powerful means of connection and healing between individuals, I also believe that our society’s relationship with sex may not always be healthy. Unfortunately, the practice of white sexual magic, along with the groups and circles that promote it, can often stray from its intended purpose or may not have been a white magic practice at all. I believe this is due in part to our society’s unhealthy fixation on the orgasm. Furthermore, the media and societal norms have contributed to a great deal of confusion and perversion around sex and sexual identity. However, this is just my personal opinion and I understand that others may view it differently.

I would add again that a more pertinent question would be: HOW DO I ACTIVATE MY GREEN RAY ENERGY CENTER?

As I wrote earlier that activating green ray is not a problem. And it’s even possible to have it over active. Like for example look at the “Empaths” who have this green ray energy center over active to the point of having martyrdom distortion and being blocked in lower chakras and needing to balance it out with being a little bit more “selfish”. Very popular in spiritual circles.

There is also not much valid info on white sexual magic in internet even if people have good intentions I noticed. I think they are often mistaken about “No ejaculation” being part of white sexual magic. People practicing “No-fap” and having hidden spiritual egos to beat the record of not masturbating. In BDSM there are people who still focus on building pleasure without focusing much on orgasm and it’s still negatively polarizing. When searching wikipedia on white sexual magic and seeing these magicians like Crowley who is most likely STS, we can conclude there is not yet much books written about how to do white sexual magic through rituals or maybe it was too taboo or hidden to be shared.

I think one way to learn white sexual magic I guess could be by studying black sexual magic and reversing the rituals. Like for example there is some fetish in BDSM where submissive signs a binding contracts on paper to agree to be a slave to dominant, in all sorts of way. Maybe the reverse for white sexual magic would be to sign a contract that would suggest seeing everyone as free beings, worthy of love or something like that. Instead of wearing leather clothes which would suggest that there was animal sacrificing it’s life, the hard material protecting skin and isolating from touch. The reverse would be wearing something made of plant ingredients.

Oh before going into less important information, I should state I have heard of rituals from many belief systems being effective. Like an ayahuasca shaman’s ikaro or sacred song calming a rough ride into a healing journey for a Caucasian tourist who knows nothing of the tribal beliefs.

I don’t think, personally, it is ritual itself with power for good or ill. It is strength of belief combined with love; either for yourself and others or egotistical and selfish love.

Make your own positive rituals and believe in them, is this not illusion and are you not a piece of the creator? So have faith, love, and create!

Yes, yes it is. My mate and I consider masturbation with whatever aid harmless, diseaseless dopamine novelty.
The more green ray or heart opens, the more the eyes reveal. Coercion, force or financial.
I suggest find and utilize film of couples who actually love or at least like each other. Easy to tell if heart open. Drawings and erotic literature never hurt anyone, but best to avoid obvious ownership or cruelty themes.
If having physical sex always remember partner is equal and not an object. If you use certain mental techniques it can be a turn on to pleasure or F the divine…

Lots of old files, decade plus old, that i downloaded on cocaine following


Stimulants release dopamine, release increased by porn and sex binge, novelty needed. Weird territory you end up in search for novelty. Utterly horrifying material with change in polarity, not illegal, but horrifying.

I recommend oneness via psychedelics and meditation for me and whatever works for you to relieve pain of inhabiting this sort of body and suffering or separation and our present plight of never truly understanding one another since we are not presently a smc.

Light entity contact is not sexual per se, but whole body feelings, centered on heart that are far superior to any orgasm or even any addictive drug like opiates.

Sorry I don’t know much about sex magic beyond that that bonding activity with mutual love and awareness of oneness can be very rewarding and both parties seem to benefit emotionally and in terms of reservoirs of vitality.

Jealousy is unbecoming, but I must admit I am very, very, very jealous of our friend Ra’s 3D experience. To compare to video games, it’s like they got some really easy dating simulator game while Earth is like Dark Souls and I can’t push the buttons fast enough and I’m surrounded by demons grinding for ultimately meaningless gold coins. I’d really like a skip level cheat code for third density…

Anyway as they blessed the water for Carla, maybe you could spray holy water, as in water filled with love as we are all in equal rank with the pope, on each other. You could take off your clothes, stare each other in the eyes with love, and say “I see you” or “I see you as divine “ or “you are me and I am you, also that lingerie looks good on me since I am you and you are wearing it”. You could also probably bless a water based lubricant.

Here’s a fun one, sorry assuming heterosexuality since that’s what I’m experienced with; when joined, both meditate, try growing heart energy, gift it to each other. I’ve tried this, I’m weird.

Also Ra isn’t wrong about trees being calming. Touch one and connect if you don’t believe me. If you’re willing to break a few laws, I have a feeling nature would help any positive undertakings…

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If I could take the energy out of this song and put a description behind it that does it justice, THIS would be the best definition of “white sexual magic” that anyone could ever describe.

The energy is light, yet extremely seductive; it also carries a romantic and passionate vibe. There is a sense of trust behind the lyrics, showing a deep and emotionally fulfilling bond behind anything anyone has ever experienced. This society is repressed and way too uptight about everything and this song is everything but that. It tells you that it’s okay to feel sexy, to feel love, and find emotional fulfillment in another soul.

No one knows how to find the joy in the little things anymore and it’s the little things that bring an generous abundance of beautiful heart energy to share with the world around us. This is built through unconditional love between two people through hard work, trust, respect and honesty.

When this energy is built up between us, we can achieve transcendental bliss in our sexual energy exchanges. :heart_on_fire: :green_heart:

Emotional fulfillment makes sex magical. :sparkles: Plain and simple. It doesn’t need to be overly complicated. It might not be easy some days, but what you get to experience after all the hard work has been done is worth it, a million times over, trust me on that. :wink:

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